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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hello ScoFans!

Last week we played a game. Score 50 points or more and be rewarded. Score less than 30 points and be punished.

Due to.. what was basically a forfeit on most counts, you scored less than 30 points. Punishment time! (I know some of you actually were more excited about than the idea of being rewarded.)

First though, I will say that a lot of you bought up the "We want to see what you look like" thing again. Well, that's exactly what would have been your reward.

But what is your punishment? Well, in continuing with the Scrubs musical theme, first I'll say that you're all going to have to face the future.. when the truth comes out...

Now, in the situation we find ourselves in, I have taken on the role of the Scrubs cast and all of you have taken on the role of Patti. I sit and wonder "How can I tell them?" and you look at me and ask, "Is it serious?".. A heavy sigh and then you know the news can't be good. (No, I haven't given and of you an aneurysm)

Of course, on a "person to person" ratio it would make more sense if I were Patti and all of you were the rest of the cast, but that wouldn't really reflect our particular circumstances. Anyway, I'm sure I'm more than capeable of playing a whole cast of people, from a Dominican nurse to a 60 year old chief of medicine. And with a little bit of planning I'm sure all of you are capeable of playing one person together. I believe in you and your excellent teamwork.

Some of you were all eyeing off members of the cast you would rather be. Maybe you're an Elliot? Maybe you're a Turk? Maybe you're a Todd? I think I'm a janitor. The strange loner type who is happy with their wierdness, and their lonerness. The only people we have are our brains trusts. A small, handpicked group who we keep close, while pushing away as best we can the rest of the world.

But I've gone off point. I've been trying to work out how to tell you what your punishment is. The best way I could think of is to educate you a little bit first, entertain you some, and drop the bomb somewhere in there.

Sir Donald Bradman, who I included a picture of from the Adelaide post, had a career test average of 99.94. It's a huge accomplishment, as most of the good bastman today are lucky to finish their career with an average of 65-70, and nobody has come close to repeating Bradman's achievement.

Until today.

No I'm not going to start an international cricketing career in order to match his average. I'm a blogger, not a cricketer, and I really don't see how me travelling the world starring on the sporting scene punishes any of you. So instead I'm going to replicate his feat as best I can by writing 99.94 posts.

It's a shame to be going. I've made some great friends through blogging. I've read some great posts. And let's face it, I've written some great posts as well =p

And sure, you can say "Just because you're going away, that doesn't mean you can't keep your bloggy friends", but really....who wants a bloggy friend with no blog?

Since Monday I've been coming to grips with the fact this was going to happen. I could see it coming after reading the first batch of comments that came through. It was hard at first. Knowing that I was going to be letting go of a big part of my life. I didn't know how I'd deal with it.

But then the voices in my head.. the usually angry voices.. the ones that make me hate the world.. they started to tell me I was going to be okay. And I believed them. They've never steered me wrong before, and now I (again through the magic of Scrubs), repeat that message to you.

ScoFans, even without me..

I swear to you
You're going to be okay..
I ho....