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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sometimes You Have To Bend The Rules

Hello ScoFans!

Well, I sit here today a bit stumped as to what to write (and I know if I wrote nothing most of you would lose track of which day it was) and so I am going to break.. no, "bend".. one of the few rules I have when it comes to blogging.

Actually there's only two rules.

Don't blog about religion.

Don't blog about politics.

There's a few reasons I try to avoid these topics. First of all when someone comes knocking on your door and wants to discuss religion with you, do you let them in? No, you say "Not interested" and send them on their way.

And then with politics, well, I believe nobody knows everything about what really happens in these government circles. People have positions and opinions they will defend to the death, but so much of that is based on misinformation or incomplete information (For a hill, men would kill - Why? They do not know.. For Whom The Bell Tolls- Metallica), that I just don't see the point in writing about such serious stuff when I don't think all the facts are there.

Plus people get way too sensitive when it comes to that stuff and try to twist and bend your words so that they can feel offended and whatever, and I don't like having my words twisted.

But there is one thing I kept coming back to for today's post. One thing that wouldn't go away. It crowded out any other ideas that tried to fight there way in.

File:Mary mackillop.jpg

This is Mary MacKillop. Today (or yesterday, depending on where you live.. or three days ago if you're reading this two days from now) her second miracle was confirmed by the Vatican which means that she is going to become Australia's first Saint.

Now some Jesuit priest "playfully" suggested this week, that perhaps she'll be the "Patron Saint of Troublemaking" (which looks like it will at least be her unofficial tag, it's sticking in everything I've read), which to me is like... okay, it's time for a list..
  • making an English person the Patron Saint of poor dental hygiene
  • making an American the Patron Saint of fast food
  • making a New Zealander the Patron Saint of sheep
  • making an Irish person the Patron Saint of bar fights
  • making a Canadian the Patron Saint of wood chopping
  • making a French person the Patron Saint of body odor
  • making an Italian the Patron Saint of sleaze
  • making a Mexican the Patron Saint of cheap labour
  • making a Dutch person the Patron Saint of clogs
  • making a Scottish person the Patron Saint of soccer riots
The list could go on. Anyway, it's playing to some sort of stereotype is I guess the point I was trying to make there (At least they're not calling her "The Patron Saint of doing Shit All").

To me, the whole thing is one big PR exercise. They're targeting the Australian audience by giving us a Saint, and making a big deal about how someone who didn't get along with the Church Hierarchy can still earn this title (albeit 100 years after it all happened, so most of the people she caused problems with are probably long dead. Except the current Pope who must be well into his 700s by now)

Speaking of the current Pope, has anyone told him that's not even a real Poping hat? Hasn't he ever seen a cartoon? I think I've seen him wearing the real one a few times, but most of the time he wears some other thing.

Anyway, seeing as it is the season for giving I've decided today and for the next 4 days I'll give out some of the awards I've been holding onto in ScoMan's 5 days of Christmas. Today, because this is about as much attitude as you'll ever get from me (or anger wrapped in attitude wrapped in humor) I'll pass on the award I got most recently..

This one came from Daffy over at Batcrap Crazy who works at an Inner City High School, and that makes for some interesting stories which she shares with her followers in her "Convos From the Hood" which are always a great read.

I don't think this one comes with any rules, and even if it did I wouldn't follow them because I have attitude. And I make my own rules. And if I had sunglasses that I could wear inside then I totally would be right now but I can't because my only sunglasses are those transition ones that are like normal glasses inside but then you go outside and they turn into sunglasses but I can't even wear them right now because I'm at the computer and that means I have to wear my reading glasses. Whatever, even without the sunglasses I've still got attitude.

Anyway, I don't know how many people I'm supposed to pass this on to but because it's ScoMan's five days of Christmas, I pass it on to one person, the blogger I know with the most attitude..

One rapping law student

This does mean I will have to try to find time to blog every night this week. Most of them will just be awards things, should be easy.. right?

Until tomorrow.. (I guess)..


  1. Ok so not fair it is Monday for you already .. pouts**.
    I agree with the patron saint thing. seriously!! So because she bucked the rules of the "organized" (using the term loosely) Catholic church they want to call her the troublemaker.. whatever that is just RUDE!! However by the same token that should put her right next to Jesus on the list of God's saints ( which is the only one that matters anyway) considering that is what they labelled Jesus, ya know trouble maker, rabble rouser, all around stink stirrer all because he made the "church" take a long hard look at itself and it's leaders and their "rules" . NOW if I had been her and got the label due to my Christ like emulation thats one thing, but because I am an Australian ummm yeah bite me and keep your sainthood award right next to your opinions about certain cultures and their people.

  2. I have posted a lot about Hanukkah recently and thought perhaps I shouldn't have...I agree religion and politics are very sensitive issues that we should try to steer clear of.

    Congratulations on your award from Daffy! I need to go check out this law student you've mentioned!

  3. Yay! Five whole days of ScoMan blogs! In a row!

  4. hahaha patron saint of bar fights is funny... hahahaha.patron saint of body odor is even more hilarious!

  5. Hey - just for the record - I may be Canadian, but I have never chopped any wood. Although I may know people that have chopped wood. But I don't think that qualifies me for Sainthood. Or does is?

  6. haha love the rules.. and yes never let the door knocking religion pushers in.. its like vampires.. once you let em in.. they keep coming back :)

  7. I don't mind reading about a person's point of view in politics and religion, as long as they don't try to shove it down my throat. Mostly, I agree to disagree.

    As for those knocking religion pushers, I let one in once. I kept bombarding her with many many logical questions, that she grew tired of coming to see me, and one day, just stopped coming. No reason, no phone. She just never showed up. I wonder if I made her feel uncomfortable.

  8. Congratulations to Australia on their first saint, and I got to see if one has to be a saint, being the patron saint of troublemaking is pretty cool. Well, it definitely beats fast food!

  9. Australia has a bad rap for being troublemakers! :P I agree, it's a PR move for the Vatican to stir up some more support in Australia. They've done something similar in almost every country.

    I know that rapping law student, she's great!

  10. Congrats on your award there Scoman! If Dadd says your badass then it must be so!

  11. so it takes 2 miracles to be made a saint?why 2?

    its not like miracles are easy to come by so why not settle for 1?am really confuzzled by this!

  12. You go with your badass self and those transition glasses....bwaaahaaaa!

    American patron saint of Fast Food...and whining and bitching and entitlement and work aholics...

    Looking forward to the 5 days of ScoMan...great idea!

  13. good idea! pass on the blog love :)

  14. I hate religion. I'll bitch about it until the cows com house so I don't believe in miracles and I don't care for ''saints''.

    It's all a crock of shit.

    But that's just me!

  15. Your list of patron saints is high-larious. My kids are the Patron Saints of Belligerence.

  16. Okay one tap, on my butt. Go on. Free pass.

    I heart you, Sco! Thanks very much.xxx


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