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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

thisisTuesday #4

Hello ScoFans!

It's time for another round of thisisTuesday. First of all I got a few questions last week about the "homosexual" thing with neither Dexter nor Michael C Hall being homosexual. To the people that pointed that out, that is very observant of you, and you are correct. But Michael C Hall played David Fisher on Six Feet Under, and David Fisher is gay.

Hence David Fisher + Dexter + Michael C Hall traits all belong to Michael C Hall. Because it's all him, only him pretending to be not him.

You might have noticed the rules to this game change from week to week to fit whatever criteria I feel like fitting as I sit in front of my monitor.

Now for this week's duo...

Well that could be almost anybody. Will I see the week out? I don't know. Maybe you should all start a pool. I've got $10 on "Won't see Thursday"

Again, that could be anybody. I am drawn to things that make me laugh. It's also why I often push elderly people down the stairs (Don't look at me like that. If they'd fall themselves then I wouldn't have to push them)

Yep, they and all their readers know who they are now.

Wait, wrong one..

Oh well, I guess I did the celebrity at the same time. It's amazing the ideas you have to save time when one of your favourite TV shows is about to start and then you think "That's hilarious, I should be doing this anyway"

And a let's see where she volunteered and all learn a little lesson here..

Subtlety and reverse psychology don't work on me. Emotional blackmail will.

Until Friday...


  1. Not fair! I get compared to Susan Boyle and Girl in Stiletto gets ELLIOT REID. I bloody LOVE Elliot!!

    Old people are annoying. If they wouldn't walk so slow then they wouldn't need to be pushed. Jackasses!

  2. Woohoo... I agree. Sexy awesome doctor, that sure is GirlInStiletto!

  3. ....sigh.....stilettos....


  4. haha sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

  5. HAH i totally guessed that one!

  6. OMG. You push oldies down the stairs, too? I *knew* I liked you!

  7. Nice use of reverse psychology.

  8. How can you not do a girl in stilettos especially when she begs you. That's just not gentleman-like.

    Poor Tuesday

  9. I love that you make the rules up as you go along. More things should be that way.

  10. LOL! Of course, you know I like it that you change the rules and aren't bothered by switch eru head shrinkage babble stuff....:)

  11. Damn. I totally missed this one. I thought you were gonna say Kate from LOST.

  12. Have I been featured?
    If not I'M going to friggn kill you.

    I'm kidding.
    Maybe if I commented more I'd be featured.

    That's my plan.

  13. I totally think Elliott Reed everytime I think of Ejannz too HAHA

  14. finally!!! *phew!* my reverse psychology totally worked.

    oh wait - i think it was the BBFF thing that got to you,yes?

    and goddamnit i missed my glory glory woman united day - very likely i was on my way to Malaga when you posted this.

    but yes!!! i love you my BBFF!!! yeeeeha!


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