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Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Stars #1 - Daisy

The first of my February stars, and also lifesaver who was willing to bring her guest post two weeks forward when I had a cancellation at the last minute is Daisy of 1,2,3... ELEVEN Petals. I won't talk up her blogging, I'll let her blogging talk for itself. I will say on a personal level she is also an incredibly friendly and nice person. Without further ado, the first of my February Stars... No need to build the suspense, you already know who it is. Take it away Daisy.

Hello ScoFans!! Happy Sunday!! My name is Daisy and ScoMan kindly asked me to guest blog for you all today. When he first asked me I was like, “Yeah sure! That’d be great!” and then I read his post last Sunday and GULP – talk about a little pressure!! Yikes!!

So I sent ScoMan a little FB message asking for content suggestions for this guest post and I bet you’d NEVER guess that he suggested I write about bestiality. HAHA! (Don't judge me. I was only trying to help based on what I know has worked with this audience in the past. You're the sickos, not me. Please don't leave though. I love you all you sick, sick freaks - ScoMan) But considering I didn’t even know what that meant or that people even did stuff like that until we learned about disordered sexual behavior in my Human Sexuality class in college, well, I don’t really have much to say on the topic.

And yeah … it’s true – I was a little sheltered and naive growing up in a land of butterflies and fairies. But no worries – I snapped out of THAT land REALLY fast when I hit – oh … about 21 – and now my happy rainbow land has a few moths and maybe a couple of skeletons (GASP!) along with lots of fairies, pretty bunnies and fluffy puppies. :) Wahoo!! wicked.

So anyway, ScoMan’s next suggestion was to give you a quick rundown of my blog. But because I don’t want to bore you too much I’m going to just give you a quick summary - I mean like text talk/twitter-ish/FB status short, quick. :)

How it began:

Love@1st-sighted an Aussie in Vegas. Moved 2 AUS 4 Grad School. CULTURE SHOCK! Heartbreak. Recovery and then a lil Aw! and WAHOO!! w/a dash of wicked.

And what is going on now:

Love@1st-sighted a Yank in Sydney. Traveled across AUS w/him. Got stranded, had some adventure, and then a lil Aw! and WAHOO! w/a dash of wicked.

So if you’re interested in that :) feel free to cruise over to my blog and check it out – if not – no biggie!! After all, from those quick descriptions it would appear that I play my life on repeat (omgosh it’s true!!) but I’m not going to talk about that today. YAY!! Today I thought I’d use this opportunity to talk about something I can’t talk about on my blog. Dating older men.

My apologies in advance to anyone this offends. I really have nothing against older dudes. I’m all for dating them – they have so much life experience – you can learn so much from them! etc. But recently I dated this guy and it KILLED me that I couldn’t blog about it. (ok actually there are TWO guys I’ve been dying to blog about) The first one was only like 42 but – one time I was lying down on his couch – and he leaned over to kiss me – and I opened my eyes and had to SHUT THEM IMMEDIATELY. Gravity had pulled his face into a wrinkly mess – and I swear he looked like my Grandpa!!! omgosh – lol. I didn’t know what to do!!! It’s like – I KNOW it’s about what’s on the inside that counts – but …well … umm … let’s put it this way … My mom told me this, “Honey the day you photoshopped the wrinkles out of his neck was the day I knew the relationship wasn’t going to last.”


After (and yeah I know – I added too much exposure to my face):

(Okay, I should have known that photo was photoshpped when you first used it. It's all so clear now- ScoMan)

AAALLLLRRRIIIGGGHHHTTTT and there you have it … I don’t know that I’d stoop to such photoshop lows now (I mean it has been 6 months and all – which means I’m like HEAPS more mature and stuff) unless you count my recent photoshopping fun on my blog as a new low… but umm … yeah ….

*uncomfortable silence*

Maybe I’ll skip the story about the other guy who seemed in shape but had to rest his head on the pillow when we made out because he wasn’t REALLY in shape …

Umm …


*another uncomfortable silence*

Oh I know!! I’ll throw in a few photos of a couple of highlights from other adventures I’ve blogged about to end on a high note. (Koala Park, New Zealand, Sydney and an Aerial view from a small chartered plane flying over the pink lakes in Western Australia) Have a great day!!

(Ha, you know how I feel about Seagulls. Couldn't resist could you Daisy? - ScoMan)

There you have it. Thank you very much Daisy for stepping up this week and for doing such a fantastic job of it. Remember, you can find Daisy's blog here but what I really recommend is finding a slab of time and going through a few of her recent posts.

If you like stories that involve betrayal, love, blood and wenchfaces you should read this series.. seriously, it's quite an adventure..

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And that's where she's left us hanging.

Tune in mid week for the next of our February stars.


  1. A very entertaining and interesting guest post. I am off to check her out.

    (I love Foo Fighters)

    The Simple Things Challenge

  2. I'm taking notes on the photoshopping. If I had those skills I could use an actual picture of myself on my blog instead of an avatar.

  3. lolness this is funny esp the mother's quotation. lol....

  4. I love her advice on dating in the era of Photoshop!

  5. she has turned into an aussie, only you guys say heaps... when i came home from there after a month or so of traveling up the coast i tried saying it and felt like such a poser...

  6. Excuse the double comment, but I have an award for you over at my blog, and I promise this is not one of those girly awards!

  7. I still think it's photoshopped.

  8. I don't think I'd ever be able to do anything fancy like Photoshop. I am a very boring blogger! just words and photos!

    Enjoyed reading this guest post and will be heading over to her blog to say hello!

  9. Off to check out more of your stuff. Super #RAD

  10. Interesting, I'd like to hear more about her adventures dating older men. I'm 24 and I like to date girls 3-4 years younger than me. :P


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