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Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 2nd

Hello ScoFans!

Day two of the great horoscope project as started by Daisy.

Let's start by reviewing what today's horoscope was.

Saturday, Aug 1st, 2009 -- You are feeling the stresses and strains of an emotional conflict that can almost reach an eruption point today. But expressions of jealousy and envy are probably based on unrealistic fears and insecurities, so don't give in to them too quickly. Shifting your thinking from a model based on scarcity to one built on abundance can loosen the tangled knot that is preventing you from taking the next big step in your life

Well, I can't say I recognise anything that happened today in any of what is written there. No eruption points. No fears or insecurities. No jealousy or envy.

The morning was spent on Twitter in my PJs. Then I got the Internet working again on my phone (so I can use Twitter from it) and then this afternoon I met my brothers girlfriend. Nothing exciting. No tangled knots or big steps taken.

Let's see what tomorrow holds.

Sunday, Aug 2nd, 2009 -- You might feel as if you are finally receiving the emotional support that's long overdue. Don't resist the positive change, whether others actually come forward to offer their personal assistance today or if you just believe that your world has somehow become a friendlier place. You may have to set aside a relationship issue that's not yet completely resolved, but don't waste time worrying about it. Let the current stabilizing energy play through instead of unsuccessfully forcing something to happen

I really think these are from like a month ago because for the last little bit I have been feeling the world is a friendlier place, which is in part due to you. Anyway, let's see how accurate it is this time.


  1. your comment thing hates me :( I always have to leave TWO comments. oh well

    So guess whaT?? My horoscope ended up being way better than yours!! lol - hopefully tomorrow's will be better. I was thinking about it today - I think we should pick which horoscope we want to make happen - between tarot.com and between http://shine.yahoo.com/astrology/ ... those are fun too. That way we'll have a little variety - I don't know - you'll have to let me know what you think ... your horoscope for tomorrow on the yahoo one gives REAL advice - apparently you need to organize. :) xo

  2. OMGOSH - LOL - I just read my yahoo one for TODAY and it says I should be careful about having my life on autopilot and shouldn't share so much. OOOPPSS!!! Well well well - it looks like I've created a little horoscope danger for myself. SWEET!!!

  3. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more exciting! I'm on the edge of my seat ;)

  4. I wish you a happier and more exciting day tomorrow, for real. Maybe something even sexy!:)

  5. Hello Sco!

    relationship - did i miss something while i was busy chasing the bloods and the patients for me to take the bloods from?

    :P kidding. miss you!

  6. Well i hope your tomorrow will be more exciting...By the way, I had a friend who used to work in the newspaper and they usually just mess around with the horoscope. They would put a horoscope for todays paper which was already published a couple years back...

  7. So wait, are you surprised that some imaginary story that is supposed to apply to 1/12 of the population as a whole, was not applicable?

    Horoscopes... hmph.

  8. I'm glad your day was mundane and not ominous as your horoscope implied... My horoscope usually freaks me out. I never get a good one. I don't really buy into it, but I think about it too much...

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