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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tagged! v 4.0

Yes, it's been a few months but I have been tagged again. This time by one of my newest pets, ChinkyGirLMeL from ChinkyMel's Corner.

What I am required to do is unleash 25 truths about myself. On top of the 10 yesterday, that makes 35 truths in two days. That is 17.5 truths each day. If this continues, by this time next year I will have told 6,387.5 truths, and I don't think I have that many.

Anyway, I am putting my own twist on this and giving my truths in a variety of different methods.

Facebook status's must have been true at one point or another. I will work through my last five starting with the current and going backwards. These will be my first five truths.
1. is waiting for Mr Turnbull to take away his $950. Why doesn't the single white man with no children ever get any breaks?
2. is loving K Rudd right now (if you gave me $950 I'd love you too).
3. is sweating like a pig.. not to mention looking like a pig, eating like a pig. And don't forget the smell.
4. crack corn and he is great! Take that you stupid corn!
5. is your friendly neighbourhood atheist.

The next five will be the first five songs I hear on the iPod when I put it on shuffle.
1. Tool - Disgustipated
2. Tool - Jerk Off
3. Metallica- Astronomy
4. Tomahawk- Laredo
5. Puscifer- Momma Sed

A list of five TV shows I watch, one for each weeknight
1. The Big Bang Theory
2. Two and a Half Men
3. Criminal Minds
4. Dexter
5. The Simpsons

Five things about my corner down under. This one will be pictures and video I think. Just to make it fun.

1- Yup, that's a real koala. A family put out water for him when he fell out of his tree due to the heat. He drank a little then bathed in it.

2 -Referees, security personnel and would be heroes with their flares from all around the world beware- attend a sports event in Australia and you will be, at some point, a wanker.

3 A real spider eating a real bird. Taken some time late last year.

4 Some scenery from just outside my town.

5 Our Prime Minister, and what I'm pretty sure are X-Ray specs.

Just five random facts about my life as they pop into my head.
1- I sleep on the diagonal
2- My boss is back in the country next week after being overseas since Christmas
3- I finised the book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" today. It took me three days to read, and if I didn't have to work I probably would have read it in one.
4- I can do incredible things with beetroot, rissoles, bread, cheese, lettuce, potatoes and a "George Foreman" grill
5- Every Easter I spend two nights at the "Melbourne International Comedy Festival"

There you go. Twenty five more truths (of sorts)

I'm supposed to tag 25 people now, but my list of Blogs I follow doesn't add up to 25.. so tag! You're all it! And you don't have to do it the way I did, it just has to be 25 Truths.

Someone told me once that there's a right and wrong
Punishment was due for those who dared to cross the line but
It must not, be true
For jerk off's just like you
Maybe it
Takes longer
To catch a
Total asshole
I'm tired of waiting
Tool - Jerk Off


  1. You're just sooooooooo creative. I love the twist you put into this. Anyway, that koala is just soooooooooo cute. love it. =)

  2. I want a koala to put water out for...too cute!! Though, I've heard that they are not very nice critters.

    The Spider & Bird - Um, yeah, no. If I seen a spider that BIG, I was so never leave the house again. We have here, bird-spiders that live in the woods, but they aren't all that large. *Shudder*

  3. Wait. Koalas are really just hanging around in random trees in Australia? I thought they were only in the wild! Wow... how cool!

    AND, that spider must be the monster under my bed if it's able to eat a bird.

  4. That koala is just beautiful! I don't care if they're mean or bite or whatever...I wonder why you hate them...
    The spider picture...ewwwwwwwww
    And I liked your truths, they do contribute to the understanding of "The Scon" :P
    I refuse to feel tagged, no way I'm revealing 25 truths or answering 100 things about me or 100 I did and haven't done in life yet :P

  5. ChinkyGirLMeL- Thanks! I try to be different =p And I love the koala too. The Australia bit was especially to put that in.

    Hillbilly Duhn- Koalas are wonderful people. They don't hurt. But no, the spider is not such a nice critter.

    Angela- They're in quite a number of trees yes. As you go out into the country, not so much in the city.

    Thrice- I thought you might like the koala. I don't hate them! Don't spread lies! And you don't have to feel tagged.. until next time, then I'll specifically tag you!

  6. >>Five people you meet in heaven is a really good book. I took two days :P (I had college too!!)

    >> You seem to live in a beautiful place... that picture of a nearby town was awesome!!

    And yo India won against Sri-Lanka!! ( one day!)

  7. yourstruly100- Damn you beating me by a day! And damn your Indian cricket team and all its goodness!

    But thanks for the comment about the scenery =D

  8. Hey hey... just dropping by to say hello. sooo...what's new? =)

  9. Good stuff. Your PM obviously has to wear those super sleuth glasses to be on the lookout for falling koalas and avian-munching arachnids. It's a jungle out there.

  10. voteaudrey- Best comment ever.


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