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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seven Sins in Seven Days: Lust

Before starting I want to send out a huge thank you to ChinkyMel. She nominated myself and several other lucky people for the "Influential Blogs for 2009" If you'd like to nominate someone (as I will be doing before the 2nd of August) then go to the site and read how it's done.

Hello ScoFans!

Well, with 100% of the vote you decided you'd like for me to spend the next seven days blogging about sins. I thought I might as well start it off with one of the boring ones, that being (as if the title hasn't given it away already) LUST.

Lust or lechery, is usually thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Dante's criterion was excessive love of others, which therefore rendered love and devotion to God as secondary.

As most of you know "excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature" from ScoMan is about as likely as "excessive thoughts or desires of advanced quantam physics" from a pro-footballer, so in order to accommodate.. well.. me.. I'm going to use the second half of that definition. Sort of. The first part may also apply. Do you know what? You'll see, I'll just keep going.

Okay, so, as I am a socially and emotionally awkward hermit, most of my love is reserved for fictional characters. Real people have a tendancy to let me down (none of you have, and I do love you all.. but this isn't about you) so instead I project my feelings towards people whose world I can visit simply by picking up a book or throwing on a DVD. Twisted? Sick? Yes. I know. But it's who I am and I'm happy.

So, which characters have I loved excessively, to the point where my love of and devotion god would be secondary? Which characters have I perhaps even sexually desired? (Or at least at times I just wanted to give them big hugs) Well, stop being impatient and asking me all these questions and I'll tell you.

Lately it has been the Denise, the Scrubs Intern.

She has a winning smile, much like Vault Boy in my picture. She is cold. She is smart. She is happy to do her own thing and if people don't like her for it then that doesn't bother her.

And she makes me laugh, which is very important.

If you'd like to see more of Denise, her highlight reel is here.

But I think the one fictional girl who has truly captured my heart is Georgia Lass from the short lived TV series "Dead Like Me"

Okay so maybe she's dead and you know, whatever, but she is still awesome. Again, cold, does her own thing and a little bit odd.

Oh, and she makes me laugh too.

Of course with her there is the distinct possibility I'll end up her bitch.

Supernatural fans can also check out this cool crossover fan-vid.

The other thing about both of these girls is that they are both as emotionally crippled as I am.

Forgive me ScoFans for I have sinned. I love (or am obsessed with) emotionally crippled fictional characters.


  1. It's ok. We can't all be perfect.

    And being in 'love' with them is no weirder than all those girls who crush on that vampire guy. Maybe you aren't as weird as you think you are?

    And you are forgiven for not being in love with yours truly. I mean, it crushed my ego anad all, but I guess, like I said earlier, we can't all be perfect. :)

  2. Oh nice...thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I thought you were lusting for me. Lols...just kidding. oh gosh, i guess everyone is guilty of lust at one point or another ey? =)

  3. That Denise girl is indeed cute, and funny. And she made out with the surgeon and all that right? Making all interracial love and such, it's really hot especially done in the hospital.

    Sco, I think I need a bit of your shyness because I'm so way not shy on this. I even think I'm too horny at times, you know it, you read my twitter LOL

  4. She is cute! In my mind I still look like that. Even though I was never blonde-ish. Sigh.

    And Scoman! I thought you were only posting on Sundays and I've been missing out. You have to S-P-E-L-L it out for the old-timers on here!

  5. I meant the girl from Dead Like Me.

  6. lol. i'm too obsessed with fictional characters. for i think they're perfect in their imperfection.

  7. all blonde little things! is meredith grey on your list? because she is emotionally crippled!

  8. i looooooooooved 'Dead Like Me' she was so odd and awkward but hella funny!you hve taste Sco ( not tht was ever doubted as you clearly like my blog)

    and now i know wot sort of women you go for
    -socially awkward
    -emotionally stunted

    a male version of you ( and i say that with love not in a bad way at all)

  9. I've been waiting ALL WEEK to read these posts!!! YAY!!! I finally am getting to it!! (been a little crazy with doing the int'l move again ...)

    ANYWAY... love this post - it made me laugh. I, like you, go for cold, attractive and funny people. :) Though I'd have to say I TRY and avoid the emotionally challenged ones (not that my trying has brought me any success though!!!)

    Oh and I SOOOOO was a sinner in this category with Edward from Twilight - until they came out with the movie and cast Rob P as Edward - my heart died a little that day. He's just SO not how I pictured perfect Edward. ;)

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