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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Highlight Reel

Hello ScoFans!

C'est le malaise du moment. L'épidémie qui s'étend. La fête est finie on descend. Les pensées qui glacent la raison. Paupières baissées, visage gris. Surgissent les fantômes de notre lit. On ouvre le loquet de la grille. Du taudis qu'on appelle maison.

Sommes nous les jouets du destin. Souviens toi des moments divins. Planants, éclatés au matin
Et maintenant nous sommes tout seuls. Perdus les rêves de s'aimer. Le temps où on avait rien fait. Il nous reste toute une vie pour pleurer. Et maintenant nous sommes tout seuls.

Yeah, I'm just playing with you.

Because there might be some fresh eyes on this blog today, so I thought I would mess with them.. and all of you as well. The bigger the audience, the more fun it is to mess with them.

So why might there be fresh eyes over here?

Well, today I'm being featured at Words of Wisdom as their "Blog of Note"

To save me explaining what exactly that means, I've copied and pasted the following from their site to let Pam and Sandy explain it to you, in their own words.

Words of Wisdom (WOW) is a place for bloggers (women and men) who enjoy reading and writing great content to find each other. What exactly is great content? Great content is blog posts that are thought-provoking and/or insightful. Blog posts that make the reader stop and think and maybe even feel compelled to "join the conversation" by leaving a well thought-out comment. These posts can be serious or humorous. They can be about any topic. But what they have in common is content. Great content.

So thank you to Pam and Sandy for featuring me today, and thank you to Jennee of Cheap Therapy for the nomination.

If you could use a few more blogs in your reader, I recommend the two above.

Being today's "Blog of Note" is a huge honour, and although I'm not going to claim to be or refer to myself as a "hero", I won't mind if you do.

Anyway, I've been following Words of Wisdom for a few months now, and how these BON days work for more people is they link back to a few of their favourite posts to "introduce" themselves and their style to any new readers who might stop by.

Long time readers then go "Psh, I've already read those" and look for the nearest exit.

Medium time readers go "I read that one, that one sounds interesting so I'll read that, that last one sounds pretty shit and I have to get dinner ready so I'll pass on that"

Noobs read any that interest them from the spiel I give. An unbiased spiel. Because I don't like to tell people I'm awesome. I like to let them discover it for themselves.

So, anyway, three of my favourite posts.

(Oh, and just in case you're new to.. you know, the Internet, those underlined highlighted bits are links, and if you click on them it'll take you to a whole nother webpage)

The Girl At The Place Where I Pay My Rent

A post I originally wrote on a blog that my family and friends (and not many other people) read, I have posted this on nearly every blog I had had since.

Of all the posts I wrote on that blog, this one seemed to be the favourite of my family and friends so I thought it would be a favourite of the strangers I have written for since.

When I first posted it my pa texted my mum and he was like "Boom! Ya'll best check out the wikid skillz your boi got yo!", and then he emailed mum the link (she's not tech savvy, she didn't follow the blog) and she sent him a message back "Word"

And so my family and friends I think overreacted a bit, and everyone wanted to talk about what I was writing.

This is one of the reasons I no longer tell family and friends about my blog. I was in my 20's and mum had printed it out and put it on her fridge. It was a weird feeling.

Which was another reason I stopped posting on that blog and for my family and friends- because I then felt pressure to keep up that standard, and I knew I couldn't match it.

So as Eminem might put it, "Stop with the fables, I'm not going to be able to top on this post here"

Backwards Blog My Is This

A post in which I somewhat ditch "blogging conventions" and write just to have a bit of fun.

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Accountant?

I didn't think sailors should get to have all the fun pushing their drunken coworkers, so I updated the classic pirate shanty.

And if you think that was fun, you can join in too! You'll notice on the right there I'm also looking for suggestions of what we can do to the drunken blogger. So click it, add your bit in the comments section and I'll update that as well (looking at the "last updated" bit, I haven't added to it for a few months, so any new suggestions are more than welcome)

As a special bonus, I mentioned Eminem earlier in this post, if you'd like to see me singing some of his stuff you can.

So that's in. I hope any new people that stopped by today found something they enjoyed and if you leave a comment I will work on getting back to your blogs as soon as possible. I always like to return the blog love where I can.

Thinking of you always,



  1. There's one disadvantage to WoW - they keep featuring great bloggers who I already know. Dammit.

  2. I have read some stuff on WoW and like most of it, but I'm not talented enough to write there. I'm not even talented enough to write on my blog. I'm not even talented enough to leave a comment so I won't. Sorry!

  3. I've been following WOW for only a week or so. I have no real opinion just yet. I'll save it. You know, for a day in which they feature me, than they'll be GREAT!! :) lol

    Glad though I didn't have to read an entire post of words I couldn't understand. Thought I was gonna have to break out the translate button. And I haven't yet figured it out...lol so thank you. *sigh* of relief.

  4. Sooooo. Is it weird that I print out your blog and put it on my fridge?

  5. You had me on that french words. I thought I'm in the wrong blog.

    Congrats on being featured, Sco! Wow wow bloggy superstar :D

  6. Congratulations on your special day! I must admit I figured it was blogger screwing with you again by putting your post in a foreign language. Glad to know all is right with the world!

  7. i love the way you started this blog lol, ahah I was tipping out :)! I like those blogs you mentioned I had to go give them a second read to refresh my memory, I specially like the drunken accountant one lol

  8. you definitely are a WOW blogger!!! In so many ways!!

    (btw - loved the french - it was a nice special touch!!) xoxo

  9. Felicitations! J'espère que tu passe un bon fête du blog!

    I hope one day I can write a post that's worthy of my mom's refrigerator.

  10. And new traffic that wandered over from Joey's, too - me!

  11. I was still in my French mode when I opened your site, so I was just kinda reading along and thinking "Oh I didn't know ScoMan spoke French; this is nice." LOL.

    I've moved my link btw.

  12. Sorry, I speak Spanish. But always in for a chuckle from you, ScoMan. Congrats on your BON Mot!

  13. you're even funny in the morning - congrats on being recognized - and thanks for reminding me about Cheap Therapy!

  14. I need to brush up on my French apparently...I do know how to pronounce all of that though. So I still win.

  15. You totally fooled me with the foreign langauage...I thought maybe I hit a translate button somewhere and I was nervous! Oh I'm so glad you're awesome and others are being forced to notice it through BON! (And thanks for the shout out!)

  16. Congrats on the WOW feature!

    I had already read 2 out of your 3 post selections. And frankly could only stick with 2 paragraphs of the confusing 3rd one. I've got things to do you know.

    Oh yeah - Placebo. Do I get any ScoPoints?

  17. Congrats on your WOW feature! I haven't heard of them before and will be checking out the site. Two of those posts were new to me and they were all entertaining!

  18. I want to make a different comment, but all I can think about is what's the French part of the blog saying.

    I mean, I'm assuming it's talking about me - similarly to whispers you can't quite hear, all things said in foreign languages must be assumed to be about me. Sine "Megan" isn't written anywhere in the sentences, I'm assuming you gave me a French codename.

    I have my fingers crossed for pensées.

    (Also, I somehow resisted the temptation to google translate that word before hitting post comment. It's like I have a gladiator's strength.)

  19. If you could only had used spanish instead of french... lol - congrats on the BON! followed your link from WOW.

  20. You are a very creative blogger! Now I'm going to be thinking about drunken bloggers, not to mention drunken accountants. And one from there....

  21. I don't read Egyptian. Sorry.

  22. Congratulations on being a featured blogger, and glad for the links to some older posts. Like your parents I too liked that one about the girl and the place where you pay your rent, but the backwards one hurt my brain!

  23. I've never heard of WoW, but I'm glad I have now. They sound very cool!

  24. Oh Sco! This is great. I'm so proud of you. See? This only goes to prove just how awesome scosome you are. =) The backwards post was fun but it did hurt my eyes a little. Hehehehe. you are so wicked sco! Keep up the great work.

  25. You WERE messing with me and I actually totally bought it. I was about to go check to see what language my reader was in.

    CONGRATS! If anyone is deserving, it is you ScoMan. Seriously, huge kudos to you. You are the man, and I already knew of your awesomeness.

    Now, I have a lot of reading to do that you have recommended.

  26. I heart you sco man... and all of your post. Congrats on being featured!!!

  27. OH NIIIICE!!!! Congrats on being featured! I'm going to check out WOW now. It's the first time I read about it!

    When I first read the stuff in French I was all,
    "Je n'ai pas su que vous pourriez parler du français!"


    Your mom putting your printed post on the fridge is PRICELESS!!!! LMAO!!!

  28. I had a name issue with an old neighbour of ours, she called me Ian for 15 years, until the day I told her that my name was actually Niel. Her little face crumbled and she never spoke to me again. I guess I could have said something earlier but I found it amusing. It was only when other neighbours came up to me and asked me did I know this Ian bloke that I decided to come clean…If only it was that easy to make certain other people in life stop talking…

  29. I came here when you were originally nominated but I didn't leave a comment because I read most blogs from my phone and commenting is terrible. But now I'm back to say "congrats!" and "hello there!" and "wow, it's really fun to see that some of the bloggers I love are showing you mad blog love here too!"

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