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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is Her Dream

I know there have probably been a few sleepless nights for some of you. Laying awake wondering if you are the lucky one who will be guest posting here shortly. Well, I will tell you I have notified the person who will be doing the guest posting.. but let's just keep that a mystery for now (I know, I NEVER do anything mysterious, and yet, here we are) It was a tough decision to make, but after seeing a preview of what is in store.. well it's like everything lined up and I'm fairly sure I made the right choice.

Oh, and one more piece of business before I get started. If people out there enjoy looking at a cute dog or two you can head over to Krystal's blog and find out all about the dog competition going on at the moment. And perhaps even vote for her dog Bama while you're there =)

Those of you who follow "From the STUPIDEST corner of my mind" will have seen she its author, and my good friend Thrice, is leaving shortly to live out her dreams in America. She has been working hard towards this for so long, she has been thinking about it every day, and I'm going to take this chance to congratulate her and wish her all the best in the next chapter of her life.

As I said, she is a good friend. In fact, at some point in time I became Paris to her Nicole.

She is of course Nicole because she is the cute one. And the funny one. And the intelligent one. And the likeable one.

I'm Paris because I'm the "other" one. I'm the one that is an easy target for stand up comedians everywhere. And then there were those embarassing pictures of me getting out of my car. Oh, and not to forget my sex tape (Which is called "Riding the Scottland Rail"* and available where all good blogger sex tapes are sold. You know, just in case you happen to be curious.)

Anyway, being the thoughtful and considerate person she is, she has for awhile wanted me to show myself to the bloggosphere. She thinks I need to make myself real to my readers. And, well, because she is going away and she is living out her dream I thought I should probably do something for her, and so I eventually agreed.

Some of you may remember awhile ago I did a photo shoot of her which was released to the bloggosphere, well a few days ago she did one of me... so here it is.. what you've been waiting for.. (Oh and look, it was during that blog I became her Paris and she my Nicole.. that's hot)

Okay, so that might not have been all you were waiting for. But between that time I showed you my scar on the ankle and now this, the pieces must be coming together. You could practically pick me out of a line up!

And yes, that is my tongue in the first picture. And no, we didn't line up the skull so it flew across the screen behind me. And the one of my hair is because she liked my hair that day, even though I hadn't showered or done anything to it yet.. it takes me 8 seconds every morning to do my hair and I'm only now being told it looks better after I've just crawled out of bed. Do you know how many eight seconds's I've wasted?

Well, she did something for you anyway. And now you should do something for her. Because she will be gone from the bloggosphere for several weeks while she moves and everything and gets set up in her new country it will be up to the rest of you to keep an eye on me and keep me safe. I don't know if you want to do a roster or take shifts or how you want to work it, but I am like a child wandering into places I shouldn't wander, so it will be hard work, but I know you're up to it. (Most of you anyway. Some of you would probably encourage the aimless wandering until security come along and escort me out or lock me up)

Well, because this post is about dreams coming true (at least that's where it started.. I don't know how we got to sex tapes, scarred ankles and security guards) and because Cristina Scabbia has the voice of an angel which reaches into my soul and keeps it warm, I'll leave you with this song..

Nilla, I'll miss you biatch!

* After spending several hours trying to match the title "One Night In Paris" that is the best I came up up with


  1. I don't know, I think I might be for letting you wonder aimlessly until a security guard came to escort you away...but only for laughs, I'd like bust you out after. :) Hee hee

    Nice pics. However, if I watched you aimlessly wonder and you got caught and escorted somewhere else, they'd say, "Who are you here for?" And I'd have to say, "The dude missing half of his face behind a hood, and really funky hair." Then they'd look at me, and they'd give me a line up of like four dudes all looking the same way, and WHAT IF I bust out the wrong person???????

  2. I'm so excited for her too. I think she'll have an amazing experience, and I really look forward to hearing about it on her blog.

    I <3 Thrice.

  3. Oh yey, Good for Thrice. I'm really happy for her too, I know she'll be missing her family but I'm sure she'll be happy living out her dream. Oh Sconny! You are really twisted you know. I was excited to finally get to see a picture of you and well all I get is this...hmp...ummm all I can say is cute tongue, scary hood (looks like something from one of those suspense thriller movies with some killer running around), and nice hair. =)

  4. oh lol. love the photo shoot -can tell you NEVER like to be mysterious. ;)

    And you're BRILLIANT! I love the term "blog rage" - do you mind if I use it? It's genius and like the PERFECT excuse for losing my cool and then being perfectly normal a few minutes later. Sa-WEET!

    Sorry about the comment thing - first time comment-ers have to be approved - I don't know why - it's how it was set up I guess. But it only happens the first time. :)

  5. thrice will be spreading her wings and fly....... lol. and you should follow suit. :P

    well, unless of course you are rooted on your couch, literally lol.

    i'm kidding. :)

    i know you're gonna miss her more than anything, scoman!

  6. I like the name of your video! Speaking of videos..... did you ever watch the rest of SHH?

    When is the guest post going to be posted?

  7. umm you are basically a SUPERHERO!!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR VOTING FOR BAMA!!!! and putting it on your blog!! "cowboy bo" is winning and it's really sad. :( i'm kind of frightened by my crazy dog mom enthusiasm...i'm scared to be a real mom someday :)

  8. Well, I'm going to go vote for Bama! I'm such a good little follower :)

    And good luck to Thrice... I'm in NC! Look me up if you're ever in my neck of the woods :)

  9. OMFG! Biatch! that was a HOT post! thank u so much for being my BFF Scon! Oh my!I think you aroused some ermm..tears in my head, not in my eyes, but I definitely have the feeling of being..touched by your words, and by your pets' comments! thank you sooo much! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF MY SCON GUYS!
    I'll visit all the ones who want to be visited by me..and also...the picture? it was my idea :P and I arranged the collage..(but I didn't notice the skull :P) Sorry Scon, I had to call that mine :P

  10. Omg i slept in that room, how freaky. Lol!

  11. You're not gonna carry chihuahua pet and wearing anything low cut, are you? Sure itd be sexy if you wanna try, just saying!

  12. you know, i'm not really a fan of lacuna coil, but i have thought cristina is the most gorgeous woman ever for a long time now. i have a very big crush on her (:

  13. i am loving where your head is at. it would be VERY unfortunate if he were to have an accident. it would also be unfortunate if i paid someone to hack into the newspaper and delete all the dogs in the lead.

  14. I discovered Lacuna Coil a couple years ago when they released Comalies. She is indeed a great singer.

    Best of luck to your America bound friend!

    You're right, the ankle + the new pics means I can now identify you in a police line-up...


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