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Saturday, October 31, 2009

ScoMan's Gotta Do What ScoMan's Gotta Do...

Hello ScoFans!

Well, it's October 31st, do you know what that means?

Yup! It's my parents anniversary.

And it's today I've found a whole new respect for my father. For my mum's birthday in August he got her tickets to go and see John Farnham, who just happened to be performing on their anniversary. For those of you unfamiliar with John Farnham, women of "a certain age" love him, men everywhere despise him. But dad's going to endure it all for mum. Good on him.

That might not seem like much to most of you, but as someone who won't even go and see a movie with friends if it's got Will Ferrell in it (I know, there's been a lot of Ferrell bashing here lately) , sitting through a concert of someone you don't like for somebody else? .. Well that's just not something I would ever see myself doing. (Am I selfish? Yes)

Anyway, on with the REAL purpose of today's post..

Today is Halloween... everywhere in the world except in Australia and maybe some parts of the middle east. We don't celebrate it here. We never have. But after reading all of your blogs about Halloween and what you would be dressing as, it got me excited, and so I started the poll...

Seven votes for Dexter, with his nearest competition being two for "Supervillian".

Now normally, it'd be a no brainer, Dexter for sure.. but to the two of you who selected Supervillain perhaps you have friended me on Facebook, because you know I've had a different obsession lately.

After all, does Dexter have a blog?

No, he doesn't.

And long time followers will know I am a huge fan of the musical episode of Scrubs, so a supervillain with a musical blog.. now that's just.. wow...

But where could one find such a thing?

I think this year, I would totally be Dr Horrible.

With quotes like "The worlds a mess and I just have to rule it" and a side kick with the power to make things damp, Dr Horrible is a villain every one with dreams of world domination can look up to.

And it's not like the costume would be all that hard, which is great for those of us with short attention spans. And I do have a wicked smirk in my range, which any super villain would be proud of.

But then I ask myself, am I really a villain? Besides, the seagulls have already started activated their plans for world domination, so I may have missed the boat on that one.

So maybe I take the path of good. It comes with it's own rewards (even if ruling the world isn't one of them, there's still.. umm.. being admired and loved.. which is okay.. I guess. It'll have to do anyway). Maybe I play the hero of the tale, Captain Hammer.

With quotes like "Everyone can blaze a heroes trail, don't worry if it's hard, if you're not a friggin' 'tard you'll prevail" and the fact that he looks suspiciously like Nathan Fillion who I have already mentioned is one of my favourite actors, I guess there would be no shame in playing this hero.

But the difficult question still looms over my head. Am I a hero, or am I a villain? Which would be better suited to my first Halloween, should I have partaken in Halloween activities this year?

Well, before you decide which role you see me playing, you can watch this and then make your decision...

Well, hero or villain.. either way you get the groupies..

But maybe I don't have to decide between being a hero and being a villain. Maybe there's a reason I'm not sure which side of the line I'm one. Maybe I can walk the fine line between the two. What do they call that again?

Oh, that's right... "The Dexter Line"... (Wow, this blog just turned 360 degrees.. kind of)

"Am I a good person doing bad things? Or a bad person doing good things?"
Dexter Morgan

So ScoFans, what are you doing for Halloween? (those of you lucky enough to celebrate it)

And are you a hero? Or are you a villain?

For those of you who are interested (and why wouldn't you be?) I believe the three acts of Dr Horrible are all available on YouTube, or for those of you in America they're on the official website. Best 43 minutes you'll spend today.


  1. I am going to admit something i am ashamed of... I kinda sorta love Johnny dont judge me! lol

  2. Two guys, a girl, and a pizza place...

    Nathan Fillion is awesome.
    Can't say I've ever seen the Capt. Hammer character before.


  3. I'm going as the fat, grumpy lady down the street. My kids are going as raving lunatics. And my husband is The Invisible Man.

    Dr. Horrible is delicious. And so is Nathan Fillion.

  4. "friggin tard" Oh my...that was funny. No Halloween in Australia. They party more than anyone, how can a country resist Halloween! You even have good weather for it! Doogie Howser as a super hero guy...I think NO! Thanks for coming by. Hope you have a great Halloween! Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  5. barney stinson & richard castle!!!

    *barney stinson (neil patrick harris in how i met your mother)

    **richard castle (nathan fillion in castle)

    I love both men. how come i never heard of this dr horrible series?

  6. We both share a love for Dexter and Castle... I'm going as Rouge from Xmen....so I'm leanting towards the good superhero type. Fun post!

  7. Don't celebrate Halloween, but I do have a bit of a crsuh on Nathon Fillion since watching Castle.

  8. Halloween is always a bit of a non-event anyway.

  9. lol - well see now heres how i see this...

    Evil doer, who by all rights, has recently come out of the closet to state that he is of the homosexual variety. (i keep up) who could pull off sexy. and scary.

    or a good guy carrying about a hammer. whose head appears in strange places. (I.e. Peoples shirts...)

    Hmmm. Gosh. I don't know... I guess I would stay in between. It's safe, still scary, um, and in between could be, if you know I were thinking pervy like, which is a genetic defect, and I say that a three way man sandwhich would be absolutely delicious. But, you know, I'm pretty sure, you don't want to do that... So, I'll keep my fantasies to myself...


  10. Seriously Neil Patrick Harris hands downnnnn!

    WHoever he pled, I'm still downnnn! lol why am I say "dowwwwnnn" like I'm retarded?

    Anyhoo, make your own halloween, Sco! is all I say!

  11. oh no...no halloween in Australia? It was like that here too. Well, not everyone celebrates. And not all the neighborhoods have trick or treating. But ya, it was fun though. Dressing up for Halloween is always fun. =)

  12. Hey man, a new reader here. Great stuff. You had me at "Will Ferrell bashing." I refuse to see any of his films. Ever. He makes Jim Varney look like Laurence Olivier.

  13. I was an american student studying for her finals on Halloween. YAY! Great costume eh? lol.

    THANK YOU for the Dexter btw - got it today!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!

    And I'm with you on somewhere inbetween. I even have a blog category "My secret dreams to be a superhero/villian." It's hard to choose. :)

    lol. I think that's why I would be Jean Grey/Pheonix if I had to be someone - she's both. :)


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