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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Facebook Fail Friday #12- You idiot.

Hello ScoFans!

Another week has gone by, so let's get into another round of Facebook Fails.

This week, we're just looking at people who will make you feel better about yourself (I guess we do that every week. Hmmmm....)

This works on so many levels. Applying for college. Trying to sound smart with the phrase "ridiculous idiom".. and then it all comes apart. Poor Eric.

Who is on first.

Do you know what else makes soggy bread? If you put it in water.

*Raises a hand. And then an eyebrow which simply says "Really?"*

Don't you feel like telling Jacqueline that Al Qaeda is a special way to prepare Quail? Or Afghanistan's answer to Al Bundy?

Enjoy your weekends.

Until next time...


  1. i look forward to these every single week. they made my afternoon!!

  2. *throwing chilis at those idiots*

    idiots just made my day :D

  3. I am soooooo thankful there is no cure for stupid! :D

  4. LMAO!!!
    "there's no gas in an electric stove. who knew?"

    "what does IDK mean?
    I don't know
    No one knows"
    I can't...can't..stop laughing!


  5. Thank you, for I feel very smart right now. And also, very scared to post any facebook statuses.

  6. Roflmbo These are perfect.. I about lost it on the Princeton one and I'm supposedly a backwoods redneck girl from Kentucky and even I can do up and at'em correctly without the fancy Princeton schooling. I LOVE Fridays with you now lol ok well my Thursday but it gives me hope for Friday here lol..

  7. ROFL..... I am just glad I am not on here LOL

  8. Oh my Lord. I am so happy I heard about how awesome your Facebook Fails are...

    IDK?? I laughed so hard at that one...

    But also, we can never be facebook friends.

  9. rotflmfao!!!!

    No Gas ......
    Al Qaeda is a country or person .....
    Up and Adam .........


  10. this is oh so funny like always!! love the electric stove one!! AHA!

  11. classic. IDK. People are stupid. We could go in circles for hours with things like that!

  12. These always finish off my week with a bang.

    Lord knows my wife won't.

  13. I save your blog last every facebook fail friday, just so i can end my blog reading with a smile. :)

  14. What a great way to spend my Friday off! (Yeah, I got sicker).

    I think my favourite this week is the "Ugh! No-one knows!" - as well as the "Up-and-Adam" guy.

  15. The IDK is the best one yet! Brilliant!

    I love Facebook Fail Friday - makes me feel a whole lot better about myself!

    Thanks ScoMan!

  16. Thanks for the laughs! I needed that break in my pre-Christmas craziness!

  17. Yup...sounds like they are ready for college. Party on! Holly

  18. These are awesome! I kind of feel bad for poor Dayna who will likely never learn the true meaning of IDK, but of course I still laughed at her.

  19. You are Tagged! Visit my blog for more details.

  20. who in this modern age does not know who al qaeda is....send me their address so i can shake sense into heir head please!!

  21. I don't know which one is funnier - IDK or "Up and Adam"? Stupid people are the gift that keeps on giving.


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