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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Close but No Cigar

"Is it hot in here? It must be Summer" - Howard Wolowitz - The Big Bang Theory

Hello ScoFans!

Okay okay I know I blog about this show a lot but I was watching it this week and Summer Glau made a guest apperance and it made me think "Wow, this girl has popped up in a lot of shows I watch. If I didn't know any better.. I'd say she was somehow stalking me through the television."

As it turns out, I don't know any better, and that is now the theory I am working with.

And I know that might sound crazy, but let's just take a look through the shows she has appeared in and how blatantly obvious it would have been to her or anyone else for that matter that I would watch them

The Big Bang Theory (Herself)

I'm starting with the most recent show (because I've mentioned it already) and working my way backwards through her catalogue.

Now let's run the checklist on this show:
[x] Sitcom
[x] Nerd friendly
[x] Video game references
[x] Math and science humor
[x] Sheldon

With all of those boxes ticked, how can I not love the show? Not only that, I've mentioned it in my blog a lot lately so I think she knew I loved the show. And if that was all, I might consider it a coincidence, but let's work out way backwards some..

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Cameron Phillips)
[x] Terminators

The show doesn't need any more than that. Really, any male who is currently in their 20's-early 30's was going to give this one a chance. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here.

Next stop..

The Unit (Crystal Burns)
[x] Dennis Haysbert (loved his work on 24, was always going to give his next project a chance)
[x] Robert Patrick (loved his work in Terminator 2 and the X Files)
[x] Guns and explosions
[x] A fresh perspective on a show essentially about military life

Summer showed up as Crystal in series two of the show when me and my brother were heavily addicted. It was always going to become an obsession for us, a perfect combination of action, humor and occasionally a bit of sadness as well. It took me a few episodes to realise I had seen her before...

Serenity / Firefly (River Tam)
[x] Nathan Fillion
[x] Sci Fi.. without being TOO Sci Fi

I'm pretty sure Summer knew I wouldn't watch this show when it was on TV because it looked too Sci Fi for me, but would later be sold on it after my brother borrowed the DVDs from his math teacher and finally convinced me to watch because Nathan Fillion (from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza place, which is like my favorite show ever) was in the series.

Yeah, she knew that was bound to happen just like that.

And finally, the place where I first saw her..

The 4400 (Tess Doerner)
[x] Interesting plot
[x] Sci Fi without being TOO Sci Fi
[x] Superpowers
[x] Way better than Heroes, which is just a cheap knock off marketed for the masses

I didn't actually realise Summer was in this until I was watching the DVDs after seeing her on The Unit and Firefly. This must have been where her obsession with me started as she watched me backwards through the TV screen (which all actors do)

Well Summer, I'm sorry. It's obvious you've gone to all this hard work to make me notice you, and you obviously have made me notice you because I'm blogging about you now, but really, I'm just not that into you.

And it's not you, it's me. I mean sure you're attractive and everything, but I'm just not into anyone like that.. because you see relationships are all about being equals.. and I have no equals.

I guess what I'm trying to say Summer is you can take over my TV shows, you can even (apparently) have a post about you in my blog, but you'll never take my FREEDOM!

(Oh, and before any of you say it, I've already had to tell NKOTB it's not so much that I think the world revolves around me, it's just that I know they're all out to get me)

Do you have an actor or actress or just happens to show up in everything you're watching (without you seeking the out. Yes I mean you who only watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" for Johnny Depp)

Jillian was her name
She was sweeter than aspartame
Her kisses reconfigured my DNA
And after that I never was the same

And I loved her even more
Than Marlon Brando loved souffle
She was gorgeous, she was charming
Yeah, she was perfect in every way

Except she was always using the word "infer"
When she obviously meant "imply"
And I know some guys would put up with that kind of thing
But frankly, I can't imagine why

And I told her, I said
"Hey! Are we playing horseshoes, honey?
No, I don't think we are!
You're close! (Close!)
But no cigar!"

Weird Al Yankovic- Close But No Cigar


  1. Maybe it's not so much that she's popped up in a lot of shows you watch. Maybe it's just that you watch A LOT of shows.

  2. Summer does great work in everything I've seen her in. I'm still pretty irritated that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles got cancelled, that show was pure genius!!

  3. She did start popping up in a lot of shows, I noticed it too.

  4. I clearly need to watch more tv, because Ihave no idea who this person is or what most of these shows are about. I think I'm getting old. Crap.

  5. i think you are on to something!
    what if she googles her name and finds this blog and writes a comment? i would implode..

  6. I have never heard about her. But I totally know what you mean when a certain actor/actress/singer suddenly starts popping up on everything you're watching and you come to the conclusion that said person is stalking you.

  7. Oh, I love her. She also starred in the series 4400 and I especially love how she played Terminator in the Sarah Conor Chronicles.

  8. Why would you just show that woman some kind of Sco lovin? lol you know who deserves a lot of Lolita lovin?

    Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.
    Damn that guy for not running to Jakarta to meet me yet LOL

  9. She is awesome. I loved her in Terminator The Sarah Conor Chronicles. She is great. Too bad it got cancelled though. tsk tsk

  10. HAHA! I don't think the demigoddess noticed that you already pointed out the 4400 series. and btw - OMGOSH I LOVED THE 4400!!!! I refused to watch Heroes because it was a knock off. I don't really watch tv anymore - so I don't even know if the 4400 is still on - but me thinks I could see myself watching those episodes on DVD. Great idea!!

    Btw - I loved this post. Had my attention the whole way through - great use of sarcasm. I mean - not that you were being sarcastic about her stalking you in reverse - cuz I mean like who wouldn't right?? :)


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