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Monday, February 2, 2009

Imagine that v 2.0

I was walking back to work today and spotted someone I knew but hadn't seen in awhile. She spotted me as well.

"Hi Scotty!"
"Hi, how are you?"
"I'm well thanks, how was your Christmas?"

"Yeah it was good. Good to see the family and be away from work for a bit, how was your Christmas?"
"It was good. Exciting. I became a Granmother again on Christmas eve"
"Really? Wow, that time of year is already full on. It would have been tiring for all involved"
"Oh it was. She was in labour for 20 hours and then they ended up having to do a caesarean"

"Mother and child both okay now though?"
"Yeah they are. A little daughter she had. Named her Amelia"
"Oh wow, I have a niece named Amelia"
"How bout that? Milly I call her. What do you call your niece?"

*Shocked expression*
"Because her name's Amelia Jade"
"Oh, I was going to say. This one is Amelia Jean but my husband calls her AJ"


  1. Hi hi...how are you? I just tagged you in my latest blog post called me, myself, and i. if you have time please come check it out. hope to hear from you soon.

  2. That was nice. It could have been an old girl friend you ran into and she could have told you about your baby that she recently named said child....

    The brighter side, you know...LOL

  3. I didn't know you called Amelia AJ! you never told me! I think you should post a picture of Amelia, you can cover her eyes so that the bunch of pervs you call "pets" don't kidnap her for being so cute :P now, seriously, she's soooo gorgeous, I don't know, maybe they would like to meet her :) what do you think?

  4. Thought i would throw an award your way: Catch it!

  5. ChinkyGirLMel - I haven't been tagged in a long time. I will definately drop by and check it out.

    Hillbilly Duhn- That would have been awkward. Cousins named Amelia.. and I would probably love the original more, this new one would just be a copy cat.

    Thrice- I thought about posting a picture of her, but it seemed too difficult. Maybe next time. And I guess you still have several things to learn about me.

    Hillbilly Duhn- Thanks for the award!


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