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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tagged! v 5.0

Hello ScoFans!

It's been awhile, but I've been tagged again. A few times actually, I really need to blog more often so that I can keep up with these things.

Well, as I'm sure you all know, I ooze style and flair.. what? You didn't know that? Well.. did you ove.. no? You didn't either? Did anybody know that?..... No. Okay. I thought I made that clear that time I.. I didn't? Hmm.. this is awkward. Let's move along than shall we?

Sarahahaha!! tagged me because she wanted to know my interior design style.

After looking up what "interior design" means on Wikipedia, I quickly set about the task, searching through the images provided by Google, and I think this is the design I really like.. (I believe it's a style referred to as "minimalist")

Sure it's nothing like the place I live in now. It's probably nothing like any place I will ever live in. But I think I could be really comfortable there. The thing I think that won me over with that one is the cosy little reading area.

However, Stephanie had other ideas for what my perfect home might contain. She might just know me better than I know myself. Or at least she's far wittier than I.

So that has inspired a poll. Let's see which one YOU think suits me more.

And before I leave you today, but special request I have another story from the Comedy Festival. This is one you can all use if you want to scare your children away from sex or drugs.

Again, this one comes from Adam Hills who was telling us something he learned during a gig in Scotland. There was a woman near the front of the audience who worked for the morgue or the police or somebody, and had to determine cause of death for whoever it is she worked for.

Adam asked the question "You must have seen some pretty disgusting things in your time. Why don't you tell us the one that really sticks in your mind?" (That is the warning for anyone with a weak stomach to quietly excuse themselves)

This is her story...

She went to a home at the request of her department to try and work out the cause of death of a young couple. It didn't take long for them to work out what had killed the young man.

He was a junkie. Years of drug abuse and injections had left most of his veins pretty much shot, so he had one day, decided to inject heroin into a vein in his penis. His penis didn't like that so much, it became infected. Over a period of days, it blackened, it withered up and it died. And then, so did he.

Mystery one solved. But what of the junkie's girlfriend?

She had stopped taking drugs quite some time earlier. There were no track marks on her. The poison that got him had not got her.

Or had it?

It wasn't until they searched her stomach contents and found the tip of her partners dead penis, that they realised the infection had got her as well.

There you go Hillbilly Duhn! One story to scare the kids straight!

Oh, and I think I was supposed to tag some people to do the interior design thing as well, so I'll throw down a few people I think will have fun with it but leave it open to anyone who wants to give it a shot.
Hillbilly Duhn
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  1. Thanks for the tag. I think its apt that you now have a tag for a dead penis. Poor guy...

  2. hello scoman! lol.

    wow. i wonder how he could live & had sex with infected/necrosed penis. the girlfriend loved him too much to still want to sex with him? euw.

    btw, i love the green are. so.... geometrical?

  3. Oh I love your interior design. I love the apple green area, it's sooo refreshing. =)

    As for the dead penis... lols... what a story!

  4. okay. Um, my stomach just rolled over. That's pretty gross. Why though, would a chic stick something that is blackend and rotting into her mouth in the first place????? YUCK!I mean, hadn't she ever heard, if it looks bad, smells bad, then you probably shouldn't be sticking it in your mouth? EWE!

    Okay,yeah, tagged. Got it!

  5. that story is awful! and, i'm totally going to do this interior design thing because i'm a geek and save pics of rooms I like already. have a good day !!

  6. Thanks for ruining my breakfast with the whole rotten penis story. Blech.

    I'm going to do the interior design thing in my own special way... give me a couple days to collect my wit. I'll link back to you ;)

  7. For a penis to "die" from intravenous heroin use, he must have missed a vain. Shame on him

  8. omg i could sooo live there, so much space and light want it WANT IT NOW!!

    thank heavens i wasn't eating during tht penis story

  9. Wow. Way to combine interior design with genitalia! (confused/disturbed/owns the chairs in bottom pic)

  10. I love the green room in those pics with the books and the tv screen...looks like a cool place!

  11. Ewww!!! What a great story :)

    I guess your design is a bit better than what I selected for you, but that doesn't mean you can't have an a/c unit filled with microscope slides hidden inside...

  12. your interior design pictures are so modern! guys always pick modern minimalist designs.

    and that story is ighhhh.

  13. i like it! especially the green. and that chair in the last pic.. i'm pretty sure i studied in college. forgot the name but they are designer.

    like the APC song. :)

  14. Wow Scon..that's fancy...popular kids are fancy...


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