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Monday, October 4, 2010

thisis Necessary

Hello ScoFans!

I've decided I need a break. A break from blogging. A break from commenting. A break from social networking even.

I've just been so.. tired lately. So I think I need to spend less time on the computer for the next few weeks. Plus, it's nice spring weather here now. I should be outside walking, not trapped in here with.. with you...

And it won't be a complete break. I'll still social network. I'll still check in on the bloggosphere. Just not every day. Maybe even once a week. Maybe not. Just whenever I have the free time and feel like checking in.

How long will the break last. Who knows?

When will I be ready to come back. Who can say?

My creative juices haven't been flowing lately, so I think some time away from the world in complete isolation (other than going to work) should do me good.

I'll rest. I'll get my creativity back. I'll come back and be awesome again. You'll see, it'll be fun.

But before I go a quick shout out to Karen at Karen's World.

John Grisham fans you need to get over there and check out the details of her giveaways because it is like.. John Grimshamfest right now.

And while you're there check out my confession that won me a prize in the first round of giveaways. Yes, that's right, even with the creative juices struggling, even with me being less than my awesome self, I still won something.

Which I think goes to show, even tired and worn down, I'm still pretty awesome.

"So why then, do you need a break?" I hear you ask.

Because I said so, that's why. Now go to your room.

Thinking of you always,


PS Comments are off because I'm not after a whole lot of "Come back soon" or anything like that. I'm just letting you know I'll be gone so you don't send a search party looking for me, or so if you notice I haven't been commenting on your blogs, you won't think it's because you suck. You don't suck. I suck, and I'm weak, and I'm tired.