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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #6- Category Unknown

Hello ScoFans!

I know now that the reason you all look forward to Fridays is for another round of Facebook Fails, and not because it's the day before the weekend.

The past few weeks I have sorted things into categories, but this week I'm going with stuff that is sort of one of a kind. Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else, because I'm far to lazy to push the square block through the round hole.

So, without further ado...

Tell you what Sandy, send me $50 and I'll email you one.

Joe, if it's any consolation, I'm sure people only told you they were coming because they like you and they didn't want to hurt your feelings. And I'm sure the reason they didn't show up is because you suck.

Oh Jordan. You're so hardcore. Make sure you tell your 300 pound cell mate your little "po po" line.

Okay, I think everyone there needs to take a deep breath. Now get in your cars, and all move an hour away from each other. At least. Pepper you better just move to a new country.

And finally, another contribution from a one of my readers. This one comes from Sal at Just My Thoughts. Make sure you head over to her blog and thank her for this addition to the wall of shame...

Not only is the tattoo.. what's the opposite of classy? Anyway, not only that, but I'm sure grammar nazi's and Castle fans here noticed the same thing I did on my first glance a it. In the words of Castle himself..

"Y O U apostrophe R E. Short for "You Are". And that's not even a hard one, like when to use who and when to use whom"

And now that guy has bad grammar on his body forever. And I'm sure that upsets him no end.

Remember, if you happen to find a Facebook Fail in your travels, they can be sent to me using any of the above methods up there somewhere.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Ok...I'm so sleep deprived and lame that I didn't catch the grammar error. And, that made me laugh even harder! Bad night last night...up 6 times with sick pup and swine boy! My eye twitch is at an all time high with lack of sleep and reading blogs. Luckily had a great morning with Charisse, and several hard laughs was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for coming by. And Kotex (seriously you don't know) is that pad thing girlies put in their underwear during "that time of the month" to absorb the blood. Got it! Now if you do know...I feel like an arse:) Well, honestly...I feel like one most of the time. Have a great day ScoMan! Love ya, Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  2. Oh, as if that wasn't enough...we added a Movie Club to my sidebar. Check it out next time you come over. Guys are always welcome to join too:)

  3. People never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. Thanks for publicly humiliating them, someone had to do it.

  4. I love fridays at your blog.. :)

    Thansk for all the comments you leave.. :)

  5. What's wrong with my husband's tat? Your so mean! (LOL)

  6. I love that the whole conversation about never talking to someone face to face was done over facebook. I would have thought someone might have mentioned that....just get off the computer and talk to me!

    And I love that Castle quote!

  7. People keep getting worse and worser...lol

  8. I laughed out loud on the web cam one! Priceless! TRULY priceless!

    I love these - since I'm anti FB and refuse to get an account - I love seeing these posts!

    Grand job my friend! Looking forward to next Friday

  9. you made my day sco! love you lots... hehe im too tired to give along comment, but the one with the arrested one is my fave :P

  10. i love your facebook fail friday editions. It's always something I look forward to reading. Soooo funny how stupid people can get and there's the web to just let everyone know about it. tsk tsk. =)

  11. i missed you scott. great posts! i have a lot of catching up to do. forgive?

  12. Sorry I always post with women on my brain. Forgive me...I'll try to do better about that. My guys are important to me too. I know dads deal with the guilt too. Differently I think...but I know the good ones really think thru this stuff too. Thanks so much for stickin with me. Have a great weekend. Holly at LLL

  13. Woohoo - I got a mention on your blog *Takes a moment* Thankyou :)

    Glad you found that image as amusing as I did.

  14. Wow, it's just like all the celebs who think they're so cool getting asian words tattooed across their neck or on their shoulder, only to realise it doesn't mean what they think it does.

    Sucked in dickhead. Bet that will cost him an arm and a leg to get redone or removed. Kinda like that stupid bitch who got the stars on her face then claimed she fell asleep and they did it without her permission.

  15. oh lol, lol, lol, lol!!! That tattoo... omgosh. I can't stop laughing.


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