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Monday, March 8, 2010

TOONday #1 - 10 Years From Now

Hello ScoFans!

I've been thinking about bringing my cartoon days back from the dead. I had to kill them off when they got more MySpace friends than I did, but I'm not a jealous person, I don't hold a grudge, so 4 years later I'm now willing to look past that.

My drawing may not be as awesome as Ed's Stickman, I mean, his is animated and all where as I like to think of mine as more like a comic strip (which means he draws heaps of frames for the guy to take one step, whereas I draw a few cells and call it a day), but nonetheless, I feel that I need to get these weird looking blobs out of my system (and the bran wasn't working)

So when B-Dub tagged me to do a thing about where I'll be 10 years from now, I thought this sound like a great drawing project.. primary school style. Enjoy.

I won't tag anyone in particular, but if you want to play along head over to Alissa's as she has turned this tag thing into a project of sorts and sharing all the links over at her blog.

Anyway I should go now because my nose is getting cold so I'm going to hop in bed. I don't know how that will make my nose warmer unless I sleep with the pillow over my face, but I've read that's pretty dangerous.


  1. That's AWESOME!

    And you gave me a shoutout, which is a double WIN!

    I used to draw a comic strip in High School. It was about the two things I loved. Humor & Ninjas.
    It was basically a funny strip about the life of a Ninja. And done in black & white, a la Spy vs Spy. Maybe I should bring it back.

  2. I love this illustrated 10 year plan, and thanks for the shout out!

    I was a weird teenager and actually spent some time working on a comic strip about old people in a retirement community. Obviously, I wasn't following the write what you know rule. I wonder what ever happened to those old strips.

  3. How weird.

    That's exactly how I imagined you look in real life. What with the one red eye, bulbous nose, light sprinkling of unruly hair, and weaponry for limbs.

    I didn't not, however, anticipate the terrible penmanship.

  4. I can't think about this until I have my morning coffee. Will be back.


  5. In 10 years from now you won't be a Cyborg. You'll be a ScoBorg. hehehehe. ok, that was a bit lame. hehehehe. Neat drawings. They are super super cute. You should have Kym check out those drawings, she would love them. =)

  6. ChinkyGirl, I love the ScoBorg. Love it.

    And if you can be a ScoBorg, riding a cow, fighting aliens, with jet pack legs then perhaps we will have fixed all this "global warming" crap and discovered the solution for world peace. I wish you luck on your venture. Please figure out the "world peace" part first, I would like my hubs to come home :)

  7. I love it Sco-borg! (And that's an awesome nickname for you too!! Way better than I could do in my wildest dream!!!

  8. A CYBORG!!!!! how awesome are you!!!!!!!!

    i love it!!!! great drawings too! i love me some comics!!

  9. OMG! ScoBorg!! I'M LOVING IT!!!!

  10. All I can look at is the guy's package when he's sitting on the cow. Nice attention to detail there.

  11. Hmmm. Your little office man reminds me a lot of the guy from Office Space who just wants his stapler left alone.

    are these true self portraits?

  12. Maybe a new line of work...are we going to start hearing about this new passion of yours? Cartooning...yeah that is awesome! Holy

  13. Stradling a cow is the only way to fight off aliens....glad someone else knows that too!

  14. So is the moral of this story that Cyborgs are just happier? Loved your interview at the Only Girl.

  15. Okay, I came over from your awesome interview with Cher and, I have to say, I'm impressed! You are quite the artist. And I love cyborgs. Are you friends with the Terminator? Or the Governator? Just wondering how many cyborgs you know.


  16. Where have you been all my blogging life. LOVE IT! I'm officially hooked.

  17. Mel is right, you'll be a Scoborg Hahahaha

    I like the last pic.

  18. This was very cool. Cyborg has too much personality for an office unless of course he will come to my office and blow up the people that annoy me.

    Flash 55 - Avian Love

  19. I've missed your blog - love the grudge joke. LOL!!!

    And BRAVO!!!!! and ENCORE!!!! on the pictures! I love the comic style pics :)


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