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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #10- You Must've Been High

Hello ScoFans!

Wow, week 10 of Facebook Fails. 70 days ago a whole new way to finish the week was unleashed on the world, and here we go for another round.

Don't you people worry about what will happen if the powder gets in amongst the circuits and technical components? Obviously not.

That is one of my favourite Facebook pictures I've seen. I've been waiting for a chance to share it with you all for awhile now, that opportunity has finally arrived.

Of course it's always funnier is mum sees the photo.

Remember mums, you can learn a lot just by having your kids as a Facebook friend.

And you know I always like to go out with a bang. Leave you wanting more. Well this week is no exception.

Because one "Tell her you're sorry" is enough punishment for someone who tries date rape. After that, get them in bowling shoes and just hang out like nothing ever happened.

Until Sunday...


  1. lolness. you're giving more and more reasons why people should not be on facebook, sco!

    i cannot imagine if mom has facebook. but then again, i shouldn't be worried cuz i'm not on fb lolness.

  2. I love these, I can never get enough lol

  3. Christine is an idiot for the last one! Where do you find all of these! Good laughs!

  4. Hahaha you should add my mom's facebook. Seriously.

    Then it's too much fail for all of us to see :P

  5. Where do you get this shit?

    I always look forward to these.


  6. hahahaha...crazy. and wow, I really should go on facebook more and look for crazy stuff like this. It really makes me laugh. thank you for sharing. =) looking forward to many more facebook fails

  7. Haha! Teenagers are so stupid.

  8. OMG, the last one cracked me up! Unbelievable...but it's nice when you have something to laugh when you just woke up. So thanks for that.

  9. This was a great way to start my day! If my FB friends were this interesting, I'd be on there more often.

  10. How do you find this stuff? Crazy! Holly

  11. First of all, why the hell would you friend your mum on facebook.

    Second, yes, bowling is the next stop for getting date rapers to change their ways.

  12. mom's on facebook... now you can be internet stalked by your parents... awesome.

  13. LOL! This is some funny sh*t!

  14. I don't know how you do it, but you always find some great Facebook Fails! I enjoy these a ton, thanks!

  15. hahahahaha how stupid are people seriously this is not the shit u put up on facebook...thank you for another wonderfully hilarious installment

  16. Ahhhh Facebook Fails... just when you thought Fridays couldn't get better. Nice work ScoMan!


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