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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TOONDay#2 - Self Portrait

Hello ScoFans!

After my last TOONDay, someone asked if the ScoBorg was a self portrait. Well, it was a self portrait when I first started drawing that character a few years ago, but times have changed, so I give you the updated self portrait...

Yes, I drew it during one of the sessions at the conference. I think it was "How To Successfully Move To Up Front Pricing and Fixed Price Agreements".. yes, it was as fun as it sounds.

Judging by the notes I drew that in the "Accounting Industry Technology Update" That's obviously ScoBorg on the right and I'm not sure what the other one is yet. It appears to be a robot scarecrow of some description. Maybe I'll used it someday.

Feel free to check out some of the websites. I haven't yet.

I better go. I told a coworker I'd watch a bunch of semi intelligent British people cracking jokes and arguing.


  1. hello sco!!

    that looks like a ScoGirl to me hehehe RT the second photo. but i have to say i was expecting more from you, sco. where are your ScoGun, ScoShield, ScoKnife, ScoBelt, ScoMask & all???

    tsk tsk tsk. Draw me some more! some more! ehehhe

  2. I'm with the girl in stiletto, where's your Scocape???

  3. Hey, these are pretty good cartoon drawings. Well, so says the girl who can't really draw at all.

  4. Hey Scoborg how are ya? I love that picture of you with ScoCrow. It is scosome. =)

  5. Drawing cartoons was a much better use of your time than listening to that conference session. I almost fell asleep halfway through the title. Can I watch British people cracking jokes and arguing too?

  6. Love the new self portrait, but am confused as to why you appear to have bear paws for hands. Are you indeed half animal???

  7. That is a spittin' image of you.

  8. I'm pretty sure that scarecrow robot was served some of the soylent green (which is made out of people, not the future).

  9. I think I am going to try and take credit for this blog posting, as I THINK i was the one who asked if that was a self portrait.

    Not sure why this is important to me, really.

  10. Sco, you look like you've had a lobotomy! I'm confident your brain is a lot larger than what is portrayed in the image.

  11. Draw me, Sco.

    I love your drawing, especially the glasses and the hair. A bit Zac Efronesque, if you ask me ;)

  12. Wow... I didn't realize how hot you were in cartoon. Next time though I need a thought bubble. I don't know what you're thinking!


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