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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What It Would Take (May contain traces of Lemon - *Bam*!)

Hello ScoFans!

The inspiration for today's post came from a conversation between my mother, my brother and myself.

We were talking about a girl we knew who had become engaged. This wasn't the first time for her, she'd been engaged about a year earlier (in fact, she got engaged on the day she was supposed to marry the first guy), and mum was finding the whole thing a bit hard to follow and came to us for an opinion.

Because if you want a clear view on romantic goings on, you come to me.

This was the conversation.

Mum: "I wonder what he's thinking getting engaged to her"
Me: "He's probably thinking it's a good idea and he wants to spend his life before"
Mum: "But she was only just engaged and decided she didn't like it. What would you do if you were in his position?"
Me: "I'd think engaging her seems like a good way to get rid of her. If anyone had been around me for that long, I'd be looking for an escape route and obviously the engagement thing has worked before"
Mum: "Do you think he just thinks it won't happen to him? Because he's better?"
Me: "I'd be thinking *I hope she leaves soon*. And then she'd be all *This is over, I can't do this* and I'd be all *Righto then. Bye. Have a good one*"
Brother: *Laughing his ass off* "I don't even know how you'd let it get to that point"
Me: "I don't know. Maybe I got a multiplayer Xbox game and had nobody to play against"
Brother: *More laughing* "I think that'd be the only way it'd happen"

But I've been thinking, maybe there are more ways than just that one that I could get engaged. I mean I already was.. once... technically.. remember?

So here's a list of some of the things it would take for it to happen to me..

- helping a friend out, like last time

- Tina Fey getting divorced
- it could lead to an early retirement.

- I decided it was worth giving up my freedom to have someone to split the cleaning with

- I was being held against my will

- There were free comedy shows involved (yes, I can be bought.. apparently)

- Visual exhibit:
Yep, those two have the perfect relationship.

- I thought it would make good blog fodder

- If I ever met Liz Lemon

Hmm.. she looks a lot like Tina Fey. I never noticed until I put them side by side like this. They even dress alike. And they appear to be standing in the same wedding dress shop. Imagine that.

- When having my freedom stops being fun

I guess the other thing that bought this post about was a friend I haven't talked to in a few years added me on Facebook and of course asked the "Still single?" question, and I was like "Even if I was interested in meeting someone, I've spent this weekend in my pyjamas playing video games and watching 30 Rock (like I needed to tell you guys that) - where would I meet this person?"

Yep, life is awesome.


  1. There is NOTHING worth giving up your freedom for.

  2. Oh you crack me up! So that means I should hold off prosposing to you then...a suttle hint would have been nice. lol

  3. Well, of course the only man I'd marry is of course, Michael Weatherly, so of course I'd make myself a big fat hypocrite because I don't believe in the legality of marriage and yet I'd legally marry him.

    But if it's with someone else, I'd do the whole committment ceremony, exchange rings, say vows, take his name, maybe, call him my husband etc, but really, God didn't invent marriage, marriage is a man made law to control women.

    So really, why does anyone need to get married?

  4. I've often thought it would be nice to have someone to pay half of the rent/mortgage, but based upon the one and only time I was engaged he might just turn out be be a money pit who later breaks into the house and steals half of my CDs along with my mountain bike. So, really can't think of a good enough reason to get engaged, let alone married. But that's why my father always refers to me as Isadora Duncan.

  5. Freedom??? That's a word?? A subject and a thing? Oh my GOD! So, I've spent maybe only four months in my adulthood single. And honestly, it was a fucking blast and I don't know why I ruined it! Well, I do actually, but...

    It's not that bad, really. As for the girl who keeps getting engaged only to spoof off, maybe she's got a fear of commitment. Or maybe she thinks she aught to marry every guy she meets and then pulls her head out of her butt the last minute. Who knows why people do this. I've met several and they just seem odd to me.

  6. Never underestimate the value of good blog fodder. (That's my way of making myself feel better about my marriage. You knew that, right?)

  7. Never mind getting yourself a wife. What you really need is a son. They also love to sit around in pajamas, watch tv and play video games. Although they're not so good with the cleaning and may not be old enough to go to comedy shows.

  8. Hmmm you're right, they do look alike. LOLZ ;D

  9. Man, somewhere out there is a girl that likes to spend her weekends in her pajamas playing video games and watching 30 Rock. Swears.

  10. Killer! Tina Fey would be quite a catch. Love the blog.

  11. Ahem ahem... might be that girl who spends her weekends in her pjs... hehehehehe.. marry me sco. mwah. love your awesomeness! you always leave me smiling after every blog entry. =)

  12. Oh man that's funny. If you ever have a cleaning comedian wander through your living room while you're playing xbox, propose immediately just for the blog fodder.

  13. i'm pretty sure my friday night was spent playing video games with quasi.

  14. hahahaha YOU definitely a Lemon man, don't you? Both of you have similar awesome qualities. Not surprised.:D

  15. When I say "lol" - I do actually mean I laughed out loud. :) Great convo with your mom and brother. :)

    I think you forgot to put "because I fell in love" on your list. :) Hey - it could happen. And falling in love makes you do crazy things - believe me - I know ;)


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