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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Because right now, nothing else matters

Hello ScoFans!

I wasn't sure if I was going to post tonight. Some of you noticed on Twitter that I mentioned I had a letter to write (which has been done and forwarded) and I wasn't sure if I had the energy or the motivation to continue to write.

And so I crashed on Sunday evening, flicked on the Football to watch the Mighty Bombers who were sitting 9th on the ladder and taking on the top of the ladder, hadn't dropped a game this year, won 19 in a row St Kilda.

I know that none of you care about this, but do you know what? Right now, that doesn't matter.

There's no point stalling here, we all know I wouldn't be posting about this if the result hadn't gone my way.

I don't know how well you can read that, but Essendon managed to win it by 2 points after being 29 points in front at 3 quarter time. St Kilda came hard in the last quarter and their gun forward had a shot at goal after the siren to win them the game, it was an incredibly nervous moment for Essendon fans around the country (and I imagine for the gun forward as well) but unfortunately for him (and fortunately for me) he missed. They lose, we win. Yay!

Of course, I had to go to LAST week's game. I had to go to the game where a kick after the siren from the opposition bought them to a draw (it was still exciting to be at a draw, but crushing to see a game Essendon had won slip away from them after the buzzer) I couldn't be at THIS WEEK's game when they managed to hold on to their slim lead.

The atmosphere during the final 10 minutes last week at the ground was electric, and I imagine it would have been much the same today. But the difference being, last week everyone went home disappointed because a draw is as good as a loss, this week one side would have been cheering and singing the club song while the others left with their shoulders slumped (last week there was no club song, a guy just came over the PA and said "That's it. It's a draw. Everyone go home".. maybe not in quite those words, but that's how it felt)

Oh, and what also made this week fun is that my brother is a St Kilda supporter, so I got to send him fun text messages. Here's some of the exchanges that took place:
ScoMan- Don't know if you're aware. Just keeping you in the loop.
Ess 66
Stk 33
CraMan- I'll loop you if you're not careful.

Okay, so from 66 to 33 they probably shouldn't have won by only 2 points. Especially seeing as I had a $5 flutter on them to win by more than 39.5 which paid out at something like $21.50 (I still won on my flutter for them to win which paid out at $6.00) but hey, a win is a win (you're learning today and that's good. You've learned a win is a win and a draw is a loss)

Then after the game.

ScoMan - 19-1
CraMan - 9-11
ScoMan - Excuse me, you forgot our draw. But all that matters is we're in the finals now. And guess what? We'll beat you then too.
CraMan - Excuse me but we're just throwing games to get extra draft picks. You won't beat shit.

It's funny because his team is set on top of the ladder and can't get any more draft picks now no matter what happens.

From the start of the weekend where playing finals football was unlikely, Essendon now sit in the 8, so from here it's theirs to lose.

Anyway, sorry to bore you all with Football talk this week. Next week I have something great planned, rest assured. And as I said, this week it was either football or nothing. Be glad the result fell the way it did and I felt the need to brag to anyone who would listen (you were listening, right?)

I'm going to give you the opportunity now to sing along to their theme song with me.


  1. theres a whole lot of writey writey up there and i dont get football language... so hi.... how are you....

  2. I know nothing about Australian football so I can't really comment on that BUT I just got your letter and I LOVE it! I was giggling all the way through. There was one mistake though - we drive on the left over here too! The rest of it was brilliant though and you'll be my guest blogger next Saturday :)

  3. So pretty much that was the least exciting thing ever. But I read it. and I feel pride that I read it. I didn't get it. I don't care about it. But I am glad you do. So yay?! I think.

  4. Yeah, I pretty much feel the way touchingjoy does. And um, nic. And al. Haven't a clue what you just said, but I read it. Because I'd like to think of you as a friend, and friends listen, or rather read, even when they feel the glazed over look approaching like a thunderstorm....

    So, anyway, I have no idea what letter you're talking about either, now I just feel out of the loop.

  5. hello sco!!

    scoman & craman conversations were hilarious that i want to think the 'cra' in the craman's name actually stands for 'crazy'. bahahaha.

    i think i'm starting to dread parts of my job. uh-oh not good. :(

  6. I sang along but I think I was a little off key! Hope I didn't jinx your team for next week with my howling :)

  7. i can't even think of a comment to comment on about football. my eyes glaze over :) is it even football? what is that funny yellow ball? i wondering if you have scuba doo's there?

  8. OMGOSH! I loved this. Being a sports fan myself (ok - I like American College Football) and having my father and I both like rivaling teams - I could imagine the excitement you described. It took me back to sitting in a stadium, next to my dad, cold out of my mind but thrilling at every pass, every score and feeling bitter disappointment when my dad's team won. lol - I was glad for him though - because he had received terrible news about his sister that morning - and yeah - he didn't want to go to he game but did just for me - and it made him smile on a really crap day. You described it well. Thanks for going into detail!! It brought back happy memories for me.

  9. i tried to read and make sense of tht all but i am a girl with 0 interest in sport...sorry, will look forward to next weeks post then:)


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