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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #7- Thanks for sharing!

Hello ScoFans!

Wow, the weeks fly by so quickly don't they? I can't believe it's Friday already. And it's like.. the middle of November. Almost. Exciting stuff.

But not as exciting as another round of Facebook Fails.

So no jibber jabber.. let's get to it.

I'm sure right now there's girls squirming in sympathy and guys trying to visualize. Well that's good, because that's what Facebook Fail Friday is all about- creating separation. Who needs this "togetherness" stuff anyway? (There might also be some guys remembering the last time there was a tampon in the toilet which again is creating separation.. ohhhh yeah!)

Am I the only one innocent enough to not be sure of what Anal Beads are? I'm so pure. And I can just see this person going into the store and going "They're for my friend" and the dude behind the counter going "Yeah.. sure they are.."

Again, I think girls everywhere are probably squirming and guys.. no guys are probably squirming too. They talk about manscapers as "Men who put razors in dangerous places".. well I'm pretty sure that's a dangerous place to be sticking scissors.

And now, because it's Friday here and Australia is in front of the rest of the world (because we're awesome) that means most of you are probably doing your TMI Thursday posts (Thursday is SOOO yesterday).. and so, I thought I'd share a couple which I think define "Too much information"..

Oh yes, not only do they give you an address.. but also directions on how to get there AND an identifying mark on the house. That is way too much information to be giving out to strangers on the Internet (unless you want to be stalked, in which case it's probably about right)

And then there's this guy.. who just keeps talking...

For those of you still awake, until next time...

PS If you don't know by now, I enjoy some good random humor and some good random debating. Well this morning over at PrimA some great random humor went up (It was just one of those things that started with a great idea which was then excellently executed) so head over there and share your theory on exactly what did happen to the 100th Luft Balloon.


  1. I'm wondering why "Bible Study" is in quotes? I think it's a euphemism for something kinky.

  2. bahahahahahhahaha i love this. makes me look forward to weekend since monday ahaha.

  3. Was the girl with scissors trying to put the non-applicator tampon in? Ouch.
    Charisse @ lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  4. Bahahahahaha, it probably was.

    Look girls, NEVER use scissors down there!!!!

    And as for the Tampon in the toilet .... EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  5. Scissor cuts in that area are well - horrendous! Was she drunk while using the scissors? She must have been - her friends need to pool their cash and by that girl an 'intimate' shaver! You know for intimate parts!!! As for Jordan, he needs to have a can of shut the fuck up pegged at him. Scoman, we'll entrust that deed to you!

  6. oh heavens. SHOCK. The thing people say ... the things people do... the people things publicize.


  7. I love a man who has a funny bone, an eye for random odd internet pages and writing talent to boot.

    Well done!


  8. This is great. I love "I fingered myself for 10 minutes and forgot what I was trying to do" LMAO :)

  9. I'm still laughing over the girl who fingered her self for 10 minutes.... that shiz is funny!

  10. Between your blog and Regretsy.com, I never get anything done with all the lulz.

  11. oh i live for facebook friday - live for it! another good one!

  12. Trimming down there with scissors is...well, weird. Putting that on Facebook is just crazy. Unbelievable how much people share.

    Thank you for the little shout-out. Glad you liked my theories, I had a lot of fun writing it!

  13. I can't stop cringing at the fact she cut herself "Down there" oh my gosh!!!!

  14. this friday stuff is a great idea, Scott!

  15. as much as I love this, I love that you have a category solely for anal beads even more. and because of that I am a new follower.

  16. Oh my gosh, my cheeks and tummy hurts from laughing so much. I really love your facebook fail fridays.=)

  17. i dont want to know how long her pubes had to be to make scissors a necessary instrument... yikes.


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