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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else

Hello ScoFans!

It's day three of the horoscope thing and I give up already. Blogging every day for a month suddenly seemed like such a huge task, and I was really not into the spirit of the game (energy levels are low at this time of year). Keep following Daisy's adventure though, she is making it happen and making it interesting.

However, it is Sunday night and that means it's time to do my regular weekly post. Because I didn't have you vote for anything last week, this week I'm just throwing together things that didn't fit anywhere else.

First on the list, is thanking you all for your comments during the Seven Sins posts. They were all fantastic. I really enjoyed writing those posts and the fact you all got into it as much as you did and left the wonderful comments you did made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Second, I recently received an award from the Gula in the Stiletto.

This award is to honor bloggers that are kindhearted individuals who regularly take part in my blog and always leave comments. This award is to thank those individuals for their growing friendships through the blog world.

Rather than list everyone I'm giving this award to, I'm just going to give it to the people who commented during the Seven Sins week. It was all my regular commentors, it was the people I have formed friendships with and it means I don't write a huge long list right now.

A special mention does go out to Catt for this award though for her post about Buckley. For those who don't know Buckley is a dog who was attacked by some unbelievably cruel people, and Catt's post about the incident was very passionate and spread the story to her international readers. Instead of spreading it to my international readers, I recommend reading Catt's post as I agree with her views on the action we need to take when it comes to animal cruelty, however the post is not for people with a weak stomach.

I've also wanted to let you all know that I've been working for awhile now (since before my 100th post as part of the 100th post celebration) with my three most loyal readers on a bit of a story. All of them have now been following me for over 100 posts, and I consider them all friends outside of the bloggosphere as well. The three bloggers I've been working with are..

Badriyyah - who has co-written a story with me before. Although our last Project kind of disappeared, we are working together again and I am a big fan of her blog and her writing so it's always an honour to work with her.

She has also been a great friend because we are both moody Scorpios who try to hide our moods behind our masks, but we can see right through each other, so we know when the other is having a bad day. She's been there for me a lot when I've been down, and I'm glad to have her as a friend.

touchingjoy who also threw me an award last week where I had to mention seven things about myself (and I cheated and I declare that the seven sins were the seven things) She is a very intelligent blogger and has taught me a lot about politics (in particular South African politics) that I would otherwise not have known about.

Through the magic of Twitter we have recently formed a strong friendship, and there is a lot of mutual respect and laughing at sitcoms that not a lot of other people watch going on. Although she's been far too busy to tweet to me lately (or so she says), I hope she remains a long term friend.

Finally D*, who hasn't written very much lately but when she does she lays it all on the line. She usually (always) writes about boys or some other juiciness in her life, and it is always an interesting read.

Not only has she been a follower since post one, as I've said before she is the reason I started this blog. She's been a friend for.. umm.. 7.. 8(?).. years now, and I know she has said before just that she would like to be the exception rather than the rule. In my life she is definetely the exception. It's no secret I struggle to make friends, and those I do make don't seem to last very long, so for someone to remain my friend for as long as she has is a rare feat indeed. Maybe someday I need to bring her in to write a guest blog.. "Dealing with ScoMan".

Hopefully next week we'll start bringing you the story. In the mean time, start following these ladies, add them to your readers or whatever it is you do to keep up with your favourite blogs.

They are only three friends in the bloggosphere, there are many more and you know who you are. Because today is (apparently) international friendship day I would like to thank all of you today for being such amazing people.

And so I'll finish on International Friends Day by saying I was recently asked (on twitter, by a blogger, so it includes all of you) how come all of my friends are beautiful women. I hadn't thought about it before that, but other than a few exceptions (being the beautiful men) I realised the person who asked the question (who shall remain nameless) had a point.

So how come all of my friends are beautiful people? Is it because I'm shallow and I'll only be friends with attractive people? Hardly. I couldn't tell you why it is.. and then I was listening to a song on the way home today, which gave an answer as good as any I could come up with..

Live free, and beauty surrounds you

The world still astounds you

Each time you look at a star

Andy Williams- Born Free

Until next week, beautiful people...


  1. Congrats on the award :)
    I'm off to check out those blogs you mentioned!
    Hope you've had a good weekend.

  2. LMAO LOL you gotta be fly to hang with The Sco! LOL
    you should really call yourself The Sco!:P

  3. Congrats on your award ScoMan!! It's always a pleasure to read what you've posted.

  4. What a great post! Heartfelt and real. I like that. :) Happy International Friend's day to you as well! Will look forward to reading that story soon!! :)

  5. totally agree with andhari. scoman is an awesome name. but sco is the hip!

    but then again, you're awesome even if you're name is just an 's' (joke aside of course) :P

    you're not shallow for being with beautiful people. it's because you're one of the beautiful people yourself that you attract more beautiful people. beauty does not only apply to the outer layer, right? :)

    .gula in (the - since when 'the' appears in the middle of the name? :P) stiletto.

  6. oh i forgot to say: happy friendship day to you too and thank you for being one of my great (blog) buddies :)

    p.s oh and hello sco! :)

  7. Ok, now I know tomorrow (or today) held for you...little interst in the horoscope project.

    I'm on a break, but gear up for your dance request!

  8. i hve been a bad bad follower/commenter this past week but am now all caught up and will hopefully keep my good behaviour going loving the horoscope thing esp as a person addicted to horoscopes and anything tht keeps you blogging on a regular basis makes me happy!

  9. Nice post. Thanks for introducing us to your "lady friends." I'll have to check out their blogs!

  10. Mr. Sco. The Pimp. I like it. *wink*

    Thanks for the compliments there. You are too kind. :) I look forward to our story. We did a pretty damn good job. :)

    Although I am sad that you are not blogging for a whole month, I kinda get it. It's like blogging about the same thing every day for a whole month! I just don't get the attraction to Horoscopes. Neither for fun nor for real. Eh. To each their own right?

    I AM to busy to tweet! I don't have time to take a lunch break never mind a twitter pit stop! But you know other ways to chat... I don't know why you don't just pop me an email when you get lonely for some E time. Seriously.

    Everyone needs E time. Speaking of E time, Hubs is complaining that my computer gets more E time than he. Checking out how long this comment is, I think he might be right.

  11. I can't wait to hear this story you've been working on. It sounds grand and exciting :)

    I think it strange that you say you don't keep friends for very long periods. You seem very open and honest and don't seem as though you hold things back. I'd think you'd be quite popular... but then again, you sound a little like me, and I have small numbers of friends but the ones I count closest are very special, too.

  12. Hey sco... congrats on the award. =) I'm with Kathy B, you seem like a very warm person, and for you to have a hard time making and keeping friends seems really impossible for you. You are well loved by your friends and your bloggy buddies. =)

  13. I know you said, "until next week" but I didn't trust you not to get all sneaky and do extra posts again... and my google reader has a hairball or something!

  14. Congrats on your award - it's always nice when you get recognition for taking the time. I worked out how to comment on here - it's something about a google account. Anyway cheers for the read. I enjoyed it.

  15. Excellent way to handle the award giving too. Im new here but shall return for sure.

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