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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blog Backwards My Is This

"Drive long really a been have would it" say I them to but, too me in it have might I that argument the make may some ?Favour a all us do not why so, them in it have they know I. Prison from released been has that murder of convicted anyone to complaint of letter a write should I thinking been I've.

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ScoFans Hello


  1. Incitement to violence. It's like your thing.

  2. wow Scon! this is a wicked idea! too bad I started reading it the traditional way and then I realised it was backwards, argh! I'll cook and read it properly afterwards! damn you Paris!

  3. Hahaha long drive indeed, I read the first paragraph and found out I had to read it from the bottom and backwards.. Took some time, apparently I'm pretty slow tonight.

  4. Done, I finished reading it! Damn you! of course I was going to read it the way it was supposed to be read...ok, so...you proved your point, but you were wrong :)
    And the government stuff? our government does the same, they play the "generous daddy" role and it sucks, people don't look forward to having a job but to receiving that miserable check instead (it is a miserable payment here) so people just don't do anything and their target is getting that financial aid. And girls? their aim is having kids so that the government helps them financially as well.
    fuck my country. I pay for my own contraceptive pills.

  5. read the first few lines, then it all made sense! Neat idea...the backwards blog, not the murder.

  6. OMG! You did it again! you're twisted! hahahahaha... I didn't get it until I read the title of your blog. So everything was in backwards huh? lols...omg! twisted!

  7. this wooould happen when i'm just getting over a migraine and feel all groggy headed...but, actually, by the end it was kind of easy...like, i could get used to it, you know?!

  8. Scoman I love this. And yes, I read the whole thing. Isn't it funny how you can have a whole list of things that you could write about, and in the right circumstances would enjoy writing about, and it's something random that jumps out at you that gets "chosen"

    Nicely done. Love the way your mind works :)

  9. Sorry bud, that's way to much effort, good luck with that though, congratualtions, or sorry to hear that, whichever one fits :)

  10. Um, Sco, my sleepy fogged brained had difficulties reading that. I am only on my second cup of joe, and frankly I think my eyes glazed over and things went blurry...

    I may have to come back later and try again...lol


  11. Scoman, I like your comment. How would you like to guest post for me ?;)

  12. i actually read this from the top and thot wtf got to the bottom and realised there is a method to this madness.this is how you gained me as a follower and also spotting you guest post on lolita's blog the other day!!!

    thanks for the comment on my page, i watched the video again can totally see y kids would eat this up. they advertising the same razor in the UK and its nothing at all like the US one.ours is plain and simple- new bikini razor for women from so and so and thts it no hedges or bright colours.

    what they saying abt the brits?!ps

    am not brittish so u won't offend me by taking the piss!i jst temporaily live here


  13. this is such an awesome idea...I must do this one day...

  14. i started at the last paragraph, then added one more and then committed to the beginning - it was like a riddle with a double dare tossed in. i scared me with the 'good is satan' comment

  15. that made me dizzy.

    thing whole the read didn't I

    someday maybe.

  16. That made my head hurt!

    I think I would confuse myself if I tried to write something that way.


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