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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Push the Envelope, Watch it bend

Awake. Groggy. Eyes open. There he stands. His outstretched arm beckons me. I begin to move towards his dark silhouette. He looks as tales have always described with his black cloak and scythe. I know this can not be my hour. He will never take me! I offer exchanges. Sadness overwhelms. Acceptance. Darkness.

Discussion to come during the regular weekly post.


  1. oooh ummm...this sounds a bit morbid. who are we talking about in this post? is it Death coming to take someone away? scary scary... please tell me you are ok. =)

  2. Oooh, that is dark. But I'm intrigued...

  3. If someone in the dark approaching me he better be hot, amnd tanned with sexy voice and toned body.

    No joking time?:( sorry.

    Sup Sco? tell me all about it!

  4. ok you got my attention...EXPLAIN!

  5. Death paid you a visit in your dreams? You are seriously freaking me out. We need a follow up post pronto!

  6. Bad dreams..?? Hallucinations...??

    The immediate thing that comes to my mind is you are talking about death.. but wait.. why are you doing that..??

  7. OMGOSH - this is a FANTASTIC lead!!! I love it. I so want to know more - can't wait to hear about it!!!!!!!!

  8. Just read the comments - lol - was I the only one who thought it was the lead to your story you mentioned in earlier posts?? Even if it happened in real life - it's definitely a teaser for some type of story - narrative or complete fiction - and it's VERY well written. :)


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