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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday's Failures #21 - Unnamed Reunion Guy

Hello ScoFans!

First of all, did you know I had been interviewed by Cher this week? Some of you did, because you came here from there, but for those of you who didn't, head over now and learn more about me.

And read about her Oscar party while you're there as well. She knows how to have a good time.

And while I'm plugging, thank you to Mel for coming up with the name "ScoBorg" for my Cyborg character. I wasn't really planning on drawing more Cyborgs in the future, but with a name like that landing at my feet, I think I have to.

This week's failure is some guy I don't know. Some guy I have never met. But I still defended him the best I could.

Here's how it happened..

One of my coworkers went to a reunion of sorts last weekend. What with Facebook and everything, a group started of people who went to a certain school in a certain year and someone suggested they all get together. And then they did.

Fast forward to the Tuesday after the reunion and my coworker was telling me about the night, saying it was a lot of fun but some people were going too far saying things like "We should do that every month" or "Let's do it again next weekend" or, from today's failure "That was the best night of my life"

My coworker laughed at this and said "Sure, it was great, but best night of my life?"

I pointed out to her that she doesn't know. Maybe he spends his nights looking through his Year Book thinking about days gone by. Maybe he sits alone in the dark and stares into the nothingness. She's married a guy who rides motor bikes, her life is exciting, but we know nothing about this guy. Maybe it genuinely was the best night of his life.

I do know this though, if my school ever holds a reunion of some kind I'm not going. If I wanted to keep in touch with any of them then I would be.

Anyway, I better go now. I have to get back to parachuting out of that bloody helicopter.


  1. School reunions are great. You can tell people anything and they believe you. One I attended not that long ago I told people I was the person who emptied the menstrual pad bins! That stopped people hanging off me, as I'm sure they thought they'd catch some kinda of period VD or something :P

  2. Aww yes, the excitement of reliving High School.

  3. Oh grrr...something went wrong with the posting of comments. I just finished posting a comment for u and then I dunno why it didn't show up here. Grrrr...
    Anyway.....You are right about the high school reunion thing. i mean if you wanted to keep in touch then you would have been keeping in touch already. I have lost touch with a couple friends from high school, maybe it's because of our busy schedules but I do hope that one day I'll run into them again.

    So anyways...I'm looking forward to seeing more of ScoBorg!

  4. I've never gone to a reunion. Because of the internets a few people have found me from days gone by. I'm still not sure how I like that.

    Flash 55 - Avian Love

  5. I marked leaving high school and the losers who went there with me with a big party called graduation. I wouldn't go to a reunion either. I don't think I have much in common with those people anymore anyway.

  6. I have no interest in ever going to any sort of school reunion. There are some people from various schools who I am friends with and stay in touch with, but as for the rest of them we lost touch for a reason.

    I can so picture best night of my life guy. I've seen people like this. It's not that I have some super exciting life, but I don't see any point in living in the past either.

  7. So glad ScoBorg will live on! Perhaps you'll get a comic book deal out of it.

    And thanks for the shout out.

  8. i have yet to go the a high school reunion. i'm pretty sure women just stand around saying who got fat or ugly or who magically turned pretty and skinny. us women are terrible.

  9. Love the interview!

    I joined my high school reunion group on facebook but I can honestly say that I would NEVER go back for a reunion.

    Hello! My best friend married my boyfriend. Can you say awkward?

  10. EXACTLY. If you really wanted to be hangin with those peeps, you already would be. Which is why I won't go to my reunion either.

  11. I hated high school and I didn't go to my class reunion.
    Can I parachute with ya? Never done it! I've bungee jumped! That was scary. I peed a little...

  12. ugh...reunions....I went to the 10 year one just so I could be super annoying and give people something to talk about.

  13. I'm an extrovert...I think that is clear...but I wanted to curl up in fetal position at my reunion. I was so worried I wouldn't recognize someone, or that I'd forget their name. I also hated how all the guys were drunk by half way thru the night and said the same dumb stuff they would say in hs. It was stupid! Holly

  14. scoborg!!!!

    cool name, mel. :D

    btw, sco... sometimes i feel like escaping any school reunion too. cuz they would be asking "so who's your boyfriend" and when i reply "i don't have one", they would reply back with the most annoying reply ever:"impossible for someone like you not to have a boyfriend"


    i miss you, sco =S

  15. I used to go to elementary school regular mini reunion every two months but these days I'm just bored. :(

  16. My high school has had TWO reunions already - I didn't go to either of them. And if they ever wanted to just catch up for dinner? No way - talk about waking up in Hell ...


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