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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday Failures #24- Humbled again

Hello ScoFans!

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday Failure, but this week something happened that I must share with you, and Friday Failure seems like the perfect setting.

This week's Fail involves Andrew G..

For those of you who don't know, Andrew G started out his television career as the host of a late afternoon show on Channel V in Australia, which at the time was mostly about music (but has since thrown a lot of other crap in there.. kind of like MTV)

He was one of my favourite hosts on the show (they rotated between about 6-8 of them at one point), because I liked his taste in music. When all my friends and when the whole world seemed to be on rap, he was excited when people would call in and request a song by the likes of Tool or Kyuss.

But over the years, commercial television and money turned him into this...

The metrosexual pretty boy host of Australian Idol, where good music becomes bad and bad music continues to be bad. Except for Celine Dion songs, they're an improvement over the originals.

Of course, I lost all respect for Andrew G. (It didn't it help that when I worked with Channel V on their bus tour thing, he was a real tool. But that's another story for another day.)

Not only did I lose respect for him, he became my celenemy (Which just became the first word I submitted to the editors of Urban Dictionary. Good on me making up new words as I go). If I were Sheldon Cooper, he would be Wil Wheaton.

I believe it's healthy to have a celebrity who is your enemy (You're right, celenemy is a stupid word. Can I undo my application to Urban Dictionary?) because it means you don't need to find an enemy in every day life. You don't need someone at your office or in your family or that guy who always crosses at the same crossing when you're on your way to work, and sometimes you're just a little bit tempted to not brake for him.

You don't need those people to throw your hatred at. You can throw it at a celebrity. Someone you'll never meet. Celebrities are fair game.

And some of you might be thinking "What do I need an enemy for? Can't we all just get along?"

Um.. yeah.. right.. without an enemy, who are you going to direct your superhero catch phrases at?

What, like I'm the ONLY one who has pages and pages full of catch phrases I would use in different situations if I were a superhero. Like it's JUST me. Like NONE of you do that.

Really? You don't.


Anyway, the point is Andrew G became a part of a war he didn't even know he was fighting. Some of you might remember me posting this quite some time ago..

FINALLY I get to the point of the tale.

When I was playing around with Twitter the other day and I found the place that suggested people I should follow (which I can't find again right now). You can imagine how I felt when it suggested I follow Andrew G (Didn't see that coming, did you? I should have written this whole post about Andrew G and then at the end, said it was Miley Cyrus that Twitter suggested.)

In fact, I decided to tell him (and the world) how I felt..

And I felt good about myself. I vented, blew off some steam, thought "Imagine how pissed he is going to be if he reads that. He is going to know some guy he's never heard of doesn't think very highly of him", and I went to bed and slept very peacefully.

And then I woke the next morning to this..

At first I thought "Who the hell told him about Bill Hicks?" (Really, look at that douchebag pose. How can someone who poses like that know about Bill Hicks?)

But then I remembered... he used to be cool.

I think I said it best when I said..

Yep. I later found out, that's not his surname.

So this weeks Friday Failure is me, for taking on one of Twitters celebrities and having it blow up in my face.


  1. Lol. That's funny.

    Also, when I saw that first pic I thought, He looks alright - what's Sco's problem?

    Then I saw the second pic.

  2. Those we idealize are those we soon come to denigrate. It's pretty inevitable.

    Celebrities are easy targets.

    In the case of the two images presented here it's easy to see why, but both are clearly constructed images.

    I suppose the rule of thumb is to temper your enthusiasm for celebrities, it can be dangerous, especially when you ardor cools.

  3. Love celenemy. It's a perfect word.

    What's that about Facebook taking down groups that advertise a product or service? Doesn't like every company in the world now have a Facebook page to advertise their product?

    I will learn from your mistake and not take on any Twitter celebrities, even if they happen to be my celenemy.

  4. You have me in deep thought about who my celenemy is.

    Also, I had never heard of This "G" but after reading your post, I want him dead. Let me know if you start a new facebook group. I have some "friends".

  5. Ohh way to fall on your sword! I did not see that coming!

    I don't know how well celenemy will pick up, but I have a few celebrities that I loathe with passon for no reason.

    I'll try to bring that word to the States. We can rock the new vocab.

  6. LOL! Love your twitter fail!

    Love celenemy!!! I'm going to use it!!! (with the appropriate credit to you, of course)

  7. now andrew G makes sense. jeez sco.. it took you two weeks to explain! ppfffttt

  8. Hahaha... that's great. But sad at the same time. You're your own Friday Failure.

    I feel like I want to put celenemy on my salad or something. Or maybe dip it in some hummus. Or, yes, shout superhero one-liners to it.

  9. ha! Love the new word. I shall adopt it immediately.

    Sorry about your failure - if not for your fatal error, you would have burned him real good.

    Would like to hear more about this Channel V bus tour job thingy. And the superhero catch phrases of course.

  10. AHHHHHHH Sco! You totally got schooled. I remember reading your tweetsw and having no idea what the eff you were talking about. Now I know.

    And a white leisure suit with no shoes? Douchy celenemy.

  11. I would punch Miley Cyrus in the face if I ever met her.

  12. Ah yes, Andrew G, actually I preferred James on Idol, so did my mum. She doeen't like Andrew either.

    He's living in America now doing the Hot Hits live from LA every Sunday.

    And I think you spell his name Guinsberg?

    Facebook here - http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hot-Hits/128191949011?v=wall&ref=search

  13. That's just too funny! I'd never heard of him - but then I'm hardly on the cutting edge of popular culture *anywhere* in the world ;)

  14. Who is he again?

    I can't help giggling at his twitter response though. But I curse celebrities all the time via twitter.

  15. ah dear. i must admit... i laughed alot at his response. but good on you for showing some twitter hate towards him :) he deserves it.

  16. Dang, though I don't follow this show, the pictures alone convince me. The first one is way, way, way more attractive. Like ridiculously. Stupid metro-sexual pop culture. I hate it. Rap is not my music style. Bleh.

    Love the blog! -Lindz

  17. Your Wil Wheaton? Really?? That's what I thought at first. Because Wil is definity a douche. Then I saw the replies back to you and all the exchange, I thought - awe poor Sco...


  18. OMG! This is too awesome. I love it! I can't believe he tweeted back to you, even though he was a dbag about it.

    I wonder whatever happened to the Silverchair boys. I had such a thing for Chris Joannou. Ha ha! Wonder if he's all spiffed up and metro today.

    Hey, am I following you on Twitter? Hmm...

  19. I'm so late on this, but I'm so excited that you did this. I really am. That dude looks like an uber douche and I don't think you were out of line.. you should keep going!

  20. Oh Scoman! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That dude IS a douche but he DID totally call you out. Good on you for fessing up :) And I hope you plot a new way to hate him. :)

  21. You might get in the Urban Dictionary with celenemy. I have no idea who that douche canoe is but if you don't like him that's all I need to know. And the pics speak for themselves.

  22. Waahahahahaaha... Oh Sco! I'm speechless!

  23. lol, that is funny..sorry :)..

  24. Too funny! I should try dissing a Filipina celebrity, just one, out of the many Filipina celenemies that I have in my list.

  25. Too funny! Most of us only ever have a brush with celebrity. You actually got owned with celebrity. I think that makes you a pseudoquasisemi celebrity in your own right.

  26. CELENEMY is the best word ever - love it! Andrew G, like many an Australian Celeb sell out - Curtis Stone is on my radar at the moment....but that's another story!!!


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