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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Stars #4- D*

Hello ScoFans!

It's time to share another February Star, but first I need to update the list in the sidebar to include the last one. Did I need to tell you I was doing that? Probably not. You can see that she's there now.

Today's February Star is D* of I'm Having a Moment and she stepped up when someone else stepped out. It kind of worked out well in the end I guess because I should have asked her right from the beginning. She can offer you something no other guest blogger can. Read on to find out what that is..

When ScoMan asked me to do a guest blog entry-I was flattered! After all, I am the one who introduced him to the joys of blogging. How good is he? Such wit and such a talented writer. (I didn't even have to pay her to say that. - ScoMan)

I kind of wracked my brain trying to think of something fabulous and impressive to write about. If anyone has read my blog you would know I’m not the most creative and deep of writers-I blog about Love and Men and how both of them together are sometimes fun and sometimes not-so-fun. I wanted to write something along the same scale as how he writes but I just can’t. There is only ScoMan, as I’m sure you will all agree.

So I thought I’d approach this in a different way. By writing about ScoMan. As he’s Blogspot blog address is called “You know what I allow you to know” I think I will provide you into an insight of how I know ScoMan and how fabulous he really is.

Hope you enjoy.


* * *

I can always remember coming home after high school some 10 or so years ago, throwing my school bag on the floor, plonking my butt down on my hot pink computer chair and logging straight into Channel [V]’s chat rooms. It was almost our religion-all of my friends would sit on our PC’s for ages non-stop chatting in the “Interrogation Room” daily until we realised we had homework or had an assignment due in the morning..or once Mum would start yelling for us to go to bed.There were always the regular chatters who we all forged friendships with and to this day still speak on occasions to almost everyday.

ScoMan is one of those special people that I still speak to, after all this time.

Why we started chatting I can’t remember though. I do recollect that we were in a chat room that hardly anyone was in.(I'm pretty sure I lurked in the chat rooms noone was in, and then would pick off the people who wandered from the crowd - ScoMan) I think I may have dropped the a/s/l? line and we must’ve started chatting that way. For some reason I always thought he was much much older. He was always so meticulous with his punctuation and always so formal. He was always so mysterious and disclosed. But he was, and still is, one of the most genuinely caring, considerate, and rational people I have and will ever know.

We progressed to MSN messenger-which back in those days you know you were special enough to get an email exchange, and an excuse to chat to each other constantly if both were on MSN. We chatted everyday, and while he would stay so quiet and reserved, I was always my usual boisterous and dramatic self. I always-and by always I mean ALWAYS- told him about my boy dramas and he would always offer an ear and some sensible advice. And support. Lots of it.

And this went on for years. I think we did lose touch for a little while there, I was too busy galavanting around and had no time for MSN. I presume I signed in one day and ScoMan was online, and we started our usual chatting again.

So more years pass, and almost 2 years ago now I decided it was time for us to meet. I had no nervousness, no doubts. After all, we had known each other for so long...sightly..?

I flew 713 kms (I do remember promising I would one day fly back the other way. And I will - ScoMan). And when we did meet, it was awkward! I was not expecting to feel that way at all. I thought me being me, always the social butterfly, I could handle it and take charge to alleviate any anxieties (Nope, I dragged you down to my level- ScoMan), but we truly are two different people- I, on one hand, is loud. Extravagant, bossy, obnoxious. All in good ways, I promise. ScoMan on the other hand is quiet, reserved, humble. It was a clash.

Though we had our technical difficulties in the personality department, we experienced so many amazing things about each other that you could never experience over MSN. I personally think it kind of bonded us a little closer in many ways-we converse a little different, a little bit more comfort-abler and we accept that we don’t need to “chat” everyday to stay such good friends. He has always been there for me and always will.

Whether I’m signed into MSN or not.


So there she is. The person who got me blogging, got me on blogspot, got me on 20 something bloggers and is responsible for all of you being here. Isn't she a sweetheart?

Remember to head over to her blog which is about a single girl looking for love in a big city. They should really make a movie about that. Or better yet, a TV series which later becomes a movie.


  1. This was very nice and interesting. Even though we get to know people quite well on the internets and very deeply sometimes, we do still leave much of ourselves out when we don't meet in person.


  2. I think that people are braver here. Talking and chatting, it's just easy. In person, you have to wipe the drool from the corners of our mouths, pick our boogers privately, and conduct ourselves appropriately. lol I know that if I were to meet you in person, I would be much quiter and reserved.

  3. Unlike most people, I think I am actually a heck of a lot dorkier in internet land than I am in real life. Dorkier = funnier. Mostly because in real life I have to be the hardass. Which is lame and not funny at all.

    P.S. Sco, I am back in the game. For now anyway.

  4. Great post. Your humble beginnings. The wind beneath your wings. I'm tearing up. Holly:)

  5. I love it!! I didn't expect to hear that you were shy though..I didn't take you for being shy... Interesting!

  6. hello scoman (and D*)!!

    this is the best autobiography of sco i've ever read. i swear i almost cried. (also because i'm *cough* hormonal)

    not just that. also because i believe all that's written are true.

    i believe scoman is indeed a genuinely nice person & caring. (and mean but not to his friends. more like to those who deserve it)

  7. I love this post. Wow!! That is awesome friendship!!

  8. "ScoMan's great and sweet and kind and blah,blah,blah"

    Fess up.

    You wrote that shit yourself.

  9. That's a pretty cool story, and thank you D* for getting ScoMan into blogging!

  10. Wait. ScoMan is quiet and reserved? Hmmmm! This requires some thought.

  11. What does every good TV show, movie hero, or blog persona need? An origin story, and this is it!

    I love things with real continuity! You get to see the characters evolve as your read/watch, yes ScoMan you're a blog character. Thanks for sharing D*

  12. Interesting to hear about the man behind the mystique. I actually did peg you as the reserved type.

    I'm meeting up with a few bloggers in March. I can't wait to see how that plays out.

  13. You too can have a special lunch in the minivan. Sorry I excluded you. In fact...give me your address and I'll mail you a few pads and tampons. Love that you stick with our ridiculous antics. Guy viewers rock. Holly:)

  14. To those that thanked me - you're welcome :) he truly is fabulous ! <3

  15. Aw! I agree with OmegaRadium - this is a great origin story :)

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