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Monday, December 21, 2009

ScoMan's second day of giving

Hello ScoFans!

Well, it's ScoMan's second day of the giving season and today I'm giving away this little treat.

Just as well I got it in now because in 10 days that baby goes out of date.

This one was given to me by the girls over at Life Laugh Latte. They do a lot of fun vlogs about.. well just about life in general. The different little things that make it up and that you have to take the time to enjoy. The few of you who don't already follow them, head over and give them a look.

This one didn't come with any rules but Sameera tagged me to tell 7 truths about myself. Things that nobody knows. Well, that's hard, but I'll try anyway.

1- This is one that some of you would have seen and assumed, but now I'm going to make it certain in your minds and share it with the rest of my readers.

I think this is funny. Nobody else agrees.

When you're playing "Words with Friends" on your iPhone and you put in the word "Quo", the game tells you that's not a real word. But without "Quo", then the status quo wouldn't exist, and if we don't' have the status quo, what do we have?

2- I just watched "The Middle" for the first time. The tag said nothing about being interesting, it just said I had to tell truths about me that nobody knows. Nobody knew that.

3- It makes me sick when people don't shave properly and there's just one random hair out on it's own. I just.. stare at it.. and my stomach gets all funny.

4- I hate it when people whistle. The sound just drives me crazy. And really, what does it achieve? What is it's purpose? If you're whistling along with a song then whatever, but to just whistle for no reason? Seriously, shut up.

5- I planned on seeing The Dark Knight until Heath Ledger died. Then I boycotted it because I hated all the people who saw it just because Heath Ledger died, and there was the big fuss about it.

6- I'm only doing these awards and tags because I have no motivation to write much else

7- I usually leave anything with "TMI Thursday" in the heading sitting in my reader until I've read everything else. Not because I'm saving the best for last.

Anyway, time to pass this award on to some people who can choose whether or not they want to do the 7 truths..

Two Facebook Friends
And an American Girl in Australia

Until tomorrow (Assuming I can keep up this pace)


  1. Lol you are like me when the awards go round. i love getting them but it can be so dang hard to find 15 of this or list 12 of that. My mind doesn't tend to like lists too well so those are seriously difficult for me to complete without it wandering completely away..

  2. Nice. I'll go check out their blog.

  3. Congrats on the award, and I love when people have to list certain things I always feel like I get to know things that they would otherwise never share.

  4. I wonder what exactly "quo" means, I mean without the "status" in front of it. What a strange word. I would break out my dictionary, but it's probably not in there anyway, and I'm too lazy.

  5. I will think of you next time I whistle....actually I don't whistle but I work with people that to and I have to say I do share your propensity to scream SHUT UP. A good bitchslapping would probably work too

  6. Job well done... 7 things nobody knew.. shea.. next time maybe I should add INTERESTING!! But then maybe you are a level higher :P

  7. Great blog! I love learning a little more about you. Funnyman.

    Now to read your suggestions!

  8. As for the bad shaving, sometimes it's hard to see what you're doing down there.

  9. i whistle to call out people sometimes. i saw dark knight because hubby and i were in san francisco, ca and needed some time to kill.

  10. I was going to write something pervy about the shaving bit, but Ed beat me to it. LOL!

    My eldest son whistles, and it drives me nuts. I never used to mind it when people whistled, but now I do.

  11. hello sco!

    owh owh owh... i was like, who are those two facebook friends. hmm hmm hmm - scratching imaginary beard (not that i have facial hair) - then i was like scroll over scroll over and eh?? that link looks familiar.

    oh, my blog ahahha.

    thanks sco! love you :)

    we should definitely stare at one lonely hair together. i would definitely think that our facial expressions would be funnier than the thought of staring at one lonely hair. ahhaha

  12. I boycotted The Dark Knight for the same reason... I was so annoyed that it was all of a sudden the "best movie" of the year after Heath Ledger died. I did finally break down and watch it, to be honest I still didn't really love it.

    I may have a stray chin hair that would cause you to vomit.

  13. Best 7 random things I have ever read...

  14. these are totally random...i watched dark knight cos i wanted to and not cos of heath but there are certain movies its worth waiting for the hype to die b4 watching!

  15. You notice that one hair they didn't shave off!!!

    Oh dear!

    I so don't do tags!

  16. I'm with you on the whistling. My youngest has picked up the habit. It drives me crazy.

  17. Such a giver.. and good for you on doing the bloggy awards.. :

    Have a Merry Christmas..

  18. I don't know how I missed this post!! (ok - probably because I was touring WA and then Queensland - and got a little lost along the way with no internet access) ...

    BUT THANK YOU!!!! :) I'll do my seven truths this week :) I'm sure I can come up with seven truths about how being ditched by a wench in the outback has helped me see the world differently - what?? I'm not bitter - at ALL

    and the hair thing - that totally gets me too. shudder!! I just want to offer them tweezers to fix it!! ooh and the stray nose hair - the one that's too long and sticks out of someone's nose. siiiiick.

    oh and btw - total lol on #6


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