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Sunday, February 21, 2010

February Stars #5 - JustSal

Hello ScoFans!

It's time for another February Star as I continue to take it easy and do bugger all. I just write a quick intro and call it a day. It's easy, I'm loving it. Plus it's an excuse to look through all the different versions of February Stars on YouTube, which is also a great job. Even if nobody watches them, I enjoy finding them.

Today's guest blogger is JustSal of Just my thoughts. Again, I'm not going to talk about how great her blogging is, I'm going to let her blogging show you how great it is.

I will say though, this post was emailed to me before Wednesday's post was posted. The fact there are two ScoMan biographies written by my February stars, I think shows what a fascinating topic I really am.

Actually, I think in terms of "posts mentioning" this month, I am on par with bestiality, with both Stephanie and Daisy mentioning bestiality and D* and JustSal mentioning me. OmegaRadium of course, took the high road and decided not to write about anything as crude as bestiality or myself. He did write about Dexter though, which is always a winner in my book.

Enough of me wasting your time. Enjoy the post..

Hello Scofans!!!!!!!!

I’ve always wanted to say that, but I can’t due to the fact that I’m not actually Scoman :( Plus I don’t have Scoman’s genitals either (There's really not enough blogs that mention my genitals- ScoMan). Sometimes we just luck out in life I guess!

Sco has kindly asked me to be a guest blogger, and I leapt at the chance. He does after all have over 100 followers, so it’s an opportunity for me to show you all how witty I am, and just why Sco likes me so much. (Read: I pay him to be my friend) I will then attempt to leech his readers over to my blog also. (I’m all about sharing the blog love.)

When I first thought about what I could write in my guest blogger spot. I though I could do a figjam exposé (it’s French for reveal stuff!) But I thought no, I’m not that fickle. So I thought why don’t we do a little ‘this is your net-life Scoman’ (Some call it second life – I think I prefer Sco-life!) This involved much researching…… well ten minutes, and then I just made it all up! (I believe that's referred to as the "Wikipedia" approach to research - ScoMan) Sco has had a very fulfilling internet life as you are about to read.

Firstly what do we know about the man who refers to himself as Sco?

1) Firstly he allows us to know what he wants us to know – See title of Blog… (thus the majority of this entry is my imagination running overtime)
2) He has grey complexion, oh wait, no that’s just the colour of the photograph.
3) He likes hoods and could be the Unabomber (without the sunnies)
4) He’s a work in progress (so some of the info below may well be true!)
5) He likes to blog
6) He plays Xbox
7) He likes to write sea shanty’s
8) Psychopaths such as Dexter are just ‘part of his crew’
9) His name leads itself to super hero status; I’m thinking his superhero would be the one modelled on Dexter who takes out those who deserve to be taken out. Maybe not saving a cat from a tree so much…. But hey Sco could be a cat person who knows!
10) He has tried and is still attempting to make #rad a tending topic on Twitter with me (justsal) ** Remember people if you tweet and use ‘rad’ in your tweet make sure you hashtag it #Rad

Anyway – lets get into this is your Sco-life Scoman.

Scoman burst onto the internet around the same time as everyone else did, when it kicked off in 1997. He was like all the other ‘cool’ kids and had converted his Commodore 64 (Google it!) and Atari (Google it too!) gaming system into a server hub to allow him to surf the internet with his 25k dial up modem which was lightning fast with Netscape Navigator.

However after a while he upgraded to a ‘real’ computer and bought a 386 with a 56K dialup modem and realised that speed, was more than a white crystal you administered though some form of consumption / inhaling / injection (I don't follow- ScoMan). Speed of a 56k modem could be just as intoxicating as the white crystal, compared to his previous internet speed.

1999 came along and Sco was worried about the Y2k virus getting onto his computer and preventing him from getting on the net so he could do ‘research’ for Uni. (Read: Look at pictures and chat on IRC) So he waited with a bucket near by, a candle in hand and a bottle of water just in case the world imploded. He breathed a sigh of relief when the clock turned from 1999 – 2000 without sending the human race back to the dark ages. Plus the thought of him having to poo in a bucket was well a bit shit!

Skip forward five years and the internet has become even faster ADSL has arrived and Sco gets his ‘cable’ on…. He’s mesmerised that pictures load so fast, that they don’t come down line by line anymore, this just amazes Sco to the point that he ventures out into online gaming consoles and gets himself an Xbox (please note I’ve not bloody idea what year Xbox was released – lets not get pedantic!) Sco is exposed to a world of gaming at a level, that makes original wolfenstien, look well a little bit cheap and Atari like!

Soon Sco conquers the internet with his gaming console and racks up awards after awards in various games, it’s in 2006 he starts blogging (This original blog has now been removed due to national security concerns!) Sco moved his shiny new blog to the sacred land of blogs – Blogspot (no it’s not the name for an acne cream!) and shares his wit and re-worked Tool song lyrics for all us to enjoy.

Blogspot opened up a world for people to admire Sco, which he dubs these aforementioned people as ‘Scofans’ Scofans are those unique individuals with a wicked sense of humour who laugh at dickheads on facebook that Sco likes to bring attention too. Scofans are also intelligent individuals who have impeccable taste in blogs. (Now who's paying who?- ScoMan)

2008 Sco join the Twitter revolution, and expands his Scofan army through this medium. One fan in particular is Justsal, an unknown girl who finds this Scoman quirky and entertaining, thus a life long friendship is created through mutual admiration for various things (She pays him!) However the one thing that truly binds them together like “Shelly’s nomore gaps”, is the fact they are Flashforward buddies. A true partnership like no other, tweeting whilst the show goes out live on Australian TV having one another’s backs so that if one misses a line, the other can let them know what someone just said (It's mostly me having your back, admit it - ScoMan).

So Scofans now you know more about the man behind the Sco. You’re reading this because you’re a fan of his, which is super #Rad and hopefully if you’re got this far you’ve been entertained enough to check my blog out http://justsalsthoughts.blogspot.com/  Gratuitous self promotion.

Thanks for reading.

That’s all I’ve got.

Thanks Sal! One more thing you should all know is that tomorrow is Sal's birthday. And it's also her first day back at Uni. Sucky way to spend your birthday right? Well, make it easier for her by going over there and showing her some blog love.


  1. speed - white crystal - illicit drug called speed ahaha.

    sal, awesome sco-time-story. happy birthday but not happy going back to uni - unless of course there's a hot young chap you just cant wait to see & devour in uni haha.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sal!

    Scott, we're all onto you...

  3. Is this sort of February Star thing that I've missed, that we have to bestow on you all the lavish gifts? I could talk about you. I really really could. I would even talk about nice things. ..

    Sal is awesome. I'm already a fan!

    Though I did forget while I commented to wish her a happy birthday. Damn me...

  4. WOW, Scoman! I didn't know you've been blogging since 2006!!! That's really awesome!!
    Netscape navigator--it's been a long time since i've heard that!

  5. Okay - good ScoMan info. But we still need more. Something more in depth and embarrassing.

  6. What SurferWife learned from this post.

    1. I like to refer to myself in third person.

    2. Scoman needs more of us to talk about his genitalia.

    I fear for my marriage if I were to commit to #2 for you. Surely you understand?

  7. The secret's are out!

    I wished Sal Happy Birthday.

    Mad Hatter

  8. Another great biography. I especially like the super hero idea. That could be why you don't have much time for writing posts this month.

  9. Ok I'll admit you have my back more often with our flashforward buddy system! I will admit I get distracted easily.
    I just need to convert you to a Doctor Who fan now and my world will be complete!

    #Rad and awesome Sco :)

  10. Another fantastic blog post! I just have this new image of you ScoMan!

  11. I want to know how you get away with talking about beastiality, genitals and everyone cracks up. Charisse and I use a simple kotex as a napkin on our last video...and we get pulled off the McLinky. Sheesh...I guess some people got "it" and some people don't. Wish I had "it". Have a great day! Holly

  12. We still have an atari and a Commodore 64. My husband, the packrat, won't throw them out. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks of the Unibomber when I see that pic.


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