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Friday, July 24, 2009

Seven Sins in Seven Days: Envy

Hello ScoFans!

After a few weird pictures the last few days I decided it was time to lighten the mood a bit for our good friend ENVY.
Let's get the business out of the way and run through Wikipedia's definition of my second last sin.
Like greed, Envy (Latin, invidia) may be characterized by an insatiable desire; they differ, however, for two main reasons. First, greed is largely associated with material goods, whereas envy may apply more generally. Second, those who commit the sin of envy resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it. Dante defined this as "love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs."
So, as you can see, what the green eyed monster should actually be saying is "I want you to not have what you have".. but let's not get bogged down on technicalities.
I love to see celebrities or people who look like they have it all come crashing back to reality. For example, Australian actor Dieter Brummer who was the golden boy with his role as Shane Parish on the soap opera "Home and Away" from 1992-1996. At that time people were saying he could be the next big thing. At that time he seemed to have the world at his feet. At this time, while he still does get a few minor acting roles, he is now a window cleaner and was charged with drink driving 18 months ago.
He was an icon, and now he's a regular guy. There is not as much of a gap between the two as some like to think.
Being the outcast all the way through school, it is also satisfying to see that the kids who had it all then have nothing now. Not that I wanted what they had back then, I've said it before - I've always found living as an outcast to be the most comfortable way of life, but I did know that I wanted those to had it easy through school to struggle later in life (seeing the mighty fall and all that sort of thing)
And you know, there was a time when I envied other bloggers who had tons of followers or who always received lots of comments or who were excellent writers, but do you know what? I don't care about that any more.
Because I've found there's something more important to come from blogging than followers or comments. There are friendships to be made. And I wouldn't trade the friends I've made for all the followers or comments in the world.
Forgive me ScoFans for I have sinned. I was once envious of you, but now I love you too much to want to see your insides cut out while I snicker and ask "Where are your followers now?!"


  1. yeh know the feeling.. i accept that people dont read my blog, cause its random and silly and bitchy... and all the spammers and the sexpots seem to like me on twitter... so hey.. im popular in some cultures! xoxo

  2. I've found a few friends myself in the bloggy world. And thank you for your kind words yesterday. All my life, I've been envious of someone somewhere. Which is really a butt load of horse manure. One should just get over it. And I am.

    My hats off to you ScoMan!

  3. Way to not envy! I still get jealous. All the time. Especially when someone says something with more precision than I can. Often, I am envious of you! :)

    Now I really want to say ooga-booga like the green monster up there. I mena don't you just look at him and think ooga booga?


    Neither do I.


  4. hmmm.....the green eyed monster gets most of us at one point in life or another. Hmmm...I found some great friends in the blogosphere as well. I've found a friend in you and I think everyone should be green with envy. =)

  5. this is a good one. envy. i am envious of much.

  6. we're like true (blog) friends, right?

    i'd like to think so. because i feel we're one :)

    i always envy those who are prettier than i am. but one minute later, i'll come to my senses that, there must be at least one thing that they are not satisfied about. we're human, we're born to feel dissatisfied.

    well, that's what i'd like to believe though. ya know, just to make myself feel better :D

  7. envy/gluttony. I dont know which I'm a bigger fan of!

  8. Envy is my probably 3rd cardinal sin, ohmygod Sco, when I start with the envy feelings it's hard to stop!

  9. Way to end this post with a bang. lol. I like it. Envy is a tough one - and something I have most definitely been guilty of in the past - and yes guilty is the right word for I do happen to believe the seven sins ARE sins. Envy is a terrible one because we should be HAPPY for each other - not envious. Darn my conscience again!!! I wish I could say I'm free of this sin - looks like I'll be evaluating this one in my life too!! But thankfully I worked on this one in my early twenties and can honestly say I don't suffer from envy very often (but that's only because I try not to think about what others have that I don't - not because I have everything I want.)

  10. 5 days late i know but am still here:)

    envy is something i am well guilty of. but its mostly cos i feel i am lacking alot these days so i want alot.

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