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Monday, August 9, 2010

Anonymous pranks and other things

Hello ScoFans!

Okay, so I've been a bit quiet on the bloggosphere lately. Well, quiet for me at least. I'm sure if the pope had been as active as I have been around the blogs these last few weeks, people would be like "Jesus fucking Christ! It's the pope!"

And then he would punish them for using the lords name in vain. Or vein. Or something. The point is the pope would be pissed. And the pope looks like a man you won't want to piss off.

Do I have excuses for my slackness? Sure. But you've heard them all before, so I won't go into that.

Besides, busy as I may be, I always have to remember what Captain Hammer says:
"When you're the best you can't rest, what's the use?
There's ass needs kicking, some ticking bomb to defuse"

That second line probably relates more to what I do in my free time than it does to my blog, but nonetheless, I feel it still warrants a mention. Plus, as I have indicated, my free time is somewhat lacking these days, and I'm choosing to spend it here, with you, in blogland, rather than out kicking the asses of small children and blowing up orphanages, so I hope you're all happy.

You're taking away the two real joys I have in life, and offering me instead, a third but still much lesser joy.

And not only have I been busy, but of course one of my tweets was mentioned on a television here in Australia last week. A show that's watched by over a million people (sometimes - and that's a lot for an Australian show).

So you know, I'm pretty big time now. I hardly need you lot any more, and still I take the time to drop in. You should all be grateful.

But enough of all that. That's just filler (You're thinking "Wow, if his filler is gold I can't wait til he gets to his content")

Last time I blogged I told you all (or at least those of you who read it) about an anonymous prank I pulled. Since then, I have had an anonymous prank pulled on me.

Okay, thanks for stopping by and... oh, you want to know what the prank was? Well, do we have the time to cover that? I was about to head out to a magazine shoot and.. okay, because I love you, I'll make the time.

My landlord called me last Thursday night to ask if it's okay for some people to come and look through my flat on Friday. It's probably important to mention that she's trying to sell the flats, and she wasn't just selling tickets for people to look through my stuff on account of my new found stardom.

At least, I don't think she was selling tickets.

So I come home on Friday night and do a quick look around and make sure nothing has been moved and everything looks to be still in it's place and making sure there were no giant sacks of money accidentally left behind, to find that everything was in order (although it wasn't until Sunday I noticed the real estate agent had left her card in the middle of my kitchen bench so that probably a fair indication of how hard I actually looked, and probably an unfair indication of how often I actually cook)

After watching the mighty Bombers beat St Kilda last Friday night, I climbed into bed a bit after 11 to find it was quite hot and it was difficult to sleep. My Northern Hemisphere readers might be thinking "It's called Summer, deal with it" and my readers who are fans of science fiction might be thinking that someone had somehow worked out away to change the weather patterns and localize it just to my bedroom, while others still might be thinking that someone had somehow found a way to move my bedroom to the Northern Hemisphere.

But alas, as awesome as some of those things would be (except for it just being Summer, it's Summer for three months of the year, that's hardly special or significant), it was not what was required here.

Someone turned the setting on my electric blanket to 7 (out of 9. I usually have it set on 1)

A normal person or a cranky person might get upset or frustrated or seek vengeance against those who had wronged them.

Being a fellow lover of a good prank, I just laughed and thought "Well played".

Thinking of you always,



  1. Thanks for allowing us to bask in your awesomeness.

  2. I think your prank was way better than this one. The person could have peed in your OJ or added toilet cleaner to your shampoo. Turning up a blanket, while funny, is amateur. Scoman-1, new prankster-0.

  3. Your prank wins. Nice to see you posting again.

  4. hehe, my niece accidently did that to my eletric blanket once. well, that's what she said..and since she was three at the time, I believed her. Guess you've been busy being awesome too. :)

  5. I'm with Melanie. A bit on the lame prank side. If you are going to prank, PRANK! They should have had the blanket start on fire or something. Fake fire, of course.

    I was going to say, you have been busy commenting. At least on my little blog. Glad to have you posting again.

    BTW, you have made my "Cheeseroll" for my favorite blogging buddies.

  6. I have two questions for you: 1) what was your famous tweet about that make it mentionable on national TV? 2) do you set your electric blanket to 1 in summer time??? why? why not to zero if it is summer? (sorry, is was just two but with additional sub-questions inside each one). Your prank was way better btw... and your dark humor rocks!

  7. Well payed, but it was probably executed by someone who was very half-hearted in pranking you. ^^

  8. Are you sure you didn't just catch the control? Seems like quite a lame prank, on the scale of these things... ;)

  9. THEY GOT YOU!! Hahahahahahaha... touche!

  10. LOL!

    Your prank still kicks ass! xD
    I don't do electric blankets (I'm thinking about buying some this coming winter; it gets so freaking cold!), but I do get all short of air if it's too hot!

    When you mentioned "to change the weather patterns and localize it just to my bedroom" this reminded me of that episode on Stargate Atlantis where McKay takes Dr. Keller to a scientific show or whatever put by his rival, who did just that!

  11. My hubby's favorite is to turn the seat heat on in the car. When we were just dating I felt embarrassed. What if it isn't the heat and my butt is just getting hot for some reason? I would ride around in discomfort until he felt like ending my misery.

    Now I just tell him to cut it out. How marriage does change a relationship.

  12. What was that tweet???

    Dude, you always inspire me to make pranks of my own. I'll make one someday... Hehe.

    And of course we all need to thank you for being awesome as always! I enjoy reading your blog. Really! Cheers! =D

  13. Sco, I haven;t talked to you in a while and I'm in a serious withdrawal.

    Btw you should totally get them back for pulling pranks on you.

  14. Nice try to whoever pulled a prank on you but you will always be the awesome master prankster sco. =) No one can beat you when it comes to pranks!

  15. I have no idea how Internet works all over the world, but if you are able to, you should totally watch Ghost Hunters online. Go to Full Episodes, and go for the most popular ones because those will be the ones with the best footage. If not, I'm sorry for your loss. http://www.syfy.com/ghosthunters/

    Oh, and runners freak me out too. Being related to one makes me worry for myself. I try to only run if I'm being chased by something with big teeth.

  16. I wondered how long it would take you to discover my little trick! And by the way, I don't really like your Landlord, and your place could use a dusting.

  17. Good for you for taking it so well. I would be so freaking pissed if someone did that. I once nearly killed a man for reversing the direction of my ceiling fan.

  18. You are definitely interesting! Still don't get it that you sometimes visit my silly blog! Your life seems to have so much fun, interest, etc., etc. and my blog seems far away from what I would think interests you!!!! But I like interesting people and you're welcome anytime.

  19. Glad to hear that this was a relatively harmless prank, but now curious about your famous Tweet. I guess that's a subtle hint that we should be hanging off your every word on Twitter, but Twitter has a tendency to hurt my brain.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. oh lol.

    Loved this post - as always - I'm like a broken record when I comment - but I always tell the truth!!!!!

    So omgosh - why didn't you TELL US what TV show you were mentioned on? And why didn't you share the tweet? Dang me and my twitter neglect - I bet you have it all on your twitter.

    And *sigh* I miss my aussie electric blanket. In fact - I just miss Australia in general. :(

  22. I thought the electric blanket prank was genius :)


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