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Monday, September 13, 2010

thisis The Secret to Success

Hello ScoFans!

** This post was inspired by a vlog Vince Caso posted this week. I might refer to it from time to time throughout this post. I don't know yet. I don't know where this is going. It could be exciting, or it could be breathtaking. I don't know**

When you hear successful people talk about the things that got them where they are today, similar themes are common amongst most of them:
  • hard work
  • taking a chance
  • luck
So there's nothing new there. So far my "Secret to Success" sucks big ones. But now we're going to realistically work through those points.

If you ask anybody you meet if they work hard, chances are they will tell you "Yes, of course I do".. especially if their boss is in earshot, so I don't think "hard work" REALLY seperates us.

But after listening to Vince speak passionately this week about the second point (there you go, I did mention it), it made me wonder "Do I have any goals? Is there something I would rather be doing, but the only thing holding me back is an element of risk or the potential for me to fall flat on my face?"

My first response was "No. As stressful as my job can be at times, I work with some amazing people who are happy to support one another and work as a team - plus they have a good sense of humor for bonus points" (and none of them read this blog, so for me to say that with none of them ever knowing I've said it.. it just goes to show you how I feel about them)

Anyone who's worked in an office knows co-workers make or break your enjoyment of your job.

But after dwelling on it for awhile, I thought, "Yes. There is something I would rather me doing with my life. I would rather be spending my days at home playing video games and watching DVDs without worrying about work"

And the only thing holding me back is taking a chance.

But let's go back to the first point, "hard work".

In order to live my dream, I need to maximise my cash. The sooner I maximise my cash, the sooner I can live my dream. There are a number of ways people have done this in the past, but the main two are sound investments and gambling.

Sound investments take a long, long time to gain sufficient funds for me to live the rest of my life on, so that leaves gambling.

Now I have to decide "Do I take everything I have to the casino and put it on black.. then black agian.. then red.. then black.. then red.. then red.. then red.. then black" until I have enough capital to suit my needs? Or do I take the slower approach of putting my fortnightly pay into lotto tickets until eventually, I win a jackpot large enough to meet my requirements?

This is where the hard work comes in. I need to monitor the chance of winning different games at the casino and compare that against the chance of winning the lotto, and then I need to look at the payout from each. How many times would I need to win a particluar game at the casino to reach the same amount of prize money I would get from winning a lotto jackpot?

What are the chances of winning the game that many times in a row?

What if I minimised the risk at the casino but limiting my outlay each time? The prize money received for winning would be less, and therefore I would need to win more times.

What about betting on sporting events?

Is there some sort of system I could develop to maximise my winnings whilst minimising my losses?

Now we come back to the second point - taking a chance.

Whatever system I develop, whatever I come up with, I have to move through the fear and trust my system.

I have to be prepared to lose everything, so that I may gain even more.

Did I just say I'm gaining more than everything?

I believe I did.

Is that possible?

Of course it is. I'm currently reading about a method of having more than everything.. right here.. on my blog.

Finally comes luck. With the system I develop I'm sure I won't require much luck at all, but I guess luck is an element in everything we do. Especially bad luck. Say for example, I forget to carry the one in one of my formulas. That is just bad luck.

So there you have it. I have put my dream out there, as well as a blueprint for how I'm going to get there. It will take a lot of hard work and taking a risk, there is no denying that, but now.. I think I'm ready to get what I deserve.

Wish me luck.

Thinking of you always,


The views presented in this blog do not reflect the views of Vince Caso nor do they reflect the views of the author of the blog. The advice contained within this blog should not be followed by anybody.

If however, you do follow the advice contained in this blog and you are succesful, the author is entitled to 20% of your earnings, and will provide PayPal details for payment to be made into at a later time.


  1. i'd love to join you playing video games all day long and not do anything else. sounds like a great day in :D

  2. Brilliant. So many wise thoughts and points. I do believe that you could write an entire book based primarily on the foundation of this blog post. Of course, that would take hard work, luck and chance.

  3. Funny as usual. But don't worry too much about money, just remember: " if money is the problem... and there's no money... then what's the problem???"

  4. I agree with OJ's quote. You shouldn't worry too much about money. I take these next words from the Notorious B.I.G. to heart: "It's like the more money we come across the more problems we see"--from his song rightly named Mo Money Mo Problems.

    Being happy is probably the most successful state anyone can be in. So, as long as you're happy, then you're successful. :) And, I'm inferring from Notorious B.I.G. that the less money you have, the fewer problems you'll have, thus you'll be happier. Being Happy=Being Poor.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I like the somewhat distorted logic of it all. I htink what all of those motivational speakers forget to mention that their definition of success is making a lot of money. I'm not sure you could make a lot of money sitting around playing video games ... OH WAIT - maybe you could start competing in video game competitions - if you win - you make money - then you could work really hard doing what you love - and take chances. ;)

  6. Haha! Leave it to you to interpret the secret to sucess is gambling. Love the thought process and it would take a lot of work and dedication for a big chance like that.

  7. You know, if you love playing games and watching dvds so much why don't you get a job in a dvd store, or a games arcade, or a games store, or as a gamer where companies hire you just to play video games, some professional gamers can make mega bucks by doing that.

  8. You and I talked about this - I'm with you re spending the rest of my days playing video games and watching DVD's.... Clearly I was a 'stoner' in a previous life :)

  9. I am wishing you luck. Actually, I've read some books with advice for success, and your plan doesn't sound any more far-fetched than what is in those books.

  10. You should probably just become a bookie. That way you make money from the people who place the bets. Or you can just steal it and move out of the country. or OR you can become a competitive gamer. That way you'll make money *while* playing.

  11. I've thought about your black, black, red, black system and I have one word for you....blackjack. Good luck, do not contact me if you lose.

  12. Think of a way that pays us all to stay home and do whatever we want Sco. I'm in!

  13. What about the angle of suing someone for a large amount of money? Perhaps an unfortunate fall? Something that would require some finely honed acting skills, but could prove quite lucrative. I'll leave it with you.

  14. "It's not gambling if you know you're going to win."

    I suggest you take some time off work and study two very important, life-changing reference materials: Rounders and 21.

  15. You can thank or curse Joey @ Big Teeth & Clouds for me stumbling across your blog. Anyways, interesting theory concerning how to achieve your dreams. I'm sure I'm a bit older than you -- so I have a rather contorted view of success. It does obviously concern money, but not so much money that it ruins you. Being happy is the key, like the other commenters have stated. The trick is finding that happy medium. Keep us posted! :)

  16. Good luck. You know there are ways of playing off different sets of odds to make sure that gambling makes you money, don't you....? ;)

  17. Thanks, great site.. your is one of very few blogs worth taking the time to read..

  18. Meh. The steps to success are so haaaaaard!!! I definitely don't consider myself a huge risk-taker, though some of my more timid friends would disagree. It's just that risk-taking takes, well, hard work. And luck.


    You're right about your co-workers making or breaking your work experience, though. My internship duties themselves aren't totally thrilling, but the people I work with are so nice, and some of them so funny, that it makes the long day go by pretty quickly. If I can have that in whatever career I choose, it'll make it that much easier.

  19. This piece got me a touch tickled but I did enjoy it all the same :)I will let you and your paypal know if any of the advice you gave in this works LMAO!

  20. You are just to funny Sco. Thanks for making me laugh. I found some video games here, there's Tomb Raider, Left 4 Dead, and some other stuff, wanna come join me? =)

  21. Video games and DVDs are definitely a future I'd fight for. That's a real dream, son!

    You know, you could always keep your paycheck in your pocket and instead, become a "man of the night" and use that money to gamble with. That way, if you do lose, you're not really out all that much. Except maybe your dignity. And that really only matters to you.

    Think about it.

  22. I bet that'll work. Or at least I might - maybe I'll wait until you've calculated all the odds first.

  23. Scoman, I wish you luck with your decision: investment or gambling. HOWEVER...I wouldn't quit my day job. I don't agree with gambling and many investments aren't doing well these days. I think hard work is the best bet. I will tell you that sitting at home playing video games & watching DVDs would probably get old after awhile. I'm retired but choose to continue to work part time and I love it! I'd say go back to work and continue to enjoy those coworkers! Concerning your last post....I laughed out loud. There are definitely a lot of things out there I'd like to take a big eraser to, including cancer, politicians, misspelling, & people who TyPE lIkE THiS!!!

  24. In response to your comment on my blog....I think it's MOTHER NATURE who's got it all confused. Today it was 97 here...about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year here. This has been the hottest summer on record and I have absolutely hated it. We had no spring, now it looks like no fall either. Global warming I guess...or Mother Nature has gotten hooked on drugs or something!

  25. I think I'm going to join you on your adventure. I don't really want to play video games, but I certainly wouldn't mind watching movies all day. Maybe I'd even have the energy to work out a little more if I didn't have to work all day. I'm IN!

  26. My biggest problem is never finishing every new project I begin. I've been playing with 3D animation for a very long time and am still in the first chapters of the book.


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