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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday Failures #25- CPA and Microsoft

Hello ScoFans!

I know, two highly respected organizations like CPA and Microsoft coming under the Friday Failures microscope at the same time! You might be slightly more surprised than me, because I'm the one writing it and I have been planning it for a few days, but I'm still fairly surprised.

We'll start with Microsoft.

This is probably a commercial some of you have seen. It might be a commercial that was popular in some parts of the world. I'd never seen it was on "The Gruen Transfer" the other night (as a contender for "The Worst Ad Ever"), and I had to share with with you, in case some of you haven't seen it.

Yep, I put that one first so you can all sing along to it while you read the rest of this post.

Next is CPA.

As part of my continuing professional development, I have to do 120 hours every three years of various quizzes, seminars, courses etc. One option I've taken is to do an online quiz on their magazine every month for 1.5 CPD hours.

Usually it's easy. You read the question, skim the article it mentions and find the answer.

This month, the questions got a little trickier..

Thankfully the questions were a bit bigger than that. And you can make them bigger too by clicking on that there picture.

I think what happened there is someone got a bit excited about the long weekend and perhaps slipped a little last Friday afternoon.

And I know the other thing that happened there is even with the question that wasn't really a question, the question that gave no indication as to what the answer might be, the question that isn't really a question at all, I still got it right.

Because. I. Am. That. Damn. Good.


  1. Holy fuck is that a 'real' advert - or the take the piss ones where they have the two companies fight it out against one another? (I missed Gruen this week. Will have to catch up on iView)

    Nice to see you nailed that quiz! well done Sco

  2. MacDonald's music I call it, Scoman, awful awful awful. What ever happened to creativity that emerges out of the unconscious. This is commercialized bunkum.

    The lowest common denominator.

  3. That commercial is horrible and you are evil for making me play it.

  4. I was really hoping you were going to write a song on songsmith and share it with us. that would have been classic.

  5. Now I want to use Songsmith to write a happy/cheerful death metal song with a jazzy beat where the chorus consists of me screaming my lungs out. Thanks for posting that horrid commercial!

  6. I've never before wanted to watch Australian TV, but now I'm just insanely jealous. Especially at the thought that ad was just a contender for worst commercial, that out there in Australian TV land, there's a worse commercial that won. I mean, their home is happy because everything's in rhyme! They actually wrote "whatcha" on the screen as part of the lyrics! That guy is suppose to be in a band!

    I don't think I could contain myself if that came on my television.

    I might just implode out of joy.

  7. I couldn't watch it. Internet too slow. But I enjoyed the other comments! LOL!

  8. You ARE that damn good. We know this. I made some brownies last night and would like to offer you two of them in honor of your goodness.

  9. am i allowed to call this retarded?

    i don't care: this ad is retarded.

  10. that's awesome. i can't believe you got it right. but then, you were the first to leave picky some love today, so i guess i should've. you really must be that. damned. good.

  11. Though I wanted to kick that little girl in the teeth for having such an annoying voice to match to music that was surely even more annoying than her singing, the product would be a cool toy for a 5-year-old.

    The World Cup is a bigger deal than usual. Our Target had a rack of jerseys and hats. Not that I've seen anyone wearing them.

  12. World Cup is big in Mexico.

    eek! The add is soooo stupid! But I do want the songsmith!!!!

  13. I saw this on Gruen, at least they only played 30 seconds of it. And no, I didn't go to the website to see the whole 4 minutes something.

    At least it's a dumb arse American ad. You're not going to see MS ads like that here.

  14. I couldn't even watch that whole video. That was ridiculous. I swear if Apple does anything like that, I'm forsaking technology all together.

  15. OMG - I was about ready to punch that dad and daughter combo straight in the face. I didn't even get close to finishing it.

  16. Is this for real? Omg that is the most annoying commercial, annoying dad and child ever! Ugh!

  17. I've heard an estimate that the total number of people that have or will ever be born is somewhere around 25-30 billion. So...the estimate is that the World Cup will be watched by anyone who has or will ever live?? That's amazing!

    And you must be pretty smart if you even got that non-question right!

  18. I have watched the Songsmith Commercial before. I was sure the Dad and the Girl were Martians from the beginning.

  19. This is like a horror version of Glee. I can't watch. Too scary.


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