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Sunday, May 23, 2010

TOONDay #3 - Suck Up For That Quick Reward They Said

Hello ScoFans!

Ed from Ed's Funny pages recently chose his 10 funniest bloggers of 2010, and from over 40 nominations, yours truly made the final 10.Personally, I think is great that it's only May and the list has been decided. If John Cleese starts blogging in the last half of the year (he's almost as funny as I am), we have to say "Sorry John, your blog will have to wait until 2011. Your blog is not funny this year"

I was surprised to win, because I know Ed isn't a fan of long posts. I think his exact words were "Also, 5 paragraphs of joke setup before the punchline will move you to the bottom of the list. GET TO THE POINT".. actually I know those were his exact words, because I just copied and pasted them. (Jokes on him though, 5 paragraphs would be a short post for me.)

But I think the thing he realises is that even though my posts might be long, each word is more important that both the word before it, and the word after it. Yes, even these words right now.

Of course, a nominee can't win without being nominated, so a special thanks to B-Dub for the nomination.

And also thank you to the people who emailed me and congratulated me on this award.

I'd like to share a few emails with you now.

Brendan said..

saving factor no meeting!! Are it tightly? Or calf rounded.,.For Many? he A,. To graver of unofficial,.

Dorothy had these words of congratulations..

Not my robberies inherit brandy!! An map vanished, 'are. So illustrate ! was be mental, tweed. Or tall league ...

And I'll share with you one more email. This one came from Penelope.

passages necessitate do residing!! At do token? Is ploughed proceed. Which heavens? by His.. A expedition my ensue,.

I don't know who any of those people are, but they do seem incredibly excited about me winning this award. At least I think that's what they're on about. (Yes, those were all seriously emails I received)

This is probably where most people would move on from the award. They've covered everything they need to cover. They've let everyone know that someone else thinks they're awesome, and they've thanked the person who thought they were awesome to begin with, as well as sharing the emails of congratulations for being awesome that followed.

I'm not ready to move on just yet though.

I'm gonna do this shiz my way.

With a Cartoon (which shouldn't surprise you seeing as this is TOONDay.)

Some of you might notice some subtle changes from my last self portrait. That was thanks to your feedback. Some of you may not recognise the changes, they're just small adjustments.

The other character featuring is one of Ed's creations "StickMan". Head over to this link to catch his last episode.

And for those of you who are concerned about me stealing a fellow bloggers creation, yes I did make a deal with Ed. The deal was, if I use StickMan, he calls his lawyers. It's kind of like the deal rugby league players here make with girls they meet in bars, which is "If your whole team rapes me, I'm calling the cops"

Anyway, less words more toons...

I think after watching that, it should be painfully clear I have never been close to anything that resembles a six pack. Sure I've seen them on TV, but in real life? Nup.

If you enjoyed today's post and you're feeling generous, head over to Ed and B-Dub and thank them for their part in it. A butterfly flaps it's wings and ScoMan finds inspiration for a cartoon.


  1. you didn't just say i missed the boat did ya?? as in, to congratulate you. ppffftttt. time flies by too fast. whatever was i doing at that time....

  2. Congratulations, and love the cartoon!

  3. Hahahaha....Nice.

    I can laugh now, cause I have already called my lawyers.

    Thanks for posting the award and the links and the kind words (I'm adlib-ing here) and the reach around and the plagiarism.

    Seriously, congrats Bro. You deserve it.

    I was talking about gonorrhea. But the award too.

  4. Well, you may not have a head anymore, but at least you still have your award! And it does kind of have a head of its own, you know...

    Things could be a LOT worse right now.

    And, uh, congrats and stuff. You nail that funny thing right on the head. Oh, sorry to bring that up again.

  5. Congratulations!

    Now I had a question about the rugby team. If only the starters rape them, do they still call the cops? Perhaps it's the bench warmers which are offensive.

  6. Ha, flash animation is the best. I love how random comments and emails seem to speak in tongues... good luck on that translation. Luckily it all seems to translate to 'I'm awesome'.

  7. It seems ScoBorg has dyed his hair, got new glasses and added a cape. Bravo for self-improvement!

    Congrats on the award, and on the animated toon. You could possibly win some kind of Short Film Oscar for that, no?

  8. way to go on the award.. so deserving :)

  9. I was beyind excitied to see you win. 1. Because I love Sco. 2. Because I didn't know anyone else who won. :)

  10. Congrats! Love the cartoon but I'm very confused by those e-mails. Either they don't make any sense or I've just had a small stroke.

  11. I can't believe you killed yourself off in your own cartoon! You WON! You deserved to kill ed!!! Or whatever. Still, hilarious. Loved it, congrats. Ed is one of my favorite bloggers so I'm glad you were a favorite of his. Though I think he quit reading my blog because it's too long.

  12. Just look at those emails. Clearly you have all the cool friends ;)

  13. Congrats to you, my new bloggy friends. And BTW, thanks for visiting on my BON Day!

  14. Thanks so much for visiting my simple little blog today! I don't think it begins to compare with yours though and I look forward to browsing around!

  15. Man, why do I always miss your updates ScoMan?! I would have definitely nominated your blog as well. In fact, I should make up my own award.

  16. not only are you a funny freakin' blogger but you're also an awesome commentator. you really are a funny guy. congrats!


  17. Congrats, ScoMan. Now let's talk about those emails you received. Which country did those people come from, you think? I didn't understand a word they. It did sound like they were thrilled for you, though.

  18. I'm tired...have a bad headache from laughing so hard with Charisse this morning making a cooking video...so that is why I'm pretty sure I can't understand what the heck those comments mean. Thanks for coming by and witnessing the human puppet! Holly

  19. UR #1 !

    that's my favourite part of the cartoon.

  20. CONGRATS, my friend!!!! and the cartoon, LMAO!!!!! I love that sh*t!

  21. Congrats are in order I see... I am not worthy!! :)

    LOL Love the toon!


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