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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sex and violence

Hello ScoFans!

Remember that time I pulled you screaming from that theater? Yeah sure, you remember, because I thought you were being held there against you will, and I was like "I'll save you" and you were like "But I want to stay! I like Will Ferrel!" and then I realised it was worse than I'd feared- you weren't being held against your will, you'd been brainwashed and so anyway then I locked you away from the world for awhile and managed to deprogram you and make you a sensible person again and save you from the horrors of having to sit through another Will Ferrel movie again?

Yeah, sure, you remember. Well before I get to this weeks post, which I know you all look forward to, I'm going to ask you to now to a favour for me. Because you do owe me.. "Step Brothers"! Come on, I totally saved you there. You owe me at least this much. Blogger, Tweeter, and all round nice person Daisy need our votes to help her get her dream job.We can vote once a day from each IP address we have access to, and it just takes a few clicks to make it happen. Just start by going here and then click "Vote now!" or whatever the vote button says. You can't miss it. And if you do this for her and she makes it to the next round of the interview process, then I will do something for you. All of you. Dance.. sing.. I don't know.. just make a fool of myself for your amusement. We'll discuss that when the time comes.

I've handed the third section of the story to one of my first followers, and my third longest serving follower. She too, seems to have disappeared from the bloggosphere (seriously, if I ever ask you to guest post for me just run and don't look back, it seems to be the kiss of death)

Anyway, Touching Joy is writing this part. I'd just like to remind everybody again, the sex and violence was not me. I was all innocent and just two sweet kids standing outside a club, but hand it over to the females and seriously it's like everything is sex and violence with girls.

I was personally hoping for some baking to break out.

The music inside was thumping. The bass beat danced with Kylie’s pounding heart as she heard herself mutter a string of nothings. She peered up at Constantos. He was at least two heads taller than she and at least triple her breadth. A sting whistled from her cheek where she had been scratched by the Promo Girl’s long, phony nails. Vulnerability overcame her and as the aggression melted away, Matthew took her hand and led her away.

Constantos spat at Kylie ‘s back and glared at the Promo Girl. She needed a good fuck to teach her a lesson. He , Constanos Fredrico Delgado, was not containable. “Woman, my office. Now.” His voice rang with authority. She shuffled towards the fire exit with a gruesome smile upon her face. He galloped closely behind her, ready to pounce.


Inside the club, the music turned sultry. She was there. Her hips seemed disconnected from her core as they shivered and shuddered to the rhythmatic thrusts of the music floating through the sticky air. Wet moonlight drifted in the skylight, bathing her slim figure in white radiance. As she trance-danced, the sticky wooden floor barely held her.

She was wearing low slung jeans and a backless silk chemise that hugged her sensual curves. The men at the bar were memorised by the sweat that trickled from the back of her neck down the centre line of her back until it drifted away. Her piercing eyes awoke to glance at the crystal Prada watch embracing her wrist and flounced off the floor towards the bar.

It was time.

The barman recognised her immediately as the wife of Constanos and slid the house favourite down the bar. She swept it up, downed it, and slipped unnoticed into the corridor towards Contantos’ office.

The hallway was glittering, dank and smelled of sex. Everything Constanos touched smelled of sex. Alexis had long grown tired of the promiscuity of the night life and had sought to end it the night previous.

Alexis had known of the affairs early in their marriage, but refused to be bothered by it. He provided her everything she needed. Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo kept her company until the kids arrived and her own emotional affairs began with the men she met around town. These men loved her and spoiled her with tender caresses. The worship was unfathomable. She had enjoyed her life this way for years until Constanos discovered the strange scent in his bedroom.

Constanos would have no such shame- being cuckolded and then divorced. His violent outburst had woken the kids and Alexis could no longer hide them from the abuse. She had to finally end it tonight- for good this time.

The door to Constanos’s office was jammed closed and heavy breathing echoed from behind the glass. That Promo Girl had done her job, alright. Alexis had half planned the love making early that morning when the Promo Girl had arrived at work. The power of suggestion had worked wonders.

Constanos hated to be thought of as a disgrace. Being walked in on by his wife mid-thrust would humiliate him with more success than any public debacle.

She pounded her body against the cold door and the jam cleared. The door swung open and Alexis calmly walked in.

“I’m leaving you Constanos. I’ve had enough.”

His eyes gleamed with anger

If you like what she wrote then head on over to her blog and tell her so. Hopefully she comes back. And the same goes for last weeks guest poster.

As for next weeks guest poster. She seems to have disappeared. She's not responding to anything I send. Oh well, we'll see how this all plays out

It adds a whole new element of suspense to the story. Will ScoMan find her before next Sunday? Will she have anything prepared to wrap this story up? Tune in next week to find out!


  1. Great write, mister! Also, I went, I commented and voted. Love her blog too!

    I love how you keep us in suspense here.... I have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next?

    Humph. :)

  2. Are you going to post the complete story when it is finished? I'm enjoying it!

  3. Something for you on SFA when the next post goes up.

  4. PS: I had to re-do my SKeleton blog (grrr) I think it was the s--t word. (?) I'd be happy to see your comment again... xxoo C
    (new title: Rising Avove)

  5. Okay. Just catching up here. Your Facebook Fails are awesome!! Love it :)

    And I'm liking these stories, too. How fun. You guys waaaay more creative than I am. And I agree with krys... put the whole story up (or link to it somewhere) when it's complete. It's fun!!

  6. Amazing write! Hugs from Laguna Beach. xxoo

  7. Fun story - but Will Ferrell still suckz......

  8. Seriously, you mention Jimmy Choo. I'm like a proud mom right now :)

  9. oh this story just keeps getting better. =)

  10. I actually read this one on time - but I guess I didn't comment ... sorry! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the shout out. I really really appreciate it!!! hearts! xoxo

  11. I'm just statin'. No one came by.

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