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Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Started this Op'ra Shit

Hello ScoFans!

Thank you to all the February Stars who covered for me last month. They all did a great job and I hope you've been to check out their blogs.

What happened to me in the last month?

Not too much. I lost my Xbox, but now it's back.

I've started watching 30 Rock DVDs because the network here kept putting in on at like midnight.

Oh, and I was asked to be part of the Upper East Goulburn.. something.. opera.. something.. committee. Which I accepted, as I had just the weekend before watched a DVD I got from the bargain bin.. on.. a website (do they have those on websites? It was like.. $10 anyway.. if it was in a shop, it would be in the bargain bin).. which was an opera DVD otherwise me telling you about it wouldn't have much much sense.

And I had downloaded the soundtrack as well. iTunes doesn't have a bargain bin that I'm aware of.

Perhaps I've fallen in love with the movie a little bit.

So when I was asked "Do you want to join the committee because it's a not for profit organisation which by law means we have to have five members, and if three of them work in this office then I can get things done without having to walk out the front door?", what I heard was "We want you to join this opera committee because we think your grand vision could make Repo in this small town a reality, and because we're not for profit nobody cares if you lose money on it" (except perhaps the charity we're meant to be raising funds for, but they won't miss what they never had. Is it possible to bill a charity if you lose funds on project you're carrying out for them? We'll see)

As soon as I saw this trailer, I knew I had to see the movie..

My brother thought it was the words "An Instant Cult Classic" that made me want to see it, but it was way before that. More like "From the producers of Saw".. an opera by the producers of Saw sounds like my kind of opera. (Sidenote- the first song used in the trailer is the "We Started this Op'ra Shit" song)

It was certainly not the words "Paris Hilton" that made me want to see it. Though her role is minor, and she plays the part of "spoiled heiress" very well.

A few weeks ago on Facebook I did a quiz thing. It asked which five characters I wished were real people so I could hang out with them.

They were:

Dexter (of course)
Sheldon Cooper
Spencer Reid
Liz Lemon
and, from the movie Repo, Pavi Largo

Every time he opens his mouth I laugh, and his first line in the movie is the best first line in any movie ever.

It's like, 30 seconds into this clip, check it out.. you really should..

That was the only one that allowed embedding, so I too am sorry for the crap quality (which only makes sense if you went to the YouTube site and saw they were sorry for the crap quality)

Anyway, I think when I make my version of it, I'll be playing Pavi.

And Paris definetely won't be playing my sister. My sister will be played by the person who played Amber in the short film..

I'm pretty sure she doesn't always look like that.

Before I go, remember this most awesome Tweet of all time?

Well the song I stole that from is actually in this movie. And here it is..

If you listen, on the soundtrack it's like this..

Cos it's quick, and it's clean, and it's pure
(And you really need it)
It could change your life, rest assured
(And you've got to have it)

But in the movie, it's

Coz it's quick, and it's clean, and it's pure
(No, I shouldn't be here)
It could change your life, rest assured
(I've got to get home)
It's the 21st Century, cure
(This can not be happening)

Obviously, the movie version is the less flattering version.

Anyway, because I learned watching 30 Rock that Holland is the only country with a national dog, I'm off to do something about that.


  1. Thank you for this. I now need to see Repo. It had me at "Instant Cult Classic" and those clips erased any doubts. Good luck with your Repo and national dog quests!

  2. Can I submit my dog for consideration? He is pretty cute, and I am sure no one would mind an American dog taking over Australia!!! Or would they? Hmm, off to try and find this movie...

  3. whoah...not my cup of tea, but will be ready to watch YOUR version of Repo! ;)

  4. Can I audition to play the part of your sister?

  5. Hey, what about the British bulldog??

  6. I'd be willing to watch it, it sounds interesting and a little weird but I don't know if I would love it. Then again, I've been known to surprise myself. Can't wait to see your version! lol

  7. I've never watched 3DRock. Apparently, I'm really missing out on life.

  8. You going to be famouser.

  9. 30 rock as in tina fey & alec baldwin 30 rock?? hmmm i don't know.... i do watch it from time to time. but not really on top of my list.

  10. Hmmm...this looks pretty interesting. I'm a fan of the Saw movies. And yeah, when it said from the makers of Saw, I just knew I had to see this movie. =)

  11. interesting... I can't say whether or not it's my cup of tea, but it's def interesting, I'll give it that! :)

  12. Great post! A lot to see.... :)

    Liz Lemon is my muse. Kind of.

  13. Duddddee I would love to hang with Liz Lemon as well :D

  14. This looks really great. Maybe as an annual Halloween watch.

    Flash 55 - Avian Love

  15. I think they were just embarrassed to flatter you with truthful words and THAT'S why they said they were inviting you to be on the committee just to have 3 in the office.



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