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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ScoMan's third day of giving

Hello ScoFans!

Day three and I'm beginning to realise why I don't usually post on weekdays. I guess we're all just lucky there's nothing good on TV tonight or I would have failed right here and now, and I know you would hate to see me fail.

Although a new dilemma has entered the mix, because I can only think of one other award that is floating out there, and with two days to go.. well I'm sure you can see the problem. If you've given me an award I haven't accepted, let me know.

This award comes to me from over at "365 days of people"

Here I am complaining about blogging four days in a row, Nomad blogs a lot more days in a row than that. 361 more days in fact. If you haven't checked out his blog yet take the time. He writes about a different group every day, usually pointing out their flaws and trying to help them be better people, although lately he has gone a bit soft (he claims it's because of the holiday season. I personally think when you spew hate over the web for more than 100 days eventually it's going to all disappear and you'll be nicer to everyone)

I'm not sure what the rules are for this one. He wrote about 10 individuals that make him happy. I could do the same.. nay, I will do the same! (I doubt there'll be many surprises for most of you though.)

1- Dexter
Obvious first cab off the rank, for reasons I've made all too clear here in the past.

2- AJ
Love spending time with my niece, and looking forward to seeing her over Christmas.

3- Jigsaw
Love his mind games. Love the way he makes the world a better place.

4- Nathan Fillion
He makes Twitter a better place

5- Dr Horrible
Another great role model for the kids.

6- Joss Whedon
A bit of a trend developing, but I'm too tired to think too hard.

7- Me
Without me, I couldn't be happy. Mostly because I wouldn't exist, but mostly because I'm pretty awesome.

8- Tina Fey
Has providing me with many laughs for many years.

9- Dante
Looking forward to the video game

10- Maynard James Keenan
Fantastic musician.

Okay, now to pass this on in the method we are all becoming accustomed to..

Three prize senders
Two laughing latte's
One oxygen giver upper

Until tomorrow, as this maddness rolls on.


  1. If you run out of awards given to you make your own. Just somethign completely random and off the wall, with just a hint of scoman wit..

  2. I like the idea that you could just give out your own award. Or hell, just post a little Merry Christmas but you know ScoMan style.

  3. I've also been given that award recently, but I've yet to blog about it.

  4. I'm suprised you listed yourself 7th....I expected it to be first!

  5. I was thinking that I would be you know, at least on the list, damn that makes me a fail! But, you passed it on to me, so I'm thinkin at least I was in there somewhere!! ;)

  6. I especially like that you put Dexter as number one, before you and your niece. Dr Horrible would have gone first on my list...

  7. i am so impressed with you and i am so glad you're not being a slacker. i would have had to unfollow you otherwise. i feel like we're kindred spirits with a love for good words like quasi. i knew i liked you, aussie.

  8. oh, and since you love me a little more every time i comment - congrats on the cupcake award.

  9. yeah, sco. 'sup being 7? no one should ever defeat scosome.

    well, i guess dexter just did.

    out of those 10 people, i only know one and think only know another two.

  10. I love Nathon Fillion, Castle is a great show and I follow him on Twitter.

    Belive me, it ain't so hard to spew hate everyday, mmmm, must check out his blog!

  11. Tina Fey is blarging awesome!!! I hate her new haircut.

  12. Mmmmmmmm, Dexter.

    If only I was gay.

  13. Loves #4, 7, and 8. Not necessarily in that order.

  14. blogging everyday is almost more annoying than it is hard... i cant get too drunk on a day i haven't done it yet, or i wont. traveling has made it a bit hard once or twice, i cant imagine how it will be this summer when i head back over seas... i am just stubborn enough and driven enough that i will do it every day for a year, just to say i did and see if i can. i'm not going to lie though, the fact that you roll through everyday and leave me a comment is a huge part of what keeps me going. i told myself i would do it regardless, but you definitely help so thank you for that... dude you have to catch up on dexter. did i send you the link??? if not hit me up with an email and i'll show you where you can find them all so you dont have to wait week to week.

  15. oh and trust me, i do need to get back to my hating ways, i have been directing my anger elsewhere instead of onto my blog this past week. i feel wayyyy to soft. 2 more days.

  16. HA! I was here for that one, my name, see it? I had even grabbed it. I'm not as far behind as I thought I was.

  17. you make me happy too :) (and so does dexter)


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