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Friday, February 13, 2009

Moran Hall

I would just like to start by saying thanks for the comments yesterday. They were great. I'm taking another day off writing about the bushfires because I need it, and because I said I would.

Yesterday I mentioned going to see four shows at the comedy festival with a friend this year. I gave you a taste of the first two we'll be seeing. Well, here are our Saturday shows.

Dylan Moran- insulting my country

Yep, that's the guy from "Black Books". I love that show.

Otis Crenshaw- For Valentine's day

I agree with everything he says there. You're on your own ladies!

Otis Crenshaw is actually a character of Rich Hall's. If you liked that song check out Rich as himself.

Tomorrow there will be no more YouTube videos.


  1. Hi biatch :P lol
    Can I just say...that now that M's away..I found, you found, the guy for me to love? :p Dylan Moran is soooo funny and cute and looks stoned. Now, seriously, I liked him, I would laugh if I saw him performing live (or on video, like now)..awesome :) The song? well, firt of all, I don't know why the name Otis doesn't sound appealing to my ears...then I tried listening to him, but his coarse voice ermmm, it's early in the morning and among all the creatures in the world, I am awake..weird, huh?

  2. I wish my computer wasn't so slow at the video's. So, I never get to watch them...sigh~ :(


  3. Nice to hear you're so chivalrous!


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