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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #2- Is there a Doctor in the house?

Hello ScoFans!

Yes, Facebook Fail Friday* comes with it's own banner now.

I bet when I started this (last week) you were wondering how many of these I could come up with. Well, not only can I come up with lots, I can THEME these posts as well.

So this week, to make your Friday just that little bit easier, I have collected a group of Facebook Fails, none of which were posted by doctors (I'm guessing)

First of all is Alexander, who I think wins the bet, but loses the war.
If anything, you'll only get chicken pox, right Alex?

Next is Jody. When everyone was panicking about Swine Flu, Jody wasn't. At least, not until she found out one of the horrifying facts that the media tried to keep from us.
Wait, the media didn't keep that from us. They told us repeatedly. And look, there's Alexander again. Is it the same Alexander? I don't know.

Now we visit Jenn. Jenn is, as you can see, very excited.
Yes, that's right, she's so excited, he managed to switch genders. Good on them, I bet that's a first. I certainly haven't seen any cases like this in the medical journals (granted, I haven't read any medical journals)

Next, this ones for the mums out there. I know there are quite a few mums who read this, and mums are great people, so if I can do my little bit to make their day then I certainly will.
Now if your kids ever complain about your cooking, you can show them this so they know what happened to Gemma when she was all "My mum can't cook"

And saving my personal favourite for last, it seems Danica has done herself a mischief. Lets get the official word from her doctor as to exactly what injuries she suffered.

Sorry Danica, here in ScoMan's land, concussion or no concussion, a girl talking about her bruised scrotum is always funny (also note that she blamed her doctor for telling her she had a bruised scrotum).

And this week, I do have one freebie that is off theme. This one is for Stephanie who introduced me to the People of Walmart and for Speaking From The Crib where I am loving (and winning.. okay I won once) the weekly game where we make up captions for pictures from that site.

* Patent denied


  1. You have just turned my Friday from Fail to Success with this post.

  2. I loved the uncle/aunt one. It cracked me up!!

  3. The Scrotum one made me laugh out loud. You know SHE TOTALLY had no clue she doesn't have a scrotum...or maybe she does... Great Post!

  4. thank you for the shout out and honestly i could read these ALL DAY LONG! love you scoman!

  5. It was worth the wait :) I enjoyed the uncle/aunt gender realignment :P Also the scrotum dimwit. The scary part is these people are able to procreate and populate the world... Some people need to be chemically neutered!

  6. wahahahaha poor danica and her scrotum! haahahahaaha...absolutely hilarious! So funny it made my scrotum errr sternum hurt from laughing. lols

  7. I laughed out loud - like seriously loud. :) Perticular - that was classic. I mean sure - I knew a grammar or misspelling had to be coming - but that was pErfect.

  8. LMAO!! Those were too funny! I'm with justsal, these people are able to procreate - between those and raising a dimwitted teenage boy, the mixture does not make me look forward to the future...

    Speaking of which, there was a movie that I saw about the future and if dumbasses took charge.. had to do with time machines and being frozen by the military and McDonalds like ATMS...ack! I can't remember the name. Never mind.

  9. *raises up one hand while shouting: here! here!* (RT your post title if you dont get my joke @,@ but i know you're smart enough to get it, right? right? love you sco!! haha)

    oh hello sco!

    1. thanx sco for making me laugh the hardest this week. actually for a good 3 weeks!!

    2. i read medical journal, but no, never read anything about aunt/uncle based on the gender of the new baby. bahahaha that's the most hilarious one!!

    3. lol perhaps danica is hinting that she is a she-male? :P

  10. Terrific. Really like the "aunt/uncle" one. A friend of mine had twins (1boy/1girl)...used to get asked if they were identical. I think they need a show..."Are you smarter than a 1st grader!" Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  11. wonderful yet again... dont even need to say anything else.

  12. the aunt and uncle one had me in stitches!!!thank you this even if i am only readin it on a wednesday!


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