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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #3 - The first (of many) relationship themes

Hello ScoFans!

Remember that time I pulled you screaming from that theater? Yeah sure, you remember, because I thought you were being held there against you will, and I was like "I'll save you" and you were like "But I want to stay! I like Will Ferrel!" and then I realised it was worse than I'd feared- you weren't being held against your will, you'd been brainwashed and so anyway then I locked you away from the world for awhile and managed to deprogram you and make you a sensible person again and save you from the horrors of having to sit through another Will Ferrel movie again? Yeah, sure, you remember.

Well before I get to the Facebook Fails, which I know you all love, I know they make your Friday's that little bit better, I'm going to ask you to now to a favour for me. Because you do owe me.. "Step Brothers"! Come on, I totally saved you there. You owe me at least this much.
Blogger, Tweeter, and all round nice person Daisy need our votes to help her get her dream job.

We can vote once a day from each IP address we have access to, and it just takes a few clicks to make it happen. Just start by going
here and then click "Vote now!" or whatever the vote button says. You can't miss it.

And if you do this for her and she makes it to the next round of the interview process, then I will do something for you. All of you. Dance.. sing.. I don't know.. just make a fool of myself for your amusement. We'll discuss that when the time comes.

And now, because you've all been so kind as to do that for me, I will share for you another round of Facebook Fails!

This week, we're looking at some relationship fails. There are dozens I have saved ready to deliver at some point, but we'll just work through them a handful at a time.

And we'll start with Gilly. Poor Gilly. Gilly is so in love with this girl, but I just don't think it's happening for him...

But wait! Maybe it's not all bad for Gilly!

Okay, phew. Gilly crisis over. If love can't work out between some dude and some chick who once had him blocked, what chance does anyone else have? Well, I think things may be terminal for Brandon. He.. he do bad..

But Brandon's not the only recently single on out there. Caitlynn too has recently found herself without a partner. But if Mike can help her, that won't last long..

So things aren't working out for Mike and Caitlynn either. Not a lot of sucess happening in the relationship world this week. How unfortunate.

But there's still Gilly. Gilly's still a shining beacon of "never give up" and "love is out there" that people everywhere can aspire to.

And I know there are some single ladies reading this. Some ladies who perhaps are interested in finding love. Well don't worry. I've got just the guy..

Only one chance though, so make it count.


  1. HAHA!!! good stuff.. thanks for all the comments on my blog :)

  2. Some people are such knobs!!!!

    They just never learn to check and edit before posting.

  3. these never fail to make me laugh!

  4. hahahahahahaaha today i actually looked for this first and the last 1 was too funny...and i hope Gilly got his girl!

  5. That Nigerian dude is a catch! I don't think my arse is up to his standards. Dang.


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