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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tagged! v 4.2

Hello ScoFans!

I'm still catching up on these tagged things. I'll get through them all eventually!

Today's tagging comes from ChinkyMel's corner and happened on the 11th of April. I hadn't forgotten though! And here's what I have to do today.

1. Mention the person who nominated you. (done! How efficient am I?!)
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Okay, so 6 unimportant things that make me happy...

1. Even numbers! The volume on the TV, the volume on the CD player.. it all has to be even numbers! Once after I broke a cup I threw out a second one just so I had 4 left instead of 5. Five cups in the cupboard just wouldn't happen in my world (unless I owned 6 and one was in use)

2. Walking. People walk every day. From the bed to the bathroom. From the bathroom to the living room. From the living room to the kitchen. Why is walking so important? I don't know. But I walk over an hour a day most days. I think I just love to get the iPod cranking and get out there.

3. Post it notes. I know, very cliche for someone who works in an office to enjoy a good post it note, but those little yellow squares of paper make my life so much easier. I can throw jobs all over the floor with those notes on them informing me where the file was up to so I don't have to rely on my memory.

4. Tax. Tax is what I do, and I like to do it well. I look at my boss and how he can remember a case that happened in 1962 and wonder if I'll ever be able to retain that sort of information like he can. If I learn a trivial little thing about the tax system and it sticks with me, I'm happy.

5. My Vault Boy bobblehead. He has been my face on the bloggosphere for 92 posts now. If not for the bobblehead, I might not have lured any of you here.

6. This picture...

I told you Random Hiccups, the ninjas were coming!

So now, instead of tagging six people, I will "invite" six bloggers to share six unimportant things that make them happy. I'm going to pick six blogs I started following recently, to learn more about the bloggers behind the blogs.

So, the girl in the stiletto, dirty messy beauty, rambles, Sarahahaha!! and Daisy the (get ready for an unfortunate abbreviation I have discovered.. sorry Daisy =p) VAG in A (which stands for Very American Girl in Australia)(should I really have had my tongue out that close to "vagina"? I don't know. Probably not.)

What? That was only five? Well, I invite anyone else who wants to do this one as well.

For those of you playing at home, I believe it is now "vagina" tagged twice, and "dead penis" tagged once.

Anyway, I still have a tag to catch up on. And an award. But I might put them on hold again next time. I mean, I'm sure you want to hear about what I've been up to, right? Do you want to hear about my very romantic proposal? (Could I be engaged? Wouldn't you like to know that?) Would you like to hear about the funny story from work last week? Of course you would.

So, vote on this weeks poll, and I will reward you with one of those tales (the most popular one requested in the comment box. The other one will come later anyway)

By the way, as mentioned earlier this is my 92nd post. I know, right? Anyway, I have something spectacular planned for post 100. Something that will make every other 100th post look like a n00bs first post (sorry to anyone who has done their 100th post.. but you'll see what I mean)

I will also ask you all in my 99th post to pick your favourite entries of mine, and the top five will earn a permanent link somewhere over there ==> and from the 95th post on I'll link back to older posts people may have missed. If anyone has a favourite post that happened awhile ago they'd like me to link back to, I'd appreciate the suggestions =D


  1. hello scoman! lol @ the ninjas with guitars. hilarious! thanks for tagging me. will get to it ASAP. my hands are pretty much cuffed. haha wait that's not supposed to sound kinky. i swear i was thinking of blood pressure cuff when i typed cuff. wahahahah.

  2. AHhahahahaha you said vagina. :)

    I liked the ninja's with guitars too, but I think that I'll have to share with you my unimportant thing that makes me happy. Tape. (?) It's sticky and I can just stand there and play with it, for hours.

    My vote is in!

  3. I say you get on with ScoMan stories! I know you have to be engaged and I want the details as well as the funny work stories! Bring 'em!!

    And unimportant things that make me happy?! Nothing makes me happy. I am an eternal grouch :)

  4. I absolutely cannot believe that I didn't know BEFORE today that my acronym was - well - you know ... AGH!

    I'm not sure if I should change it or leave it!! Either way - I LAUGHED SO HARD when I read it. Silly me, of course I would be the one to accidentally have an inappropriate acronym. I don't even use real swear words. lol. :)

    Thanks for the tag! I'll definitely get to it right away - in fact - tonight I think. :)

    I vote for the engagement story.

  5. Oh AND I so want permanant links on my blog. Can I steal your idea? hmmm

  6. I like playing with post its myself. Mostly to write disgusting things and stick it on people's backs. Yes, I'm still in elementary school euphoria.

  7. You've been awarded :) Pick it up on my blog !

  8. FYI:odd numbers r soooo much cooler!!evens is too ordered!

    thanks for the tag will do it now!!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my friend ck's blog, Bad Mommy Moments, you are a good friend to follow my links :)

    I should get to my tag for interior design on Monday... or at least that's the plan...

  10. You making it to 100 pretty quickly. Got anything up your sleeve?


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