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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Born To Try

Hello ScoFans!

An Australian philosopher once said "I was born to try", and I've lately realised that those few words could well have been written by or about yours truly.

I will start by taking you on a tour of my trophy cabinet, before we arrive at the recent even which has awoken this realisation in me.

Under 13s Fielding award (Cricket)

Catching, throwing.. stopping the ball. All the stuff which in those days,
didn't really mean anything and wasn't recognised as important to the team.


In my eyes, the fielding award always went to the kid who couldn't do anything
else. There were lots of awards for batting well. Plenty of awards for the bowlers.
The fielding award just went to the other kid who had no real talent, but tried at least.

Next stop on the carousel..

Under 14 Coaches Award (Cricket)
Under 13 Coaches Award (Football)

Always attending training. Listening to the coaches instructions.
Behaving myself and again and of course, giving 100%.

Again, I think these were just the trophies to make sure no
kid missed out on a trophy. Because that's the world we live
in now, you can't separate the good players from the bad.
Everyone has to get SOMETHING. So yep, two more trophies
just for turning up and trying not to suck.

And before we get to the real point of this post...

A horse's arse.

Really... a horse's arse.

Last place in the 2002 Teenage bowling league.

Please tell me you don't really require an explanation this


A few months ago now Alyssa from "Just Putting It Out There" played a game with a prize. Head over there, it was a caption competition and those of us who entered had a blast.

Anyway, I didn't win. PrimA won (and after enjoying her blog posts for awhile I'm starting to not want to see her attacked by spider monkies any more. At least, less than I did before) But as you may have guessed Alyssa was awesome enough to send me a prize for trying the most ..which I think technically means I get a prize for losing more than anybody else.. BUT I don't care about the technicalities because what I do have is that great Dexter picture you see above you.

She mentioned in the letter than came with it she knew I loved Dexter and wasn't sure what I had, and, well, I don't like to brag but...

And now with some fantastic original artwork to add to the mix, well that means there's nothing more a Dexter fan could want (until the new book and next DVD series come out).. (and for those of you thinking "Aren't there four Dexter books?", that book on the left is the first three books in one book)

So thank you again Alyssa. I'm just sorry it took me so long to finally show off my prize to the world.

And now it's time for a few confessions. A few things that I omitted from the above bit.

Firstly, my first place and second place trophy from 10 pin bowling (from 2000 and 2001.. I changed teams in 2002 hence the drop to the bottom)

And lastly I wrote a post awhile ago for a competition Hillbilly Duhn was putting on. Well, out of all the people that entered she picked my piece to win the great prize on offer. She sent out two books (which I will read when I finish the 800+ page beast I started just before receiving them.. 400 pages down.. 400+ to go)

Angels and Demons (Robert Langdon's First Adventure)
I'm looking forward to them.

Make sure you head over and check out both Hillbilly Duhn and Alyssa's blogs.

Until Friday...


  1. clearly now i am a famous artist.

  2. I got presented a vagina at a bucks night once for the person who had slept with the most women. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing... Ahh moments of my youth. I lost the vagina, it's out there in a Brisbane rental property somewhere :P If anyone reading this has found my vagina. (It was gold plated, and well looked like a vagina!). Can you get it back to me please? I was living in Morningside at the time.

  3. sco!!!

    those books are good...

    hey, at least you get awards! i am extremely ashamed to even think about showing to the world my trophies. :S

  4. If I were to ever win an Aussie contest, I hope part of the prize is a can(jar?) of Vegemite (a dark brown Australian food paste) to try. By the way, I liked "Angels and Demons" much more that "The Davinci Code" and if I'm not mistaken, it was written first.

  5. My oldest has received a few of those coaches awards, too. Does that mean he is heading down ScoMan road???

  6. Those are a lot of awards! Even if most of them are pity-awards, they still look pretty cool on the shelve.
    Spider monkies, huh? If I really get attacked by one some day, you're so getting it back!

  7. I am so jealous about your Dexter collection!!! I've been reading the books too and naturally makes me love Dexter even more! But you definately have the works.

    I never got any trophies as a kid... probably because I didn't get involved in anything. I'm sure if I had one, it'd be some sort of paper weight or book end by now.

  8. Dexter collection? You are addicted aren't ya? hehehehe... Oh and you have an award from me. I'm awarding you for one of the best bloggy buddies I've ever had. And what prize do you get? Nothing really just a spot in my heart as one of my top 5 most favorite bloggers ever. mwah. have a great week sco. =)

  9. A horse's ARSE? But...why??? Haha!

    I love Dan Brown's books. I reckon you'll like them too.

    And wasn't it Delta Goodrem who said, "I was born to try"? ;)

  10. I wish I could find my old awards. I won second place in my state for a competition once (it was a national marketing club....) and I remember telling my dad and his reply: "Why didn't you get first?" I was kinda excited because I was a sophomore, most of the kids were juniors/seniors and I came from a poor high school so I was deprived-ish. Oh well, that's why I say "Vote Audrey," but no one ever does. I'm wearing my Eeyore pants in celebration of agreeable defeat.

  11. ok i didn't know you were aussie - i am married to a guy from sydney. i've been to sydney, the gold coast, paramatta?, yadda, yadda, yadda, and loved it there. great country. truly great. funny thing is his mom shipped a ton of very similar trophies to us a few months back and now my SON has them proudly displayed all over his bedroom :)

    lastly i would love for you to be on of my top blogs of the week, so if you are up for it, shoot me an email at speakingfromthecrib@yahoo.com! see you friday!

  12. Ah, Delta, Schmelta!!!!

    I've been watching Dexter on tv, and quite frankly the whole besties with Miguel was just weird.

    Way to go Al!!!

  13. you're so cool. loved this and the Dexter collection is stellar.

    Good on ya, man.


  14. I like your trophies!! I don't think I've ever received a trophy. A couple blue ribbons - a couple purple ones (those are purple for effort) and that's about it. I'm lame.

    btw - did you do "proove" on purpose?? cuz you and your grammar nazi-ing - that would be pretty funny if it was on accident. ;)

  15. scoman road LOL i love that comment!

    sorry, you suck...at least youre not lazy though :D

  16. CONGRATS!!!!!!
    I'm SO jealous but yeah congrats! Hope you enjoy it! Awesome post! =D


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