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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In this post I say "fuck" ninety three times

I am fucking(1) wonderful. I won my second fucking(2) award. It made me step back for a moment and think "What the fuck(3)?", but then the fuckin(4) penny dropped that maybe some fuckers(5) out there enjoy the fuckin(6) bullshit I write on this fuckin(7) thing.

Hillbilly Duhn happens to be the fucker(8) who enjoys it enough to pass on the award. You can read her fuckin(9) stuff here. Funny as all fuck(10). Read it, and you can fuckin(11) thank me later.

As always, there's a bunch of fuckin(12) things the recipient of this award must do. First, put a picture of the fucker(13) on your blog. Well, that's the fucking(14) thing up the top there. Take a fuckin(15) gander at that would you?
Next thing the amazing fuckers(16) that recieve the "Fabulous Fucking(17)" blog award are to do, whether they fucking(18) like it or not, is to fuckin(19) list ten fuckin (20) truths about them fucking(21) selves. Let's fucking (22) begin.
1 - When I was fucking (23) about 15 I fucking(24) stopped playing fucking(25) football and fucking (26) cricket. My fucking(27) Dad stopped fucking(28) stopped talking to me like I'd fucking(29) let him down and he didn't fucking(30) talk to me a fucking(31) again until I was fucking(32) 18 and fucking(33) making something of my fucking(34) self academically.
2- I fucking (35) hate public fucking(36) speaking, but apparently I'm pretty fucking(37) good at it, even though I notice a fucking(38) nervousness and fucking(39) stuttering when I'm in the fucking(40) spotlight.
3- I only started fucking(41) working for the fucking(42) employer I'm fucking(43) working for now, because no other fucker(44) would give me a fucking(45) chance. This fucking(46) job was suppossed to be fucking(47) temporary until I fucking(48) finished University. That was four fucking(49) years ago.
4- When I was in my late fucking(50) teens and early fucking(51) twenites I was a fucking(52) asshole who only fucking(53) looked out for him fucking(54) self. Fuckers(55) loved me back then. And I fucking(56) hated the fucking(57) attention.
5- I've been to a fucking(58) WWE live show
6- I've done over $10,000 fucking(59) damage in fucking(60) car crashes
7- I fucking (61) hate being fucking(62) touched
8-I'm fucking(63) already at a fucking(64) age where I don't fucking(65) know any new music
9- After this post, I still have 25 fucking(66) truths left to share (which I'll do tomorrow).
10- Even though it fucking(67) wasn't part of the "Fabulous Fucking(68) blog" award to fucking(69) curse like a fucking(70) sailor, I thought I'd have some fucking(71) fun. Besides, it's not that fucking(72) hard for a fucking(73) Australian to fucking(74) swear. We'll fucking(75) swear at you while we give you fucking(76) directions. "Main street? Fuck(77) yeah, I know where that is. What you wanna fuckin(78) do is fuckin(79) go straight up here, take a fuckin(80) lefty at the second intersection, keep fuckin(81) goin until you hit the round about, then hang a fuckin(82) righty and you're there."
Now I have to award the "Fabulous Fucking(83) blog" award to five other fuckers(84) (and if you've already fucking(85) got it I ain't fucking(86) giving it to you again). So, in no fucking(87) order:
Yeah, the usual fucking(88) suspects (minus the fuckers(89) who already have the fucking(90) award), but just fucking(91) read those blogs.
"In this song I say fuck(92) ninety three times"
Insane Clown Posse - "Fuck(93) the world"


  1. Congrats! I like how fuck is a tag now. Tag it baby tag it.

  2. I've always wanted you to embrace the "fuck" hehe :)

  3. ROFLMAO!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! Ah fuck that was fuckin funny.

    I don't like to be touched by anyone but my husband or kids, I don't like others touching me, so I kinda know how you feel.

    Public speaking, um, I'd probably turn all red in the face and stutter and sound like fucking idiot and be boo'd off stage.

    Oh, and I so know how it feels to be old enough now that I don't know the new music. That really sucks...

    Have a nice fucking day~

  4. 7- I fucking (61) hate being fucking(62) touched

    ***I love this one! And, I do too!

    8, there was something about 8, but I already forgot.

  5. wtf! Thanks Sconsy!!!! it's so funny, I was going to grant you an award today as well, awesome! :D
    Do I have to curse too? I'm not so good at adding "fuck" or "fucking" at my sentences :(

  6. Random Hiccups- When you use a word as often as I used fuck, I think it has to be tagged.

    D*- Best you don't get used to it. This may just be a one off =p

    Hillbilly Duhn- Glad you enjoyed it! After all, your award giving inspired it.

    Stephanie- Yup, 6 words, two fucks. That's how we roll down under.

    Thrice- You're welcome. And you don't have to curse. I just did because I could.


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