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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #5 - Say What?

Hello ScoFans!

Okay, I think this will be the last time I ask because I believe you only have a few opportunities left to vote, so head over again and vote for Daisy. Please. I'll be your friend.

And now, it's time for me to brighten your Friday with the post you look forward to the most.. another round of Facebook Fail Friday.

I was going to call in a translator to help out this week, but I forgot, so um.. we're on our own to try and work out what's going on..

Okay, I was with you until "Raven".. after that you lost me a little bit. I see the word "Sum" and the number "2" though, so I'm guessing it has something to do with maths. Maybe it's a really complicated equation that I just don't understand.

Okay. Thanks for weighing in on the discussion Eva. I think you're being supportive of your friend there. I'm not sure though. Maybe you're defending your own heart? Or maybe something else. I just.. I THINK something is broken somewhere (maybe your spellcheck)

Domo, I get the feeling "GotsHaters" isn't really your middle name. But maybe it should be, because I don't even know you and I'm hating you a little bit right now.. I do understand that you love me as you love all of your haters, but that just makes me hate you all the more.

Well Stephie, I hope you do. And please take Raven, Eva and Domo with you. I think you could all really benefit a lot, and so would society in general. All of us are slightly stupider from having read your statuses here today.

And finally, this guy I can understand, but it's still a "Say What?" moment, as well as being linked to the education theme which we seem to have wandered upon..


  1. I copied Ben's advice on how to cheat on your girlfriend. This is something I will need to know if I ever get a girlfriend.

  2. Love how he talks about how to cheat on your girlfriend and then it says...Trust me! What? Great post...hope you are still holding on to the g-string image:) The gals at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  3. lol fahnay!!!!! esp the last one. that was extremely explicit.

  4. Hmmm...ya, I don't get it and I work in a high school. As for going back? You couldn't pay me enough to repeat high school!

    Ben - you put the ass in Class dude

  5. Wat arr deez kidz lernin in skul? I b fillin smart.

  6. say what is right! Great post as always, thanx 4 da laffs. (That really annoys me that I just typed that like that.)

  7. Please tell me these are all "English as a second language" people.

    Or at least Jerry's kids.

  8. Argh! Bad spelling and grammar annoy me more than anything else in the world! Why did you just put me through that? I think I need to go and lie down for a bit.

  9. What entertainment did we have before facebook? i really do not remember... was there a public place where people could humiliate themselves for us all to see...

  10. LOL! Facebook is crazy...! No.. wait.. people are crazy..! I hope none of these are on your friends list! ;)

    "Sumbdy iz geting professional in blogging!"

    Chea.. I tried but can I bet these people.. NOOOO!

  11. Domo is a fuckwit - plain and simple!

    I'm really enjoying your facebook fail Friday. However I think you need to make a statement that these people who get on your honour list have the ability to breed - which is scary!

  12. Wow, Ben, what can I say, thanks for finally admitting what we all knew about men.

    People are such idiots. It blows my mind when I read stuff like that, as to how completely stupid some members of the human race are.

  13. Ben is a total jackass.

    As for the pther two, it makes me wonder whether they
    re educated or not.

  14. Ouh, your blog gets better everytime I come and check it.

  15. I would worry that I was able to decipher all of the codes above - but then I remembered cultural communication is kinda my thing ;) Oh wow - I think Ben had to do that to prove to his girlfriend he was sorry - or she posted it on his account for him.

    As far as the others - as terrible as this sounds - there ARE academic and cultural arguments for the use of slang speech on social networking sites. And I now sound as nerdy as ever - so I'll stop there.

  16. lmao... imho your owbzzzzummm mahn!

    i so love this friday fb fail posts... i'm reading all of them one after the other right now! u got a new fan to add in your list scoman! :D


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