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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #1 - The Classics

"What's with all the death?"
Homer Simpson

Hello ScoFans!

Surprised to see me on a Friday? Well, I've decided to double my output. Two.. yes TWO posts per week.

Don't worry though, Facebook Fail Friday* (my new weekly segment, hence the #1) is not so much about words as it is about pictures. Here, let me explain in italics..

It's Friday. The weekend is almost here. You can feel the longing bouncing off everyone else and it's stressing you out (and your own longing added to the mix makes the day even longer) How will you ever survive? With a boost from Facebook Fail Friday. Have a quick giggle at someone else's expense to relieve some of the pressure before you get to relax through the weekend.

Okay, so now that's sorted, what exactly is a Facebook Fail you ask. A Facebook Fail is something I love very much. There are so many of them out there that give me a good laugh, and I decided it's time to start sharing them with the world.

I'll use some of the classics, and I'll show you how this is going to work...

"It's time to laugh again!"
Homer Simpson

First, let's all meet Tracy. Tracy is a girl who.. I don't know if she was new to Facebook, I'm not sure what her excuse was, but poor Tracy.. she revealed something to a much larger audience than she was anticipating (and the audience keeps getting larger)

You might need to click on the pictures to make them bigger..


Also note the "Engaged" on the left hand side of the screen there. I just hope she's engaged to Michael (though if not, this does become all the funnier for the rest of us).

The next one is an important lesson in remembering who your friends are.


Finally, I'm going to throw in one from my personal collection. Because it's not fair to only laugh at others without putting myself out there occasionally. I don't use the word "Owned".. well, ever.. but there's really no other way to describe what happened here.

PS. Geelong won.

* Patent pending


  1. Two posts a week! That's double the amount of ScoMan! Yay!

    I've seen these before. The Tracy one is hilarious. And the job one, what kind of idiot would add their boss and then publicly slag them off?!

  2. Wow...that makes me very afraid to post anything on FB. "Love Cave" that's new to me. I kind of like the term. But of course I'd only use it with my HUSBAND. Poor thing. Funny post...thanks. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  3. Now I feel better about my brand of over-sharing on FB.

  4. Some people can skip the bowl of stupid for breakfast because they're just born that way. I'm going to really look forward to these posts. I don't do FB. REFUSE TO! So this will be fun - my only little glimps into that realm.

    Good stuff

  5. haha too funny. how do people not understand the facebook wall! this is why I don't bash on my facebook status...usually.

  6. Those first two "Facebook Fails" made their way around the office I work at a few weeks ago, and man!! I couldn't stop laughing at Tracy! Poor girl got some and the whole world found out about it. >.<

    Thank goodness for the weekend!

  7. how did you find these??? it takes quite a bit to make me laugh, but people f-ing up is always at the top of that list...

    PS. I am michael. no she was not engaged to me. but i did get to see her other pussy.

  8. AND because you and I are friends, I will remember NOT to embarass myself on FB.

    Holy crap that Tracy one was hilarious!! Over share. Who would write a note like that anyway, if she liked it so damn much, she shoulda been doin instead of posting on FB.

    I like this more then once a week post.

  9. OMG - you have hooked me for LIFE that was FANTASTIC! and now i am depressed that you only post twice a week - WT ...

  10. I love shit like that. Some people are just off their rocker posting shit then expecting people to not see or find out.

    Hello, ALWAYS do a check and edit before hitting any publish button.


    But so great for my enjoyment.

  11. omg... gotta love facebook.

    Great blog btw!

  12. OMG! This sure warns me to be more careful of what I post! hahahaha.... =)

  13. i know you are happy w/ # of followers you have but you may get a few more ---- got an award for you on my site

  14. i disappear for a bitty and looks who doubles their postings!!!!excellent and i am loving FB fail a def must on a friday even tho technically it monday evening:)

  15. I love it! Looking forward to it!

  16. Ah facebook - oh how many joys that blasted application and I have shared. Though it's not a "fail" my favorite is untagging. HAHAHA! Now I rarely tag dudes in photos because there's always the drama of "Will he untag himself??" It's only happened to me once - ooh I was not a pleasant peach that day. :)

    (glad you are posting more often!!!)


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