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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do I Dare?

Hello ScoFans!

Well, I was thinking about not writing a post this week. I'm not in a "writing zone" right now and all of the ideas I had scribble in my notepad (yes I do that), I knew if I tried them I wouldn't do them justice.

But like Captain Hammer says "When you're the best, you can't rest, what's the use?" and so I'm pressing on with a post, that, I think for the first time ever, is going to be focused on a movie.

Not just any movie, the first movie I've been excited about since "He Died With A Felafel In His Hand", which was released some 15 years ago and is the only Australian movie in my DVD collection.

So what is this movie I'm looking forward to?

Griff The Invisible

What's it about? Glad you asked (those of you who haven't gone "Yeah, okay pal, I'm not reading about some movie" and hit the big X at the top of the screen)

Actually before I tell you what it's about, on a comedy show here last week they had a game where they had to come up with titles for Australian vampire movies. My two personal favorites were "Hey True Blue Blood", and, one which I think speaks to the core of the typical Australian male.. "That Poofter Just Bit My Neck"

What was I talking about? Oh right. Griff.

See, the reason I went "off topic" there, is because there isn't really a lot of information about Griff at this stage (and so what I was doing is a little thing we in the biz call "padding". What biz? I don't know. But I am padding again. Seamless the way I manage to do that, isn't it?)

Okay, so Griff, from what I understand, is a superhero. I don't know what his powers might be, I bet some of you are thinking "Duh, invisibility", but I'm going to have to throw out a "I don't think so" on that one.

This is a quote from the star of the film..

“By day, Griff works in an office. By night, he is a superhero - or is he? It was this question that attracted me to the role. Griff is such an original and boundless character to play"

That question.. Is he a superhero? I think that may mean he is invisible in the sense that nobody would look at him twice, he's just another faceless office worker, rather than it referring to a power he has.

Or maybe I'm over analyzing.

Now, ladies, I know you are probably rolling your eyes because you've now read all this far and it turns out to be about some superhero, but don't worry. There's something there for you too.

“It is a super hero movie and it is a comedy, but at its core it’s a simple love story about two very unique individuals finding each other and giving the other the strength to be what they want to be,” said director Leon Ford from set

Aw.. isn't that sweet? A love story.

Still not into it girls? Well, there is going to of course be an Aussie actor playing Griff. Some of you might know him, from what I understand he's a bit of a big deal..

Yes, it's star of True Blood, Ryan Kwanten.

There, now I think there's something everybody will enjoy. A super hero story for the lads and a love story with Ryan Kwanten for the ladies.

And just an FYI, that's what all Australians look like with their shirts off. And not just the men either, the ladies as well.

(Sorry Alyssa, Sal, Catt and Jewels. And if there's another other Australian girls reading this, that either means I forgot about you, or that is what you look like with your shirt off)

So, do I dare get excited about another Australian movie? Our movies are usually pretty awful, but the last time I was excited about one I really enjoyed it.

Yes, I think I will look forward to the release of Griff as well.

With a release in mid to late 2010 though, it's going to be quite a wait.

Oh well, this arrives on Thursday, that should keep me entertained until then..

Until Friday...


  1. So now I know what I'd look like if I had a beard :P The sad part is I think Ryan has bigger boobs than me :( Ahh well I can run fast without getting any injuries :P

    The SAW video game looks right up your alley. I'll await your review before I purchase it.

  2. I would like to speak on behalf of all Australian women. Ryan is gross. He was on home and away and will be forever remembered as that.

    That is all

  3. "He died with a felafel in his hand" is probably the funniest movie title I have ever heard!
    And that Ryan guy is not really my type. So I guess I wont watch "Griff the Invisible". Sorry.

  4. hawt hawt hawt.

    im thinking of migrating.

  5. I haven't heard a thing about this movie, but now I really want to see it. (And not just because of pretty, shirtless Aussie boys.) Sounds like a fun film!

  6. I'm not going to watch the movie, but I think it's great how you managed to write an interesting and funny post even when you had the ol' writers block. Well done, mister.

  7. I think I will check out this movie, and if that's the way all Aussie men look then I live in the wrong place ahahah!!

  8. I can only hope this movie is better than Australia!

    And, if this is what the men AND women look like, I could consider going both ways ;)

  9. You didn't need to give any details - just the picture. I'm in.

  10. that's about what everyone looks like on the beach here in bondi!!!

    I'm excited about that movie. I never stay updated on movies - so it'd good to know when a fun one is coming out. :)

  11. totally wasn't paying attention until True Blood Jason made an appearance!! Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  12. A picture is worth a 1000 words. I'm going "down under" with Ryan. Thanks for the review.

  13. that movie looks hilarious, and if it's not...i'll still like it because of the name!

  14. ok i just saw this actor on american tv this week, he was a guest on chelsea lately, b/c that show went down under. i love her. she is my late night 'news' show. anyhow, i didn't think that guy was cute at all and a bit of a personality-less wanker. but that's just me. now eric bana ... loved that movie where he plays that crazy eff in prison. loved it.

  15. Hmmmm...think I'll pass. And yeah...the coffins in school idea. Genius! Scared straight...remember those episodes. Maybe we could say that teenage sex leads to death and here is what that feels like. Need a tag line...I'll leave that up to you. You are so good with words:) Holly

  16. I'm in, too. Based on the photo alone. :)

  17. Okay I kinda zoned out of the moment seeing the topless dude.


  18. Don't worry, I'm not insulted, I do look like that with my shirt off!!!!!


    And no, I'm not a Ryan fan.


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