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Monday, July 26, 2010

What Sco Did

Hello ScoFans!

I've been thinking of writing this post as a "Confession Wednesday" for the last few weeks.. but.. well.. I just haven't really had the time. And instead of let my guilt eat away at me any longer,I need to come clean and get something off my chest... with all of you, my beloved readers, who I know would support me rather than scold me for my actions.

Back on the 8th of June, I went to a seminar for work (don't worry, this post has hardly anything to do with the seminar, in fact, if I weren't reassuring you that this post isn't about the seminar, I would have already stopped talking about the seminar.)

I was the only one from my office attending on this particular day, so I went in, found a seat and introduced myself to the guy sitting next to me. We talked again at morning tea, but I didn't see him during lunch.

After lunch, I walked back into the room to find his books gone. He'd obviously left at lunch time. But he had made a critical mistake.

He'd trusted me.

He left his evaluation sheet with my things to hand in at the end of the day. And he'd left his name on it. And his member number. And his email address.

And he hadn't filled in any of the written response questions. And I had four hours of boredom to kill. (And I was a little bit jealous that I didn't think of leaving during the lunch break. Normally the food is worth sticking around for. Not this year)

Anyway, I filled in his evaluation as follows.

What would you like to see more of in next years seminar?

The pink handout. I like pink. Pink is pretty.

What would you like to see less of in next years seminar?

The yellow hand out. I don't like yellow. Yellow scares me. My sister used to make me wear yellow dresses when I was little. Sometimes when I see big bird, I wet my pants just a little bit. I don't like yellow.

Could you recommend any changes to the seminar?

Don't use the Mission Impossible music when we come in from breaks. You're not spies. You're not sexy enough to be spies.

Do you plan on using the CD attached to today's notes when you get back to your office? If not, why not?

No. I won't be using it. I don't believe in computers or Eskimos. The unicorn told me they don't exist.

It felt good to walk out of that room imagining the chaos or confusion I might cause, or at least the laughter from the person reading the evaluation, without knowing for sure whose life I might touch or in what way they might be impacted.

I do like to think they at least emailed him about his responses to their questions.

It's been a long time since I pulled an anonymous prank, and I have to say, I kind of enjoyed it.

I miss that feeling of not knowing what happens next.

Thinking of you always,



  1. If the people who run your seminars are like the one's who ran ours, they will think the eval is legitimate and you will see pink handouts next year...with a picture of a Unicorn on the cover.

    Great job, Sco.

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  3. Wow, that's great. I feel pity for the next person to trust me because you have just handed me an arsenal of thoughts to anonymously afflict on the unknowing. Unfortunately, I'm a stay-at-home mom who just teaches a college class from time to time, and no one trusts me but small people who call me mom. And I already confuse them enough.

  4. Good for you. I hate sitting through boring seminars.

  5. Sco you naughty boy!!!!

    They were "his" answers, but what were yours?

  6. Oh boy! You are so funny but I have made a mental note to never trust you with turning in my papers at a seminar. But you're right, the blogging world doesn't repremand you for this, we thank you! Thank God for blogging support!

  7. Nicely played Scott. You deserve a medal for your bravery and awesomeness. Funny stuff.

  8. Nice. I like the personal touch you added. I'm sure the guy will be thrilled when he is contacted about his answers.

  9. You, my friend, would be brilliant at filling out restaurant satisfaction questionairres.

  10. Poor guy! I don't think he will be invited to next year's seminar.

  11. Soooo, you're telling us not to trust you? Or that you only pull pranks on strangers?

  12. Do you still want my credit card details, that blank cheque my car and house keys. Not sure why you need them in order to register my evaluation form, they do ask for the strangest of things these days. Still as long as you promise that you are not Nigerian like the last 12 guys who took my money to release their assets but then forgot to post me my reward….

  13. I like to imagine that you accidentally wrote those answers on your own evaluation sheet, instead... :)

  14. His fault really, good job, tax guys should know better than to leave unattended documents sitting around!

  15. Who leaves a blank eval with only their name filled in? He was hoping this would happen. The unicorn told him it would.

  16. lol! great prank! too bad we won't know the results...

  17. Sco! You are BAD! I can't believe you did that. I had a great laugh but poor guy. I shall now take note to never leave my name on blank evaluation forms unless I filled them up myself. lol

  18. Dude, that is the BEST prank I've heard about in a while. I LOVE IT. And I would expect nothing less.

    And, you're right, spies ARE sexy and would never hang out at a seminar... unless they're spying on someone there. Hmmmm... I guess that means they could be at a seminar. Man, spies are confusing.

  19. That is awesome. I wonder why no one ever trust me with their half filled out evaluation forms.

  20. I love it!!! Hahahahaha! I usually leave early from those seminars too but I always fill out the evaluation for myself. I can't believe he left it blank!!! Hahahahahaha!

    I hope it gets back to him.

  21. This is hilarious! I seriously almost snorted water out of my nose. That's what I get for drinking while reading something funny!

  22. lol, this was very funny, and I agree pink is pretty :)!

  23. I hope you at least used a well sharpened crayon to fill it out so he didn't come off looking too unprofessional.

  24. Still laughing about the Yellow!!

  25. I miss you Scoman! But it does give me comfort to know what your going to be doing in about 5 or 6 hours. And it involves Numb3rs. I love you man.

  26. Eh he he! You are still my hero- and as one who has been in charge of organizing responses to stupid surveys I can honestly say that you made someones day a little brighter!

  27. I want to do something like this! You're awesoooome. =]


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