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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #4- Family Matters

Hello ScoFans!

Okay, I won't bag Will Ferrell this time, but I will ask again that you all go and vote for Daisy. Do it every day. And if you have access to multiple computers, Blackberries or iPhones then vote multiple times a day.

Because if you don't, I'll kill you.

And now that you've done that (I assume), I'll reward you with some more Facebook Fails.

Now, I'm sure something that some of you are familiar with is when an older family member gets on Facebook and you start to worry about what is out there. Fortunately for Greg, he doesn't have this problem...

But Steven does have that problem. Steven probably should have sat down with Uncle Mike and had a talk to him when Uncle Mike added Steven to Facebook.

And now we visit with someone who wasn't lucky enough to escape his mum on Facebook. I say "escape", because his mum doesn't hold back.

By the time you're done insulting them Mrs Harris, I'm sure your son won't have any friends.

But that's not the only danger of adding a close relative to Facebook. Oh no, there's more ways it can come back to bite you.

You have to be careful who your friends are when you use some of these random applications.

Lastly, something pretty special. For the first time ever, I'm adding a contribution made by someone else to the Facebook Fail wall of shame. This was tweeted to me by Al of "just putting it out there..." (perhaps the first step to me becoming "That Facebook guy") and as soon as I saw it I knew it would fit this theme nicely..

If any of you have any Facebook Fails you'd like to contribute, there's always room for more so send them to my via any of the methods.. umm.. over there ==> somewhere. No, up a bit. A bit more. Yep, there. You found them.


  1. i feel better with facebook fail friday. you're making me wanting more.... teaser!!

  2. I am so glad that my mother is terrified that "They" will find out her personal information if she joins any social networking sites.

    No, I don't know who "They" are. I don't care as long as my mother doesn't join FB.

  3. Oh I love Facebook Fail Friday! That was such a great idea. It always makes my day!

  4. LOL!!!! omgosh - seriously LOL! I sometimes forget that my aunts and cousins are my facebook friends - but I try and keep it pretty clean anyway. Oh heavens - I've gotten myself into trouble many times over FB - I could only imagine what would happen if I were friends on FB with my immediate family!! (Thankfully NONE of them have FB accounts.)

    And more hearts your way!!! Thanks again. xoxo

  5. Thank you for making me giggle. The one about Greg, is hilarious! Oh my goodness, how embarassing for that lady. Doesn't she know what her own son looks like? lol

  6. those are so hilarious! i hope they are real!

  7. hahahahahahahahahaha GREGORY!!!

    love this!

  8. Why are people so worked up in Facebook again? These people better know how to work on the setting so family members cant read or see pictures. I do it with mine like that :P

  9. that black guy better be kidding - why do i think that someday that's what i am going to sending to my daughter?


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