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Friday, February 12, 2010

Facebook Fail Friday #19 - Bad tenants

Hello ScoFans!

February Star #1 - Daisy
February Star #2 - OmegaRadium

I'll keep plugging these guys until I'm tired of it. You might be tired of it already. That's fine. But I'll keep plugging. I can do this all day. I can do this all day. I can do this all day. (Good on those of you who know where I stole that from. Wait a second, I'm off to start a YouTube clip)

Anyway, I debated whether or not to do Facebook Fail Friday this week. I had to though, with Valentine's day just around the corner and people rushing around desperately for a date at the last minute, I thought I'd let you all know.. it's okay. It's okay to be single on Valentines day.

It is way better to be single on Valentine's day than it would be to be dating one of these people..

But don't worry guys.. there's plenty of bad tenants to make you feel better about being single too..

And even if you did get a date, it wouldn't necessarily be all that great anyway...


  1. roflmbo.. ok I felt kind of sorry for the last guy.. funnier then well crapping yourself but ya know..

  2. Hahaha @ the guy shitting his pants! You definitely saved the best one for last! :)

  3. Nothing like saving the best for last. "My Date with Amanda" was hilarious.

  4. I would comment, except I don't even know what to say. Colour me speechless. And grossed out.

  5. LOL!!! Oh man....thank you so much!! I needed this!!

    The last one was amazing!!! Poor dude..really, I mean, he didn't want to buy the sweater!!

  6. wow... facebook fails friday never disappoints.

    zac is a douche bag. i seriously want to beat him in the effing face with a dumbell.

  7. OMG!! lol this was beyond funny, and man I always hate those girls that talk so much shit, I can see them in my head, usually mexican or black...Did I just say that? I am afraid I did......ahahah..

  8. OMG! 15 years ago I had the same goals as Amber.

  9. Oh WTF. Just WTF. What is wrong with people?

  10. Just when you think people can't get any more stupid, they go and prove you wrong.

  11. I'm gonna have to agree with Ed....

    Holy crap.

  12. These are so great. I am so glad I don't date. I would rather be alone.

    Purdie Pyrate

  13. That guy must really like that girl to post that story about pooping in his pants on facebook. I would like a follow up. Did she forgive him for ditching her?


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